10 Reasons Why The Indian Army Is The Best In The World 1

10 Reasons Why The Indian Army Is The Best In The World

There are numerous reasons to be proud of our brave Indian army men and women. We owe so much to these dedicated soldiers. They are responsible for our peaceful sleep at night. They are the reason we don’t have to worry about the attacks of our foreign enemies. They stay away from their families for months and protect our motherland while we celebrate all the festivities of our country with the comfort of our family and friends. The Indian army was formed under the government of the East India Company in Kolkata in 1776. Lieutenant General K. M. Cariappa became the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army on January 15, 1949. To honor this historic occasion and the brave men and women of our army, 15th January is celebrated as the national army day of India.
The Indian Army consists of Indian armed forces, Indian Air Force, The Indian Navy, and the Indian Coast Guard. The Indian army is the third largest army in the world after USA and China. In 2019, the Indian Army was ranked as the fourth most powerful army in the world. The Indian army is also the largest voluntary army in the world. Since no one is ever forced to join our army, every personal voluntarily joins our army because they want to serve and protect our motherland. There are many facts about the Indian army which will fill your hearts with proud. Here we are listing the top ten facts of them.

  1. Controlling The Highest Battlefield In The World

The Siachen Glacier, which is 5000 meters above the Mean Sea Level (MSL) is protected by the Indian army. Naturally, it has the toughest environment to beat. Being a standing guard of this area is definitely not an easy job. You have no idea when the next resupply Helicopter is going to arrive. The worst part is probably the visibility which is often zero because of Fogg and stays like that for months. The soldiers can talk to their families by just a two-minute phone call once a week. Even the water takes about 3 hours to even heat up at this place.

2. Builder Of The Highest Bridge In The World

The Bailey Bridge which is located in Ladakh Valley in between the Dras and Suru rivers in Himalayan Mountains is considered as the highest bridge in the world. The bridge was built by the Indian army in 1982. Thus the Indian army holds the record of building the highest bridge.

3. The Indian Soldiers Are Among The Very Best In High Altitude and Mountain Warfare

The High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) of the Indian army, is considered as one of the most elite military training centres on earth. The school is more than often visited by Special Ops teams from the U.S, U.K & Russia. Because of the tumultuous border areas in India which are mostly hilly terrains, the Indian soldiers are conditioned to fight like true warriors in mountains. Before the U.S Special Force invaded Afghanistan, they were trained at HAWS.

4. Accepting The Second Largest Military Surrender

After World War ll, the Indian army holds the record for accepting the second largest military surrender in history. In the 1971 Indo-Pak war, over 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to India. This was a rare event since an attacking party rarely surrenders in a war. This lead to the independence of Bangladesh. Also, the Indian army has never initiated the first attack or engaged in a military coup with the intention of gaining power or governing a nation.

5. A Large Contributor to the world

Apart from being the third largest army and being the largest volunteer force in the world, the Indian army is also the largest contributor to the United Nations Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF). The Indian army has taken part in a lot of missions abroad. Indian Army under the British occupation had the largest number of soldiers, over2.5 million soldiers, fighting in the Second World War.

6. Nuclear Power

India’s early nuclear arsenal testings in the early 1970s and late 1990s consecutively are still considered as one of the biggest failures of the CIA in espionage and detection. Since they didn’t get a single hint about it.

7. No Reservations

Where the other government organizations and institutions in India have reservation system based on cast or religion, the Indian army doesn’t have a reservation system. The tests are simply based on overall merit and fitness. Everyone in the army gets equal respect and privileges.

8.The Battle Of Longewala

In December 1971, the Battle of Longewala was fought and there were only two casualties on the Indian side. In the battle which happened between India and Pakistan, only 120 Indian soldiers with 1 jeep armed with M40 recoilless rifles held their ground and encircled the fort against 2000 Pakistani soldiers equipped with 45 tanks and 1 mobile infantry brigade. The Indian soldiers didn’t take a single step back and fought their ground until the help of the Indian Air Force came. Then the Indian Forces completely rout the invaders. This is the event that the Bollywood movie ‘Border’ is based on.

9. Operation Rahat

In 2013, the Indian Air Force carried out one of the biggest civilian rescue operations in the world, Operation Rahat. After the floods in Uttarakhand, the IAF rescued thousands of civilians from the natural disaster. From 17 June 2013, which was the first phase of the operation, the IAF airlifted a total of about 20,000 people. They flew 2,140 sorties and dropped 3,82,400 kg of relief material and equipment in total.

10. Making Us Proud

The Military Engineering Services (MES) and Border Roads Organisation (BRO) are among the biggest construction agencies in India. Together they have been building and maintaining some of the best roads and bridges of our country and in the world. Such as the Khardungla Pass which is the highest motorable road in the world and the Magnetic Hill in Leh and many more.

Located in Kerala, the Ezhimala Naval Academy which is a training institute for Indian Navy personnel is the largest training institute of Asia. The Indian army is also one of the only three armies that have a horsed cavalry regiment.
The Indian army has an out-station base which is based in Tajikistan.

The Indian army is the heart and soul of our country and we pay our respects to each and every men and woman who have been serving our nation and ensuring our safety by risking their own life.


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