10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 1

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World

Weirdest Jobs Around The World

Most of us hate our professions. Doesn’t matter what we used to say when we were kids, not every one of us can be a doctor or teacher or astronaut. So, if you’re bored with your regular job and looking for a more exciting (weird) one, check out this list of ten jobs around the world, that will surely give you some feelings.

10. Professional Sleeper:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 2
This was first introduced by a Finnish hotel. The hotel hired a full-time Professional Sleeper. They sleep in a separate room each night and judge the comfort of beds to improve the guests’ experience.

Bonus: Horrible Stunt Tester:
These guys test all those stunts that we watch guests or any celebrities doing on the reality shows. Their job is to make sure all those TV shows’ horrible tasks such as swimming with snakes and eating a cockroach are safe.

9. Armpit Sniffer:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 3

Deodorant manufacturers hire people to determine how effective the deodorant is. So the sniffers spend their days in a hot room or outdoors, sometimes even smelling up to 60 armpits an hour. Then they write their reviews.

8. Car Plate Blockers:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 4
Iran has applied a rare policy where cars with number plates ending in odd and even numbers are allowed on roads on alternate days only. So, Iranians hire men to stand behind their plate and cover it so that the cameras don’t capture their number plates.

7. Chicken Sexer:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 5
All you have to do is to figure out if the chick is male or a female. It also has a three-year training period and they are expected to check 700 chicks an hour and maintain 98% accuracy.

6. Cuidacarros:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 6
People hire Cuidacarros to watch their cars when they are gone. This is mostly seen in Costa Rica and Brazil. They will simply just watch your car and beat up anybody that tries to steal it.

5. Professional Mourner:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 7
This is mostly seen in Asia and Africa. People basically get paid to cry at funerals. In South East Asia it’s said, that a loud funeral will assist the dead as they travel to the afterlife, so they hire professional mourners.

4. Toques:
Toques are the electric shock givers in Mexico. In Mexico, there are actually people who walk around with a small wooden box that gives out electric shocks to people. It reportedly sobers them up.

3. Pet Food Tester:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 8
A pet food testers job is to simply taste new pet food products. In order to improve the texture, taste and nutritional value of the food, companies hire people to actually test it. Sometimes a background in food science is an essential requirement.

2. Professional Pusher:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 9
Japan makes sure all its people reach work on time. Japan has employed people known as ‘Oshiyas’ to push as many people onto a train as possible from the outside until the doors will close.

1. Full-time Netflix viewer:

10 Weirdest Jobs Around The World 10
Imagine getting paid for watching Netflix. Recently, Netflix hired someone to watch all of their shows before it is accessible to the public. His job is to review and assign each program its correct tag to helps us viewers find exactly what we look for.

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