10 Weakest Militaries In The World 1

10 Weakest Militaries In The World

While most of us are always curious about which country has the strongest military, we don’t really talk about the weakest militaries in the world. Every year Global Firepower ranks the countries military system from best to worst. This year they ranked 137 countries which have an army over 55 individual factors. Their ranking is based on many factors including a countries manpower, their number of weapons and the weapon’s diversity, geographical factors, natural resources, and logistical flexibility. They also take accounts of the nation’s relationships or allies with other nations and the financial stability of those countries. While the USA topped this year’s rankings too as having the best military in the world, Russia posses the 2nd best military system, China and India have the 3rd and 4rth best military force in the world respectively. Now here’s the countdown of 10 countries that has the weakest military system in the world.


Gabon is ranked 128 out of 137 countries on the GFP list. Gabon is located in West-Central Africa on the equator. Officially know as the Gabonese Republic, it has a population of approximately 2 million and has an area of 270,000 square kilometers. One of the most prosperous countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gabon has the 7th highest HDI and the fourth highest GDP per capita. Its main source of income is petroleum. This country also has very diverse wildlife. But Gabon has one of the weakest military systems. They were formed to defend the country and are not trained for offensive roles. They have a total of 5000 military personals, 23 total aircraft, 70 armored fighting vehicles, and 10 naval assets. They have a defense budget of $81,520,000.


The Northwestern African country, Mauritania is 11th the largest sovereign state in Africa. Mauritania hs a population of 4.3 million people. In 2008 the Mauritania government was overthrown by General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz in a military coup de tat. In 2009, Aziz won the presidential election after resigning from the military. Though Mauritania is quite rich in natural resources such as iron ore and oil, most of the people of this country earn from agriculture and livestock for a livelihood. Mauritania has a low GDP and has a defense budget of $39,140,500. It has 1,030,700 square kilometers of land area. In their military, they have 16,000 military personals, 26 aircraft, 35 combat tanks, and 95 armored fighting vehicles and 5 navel assets.


Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa. The country has a population of 14.3 million and has the largest coastline on Africa’s mainland. Somalia has an area of 637,657 kilometers. Even after experiencing the civil war Somalia has maintained a balanced economy. Most of Somalia’s financial growth comes from agriculture. Somalia also has reserves of many natural sources such as uranium, iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt and natural gas. Some researchers also believe that the nation has an unexploited reserve of oil. After the disbandment of the Somali National Army because of the civil war in 1991, the government started the process of reconstituting the military in 2004. Currently, Somalia has an estimated 20,000 military personals, a total of 20 aircraft, 10 combat tanks, and a 100 armored fighting vehicles, 3 naval assets. This nation has a defense budget of $58,960,000.


El Salvador holds the rank of 131st out of 137 countries on the GFP’s list of military force’s rankings. It is the smallest country and has the most population density in Central America. It has a population of approximately 6.34 million. It has an area of 21,041 square kilometres. The economy of This nation has been prevented many times by natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, by government policies, and by official corruption. The economy of El Salvador has been on the verge of collapsing previously. The country has a defence budget of $165,000,000. It has an estimated 35,000 army personals in their defence, 51 aircraft, 125 armoured fighting vehicles, and 4 naval assets.


Stated in Central Africa, the Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world. Although CAR has several natural resources including mineral, uranium, crude oil, gold, diamonds, cobalt, lumber, and hydropower, it still has one of the lowest GDP per capita. They also have a significant amount of arable land. It is also one of the countries with the lowest ranking on the Human Development Index. Central African Republican is often regarded as the unhealthiest country and the worst country to be young in. In the GFP’s list of best military forces CAR ranked 132 out of 137 countries. They have a total population of 5,745,062 and a total area of 622,984 square kilometers. The nation has a total defense budget of $18,500,000. They have a total 7,150 military men, 3 aircraft, 4 combat tanks, and 55 armored fighting vehicles, and they don’t have any naval assets.


The Central American country is regarded as a high-income country. They have a growing GDP and most of their income comes from commerce, banking, and tourism. Panama also has one of the most competitive economies in Latin America. Panama is a founding member of many organisations such as UNO, WHO, NAM. Panam is known for its tropical plants and some very rare animals that are found nowhere else. And despite all of this, Panama has one of the weakest militaries in the world. After Costa Rica, Panama is the second Latin American country which permanently abolished its standing army. Their present defense system is built to perform limited military actions. They have a population of 3,800,644 in total and 75,420 square kilometers of land area. They have an army with an estimated 10,000 personnel. total of 32 aircraft, 65 armored fighting vehicles, and 20 naval assets. Panama has a defense budget of $145,000,000.


Sierra Leone is an African country located on the Southwest coast of West Africa. The country is known for its tropical climate, white sand beaches, and its diverse environment. The country has a total area of 71,740 square kilometers and a population of 6,312,212. Sierra Leone’s economy mostly relies on its mining of natural resources especially diamonds. The nation is one of the biggest producers of titanium and bauxite. They are also majorly gold. Sierra Leone also has a huge deposit of rutile. Despite being the home to the third-largest natural harbor in the world, Sierra Leone’s most of the population is poor. On GFP’s list, it ranked 134 out of 137 countries for its military system. They have an army of an estimated 8,500 personnel, 5 aircraft, 13 armored fighting vehicles, and 10 naval assets. They have a defense budget of 413,040,000.


Suriname holds the 135th spot out of 137 countries on GFP’s military rankings. Officially known as the Republic of Suriname, it is the smallest sovereign state in South America and is located on the northeastern Atlantic coast. Suriname has a population of 597,927 and an area of 163,820 square kilometers. Surinam is regarded as a Carribean country although the nations official language is Dutch. Suriname is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Suriname is also known for its biodiversity. Suriname’s mining of natural resources like Bauxite plays a major part in their economy. There has been discoveries and exploitations of oil and gold that also added in their economy. But when it comes to the military system, Suriname is the 3rd weakest country in the world. The nation has an estimated 1,850 military personnel, a total of 3 aircraft, 66 armored fighting vehicles, and 3 naval assets. It has a defense budget of $67,410,000.


Liberia is an African country located on the West African coast. This nation has an area of 111,369 square kilometers with a population of 4,809,768. Years of political instability, military coups, and two civil wars resulted in the death of about 8% of the population of Liberia. And damaged the countries economy by 90%. As a result of all these Liberia’s 83% of the total population is still living under the international poverty line. One of the poorest countries in the world, Liberia has been forming a new Liberian military under the assist of the United Nations Mission in Liberia. Currently, Liberia has an estimated 2,100 military personnel and no other crafts or assets. It has a defense budget of $10,000,000. Liberia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Liberia shares its borders with Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast on its east, and the Atlantic Ocean on its south-southwest side.


According to GFP’s list of military strength, Bhutan has the weakest military in the world. Located on the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan shares borders with China and India. Bhutan is the second least populous country in the South Asia region. Bhutan holds the first rank in South Asia for its economic freedom, ease of doing business. Bhutan is the most peaceful and the least corrupt country in South Asia. Though Bhutan is one of the least developed countries, it is praised for pioneering the concept of gross national happiness. Bhutan’s head of state is the King of Bhutan. Bhutan has an area of 38,394 square kilometres and a population of 766,397. This Nation has an estimated 7,000 military personnel and 2 aircraft. Bhutan has a defence budget of $10,000,000. The Royal Bhutan Army maintains a close relationship with the Indian Armed Forces and is often trained by the Indian Army. Because its a landlocked nation, Bhutan doesn’t have a navy. The nation also doesn’t have an air force and relies on the Indian Air Force for air assistance.

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