10 Richest Football Clubs In The World 1

10 Richest Football Clubs In The World

One of the most popular and loved sports in the world is football. In the world, 211 countries have a national football team. Football is not just a game, it’s an emotion for many people. And it’s also a growing business. Being one of the most-watched sports in the world, also makes it one of the richest sports in the world. Every year The Deloitte Football Money League releases a survey on the worth of the richest clubs in the world. The survey includes all the income that comes from Broadcast Rights, Commercial sources like merchandises, sponsorship, stadium tours, and Matchday revenue that comes from ticket sales and hospitality of corporates. So, here’s the list of the top ten richest football clubs in the world.

10 Richest Football Clubs In The World

  1. REAL MADRID: $851.7 million or €750.9 million

The Spanish club is one of the most popular clubs in the world. Real Madrid is also the most followed club on social media. After the success in UEFA last season and winning their third successive Champions League trophy, Real Madrid earned the record revenue of €750.9 million. They returned to the 1st position after 2 years. They also made the record of being on the top for the 12th time.

2. FC BARCELONA: €690.4 million or $782.71 million

After last season the Spanish club, Barcelona climbed up one place and currently stands on the second spot, right after their rival’s. Commercial revenue was the biggest factor for the La Liga champions this year. They increased their income by a whopping €42m this year. The worldwide supported club earned an estimated €223m from broadcasting.

3. MANCHESTER UNITED: €666 million or $755 million

Though they still remained as the richest club in England, Manchester United has slipped down two spots in the world ranking by The Deloitte Football Money League. After finishing on the second place in the Premier League, the club couldn’t hold their first position any longer. They earned most of the revenue from commercial success. As they had long term deals with brands like Chevrolet and Adidas.

4. BAYERN MUNICH: €629.2 million or $713.29 million

For the fourth time, the Bundesliga Giants remains in the fourth position on this list. In 2018 the German club won the German division and reached up to the semi-finals in the UEFA Champions League. With a new television contract and its broadcast revenue, this club has managed to increase its revenue by 7%. They are the highest revenue earner in German football.

5. MANCHESTER CITY: €568.4 million or $644.4 million

The English club Manchester City also remained in the same position as last year. They had a successful year with winning the Premier League title and they also managed to make the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League. Their partnership with Nexen Tire, Gatorade and Amazon also helped them boost their commercial revenue.

6. PARIS-SAINT GERMAN: €541.7 million or $614.13 million

Commercial and Broadcasting deals helped the Paris-Saint German to increase their revenue by 11%, with sponsors like Nike and Emirates. With star players like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, the French club went on to win the fifth league title in sixth seasons.

7. LIVERPOOL FC: €513.7 million or $582.1 million

The English club had an uplift of 25% in their revenue, all thanks to their impressive run in the finals of the Champions League, after 11 years. They had an income of €251.3m from broadcasting, 49% of their total income. They had the biggest monetary increase in this least of the top ten clubs.

8. CHELSEA FC: €505.7 million or $573.1 million

Another English club on this list is Chelsea FC. They had a massive increase in their revenue by 22%. For the first time, they also passed the mark of £400m. But they still remained in the 8th position as their performance was not up to the mark on the field. Most of their revenue comes from commercial deals with brands like Nike and Hyundai and broadcasting.

9. ARSENAL FC: €439.2 million or $497.9 million

Arsenal, the English Premier League club saw a big fall this year. They dropped two positions this year in the Money League. The club’s finances took a hard hit for the first time in a century. Because of their lack of UEFA Champions League football, their broadcast revenue experienced a huge drop.

10. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR: €428.3 million or $485.6 million

Tottenham Hotspur had 23% overall growth on their rivals Arsenal. The North London club saw a massive growth of 53% in their broadcasting revenue. They finished third on the Premier League table as of 2018. The club’s matchday revenue also increased because of their temporary relocation to the Wembley Stadium. They also earned a deal with Nike which helped their commercial revenue.

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