10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds 1

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

A dog is a man’s best friend, we’ve all heard this saying. And sometimes these fluffy best friends can cost a fortune. Although you can always adopt one, if you want your puppy from a certain breed, you might end up paying big bucks. But still dog lovers will go to any length to have the dog of their dreams. You can check out this list of the top ten most expensive dogs and find out if your favorite dog breed is one of them. Prices may vary from places to owners.

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds


The sighthound breed of dog, Azawakhs originated in West Africa. They were used as hunting dogs. A grown-up Azawakhs can have a speed of 64 km/hr and grow up to 74 cm. They are a very rare dog breed. They are very affectionate, Aloof, and Attentive by nature. They don’t need much maintenance because of their thin coat. If they are taken care properly this breed doesn’t fall sick easily and if they get injured they heel pretty fast. A puppy of this breed can cost around $2000.


The Irish Wolfhound is a domestic dog breed originating from Ireland. They are large sighthound dogs. A male Irish Wolfhound can grow up over 81 cm. Previously they were used as guard dogs or hunters. They name Wolfhound originated because of their purpose of wolf hunting. This breed to has a thick coat that’s why they are better in cold areas. Apart from their size, Irish Wolfhounds are dignified, generous, and sweet-tempered dogs. They are also good with as well as strangers. This huge fluff can cost you $2000.


The large breed of dogs, Akita was originally bred in the mountainous regions of northern Japan. Akitas are very responsive, independent, and composed breed of dogs. A male Akita can grow up to 70 cm. Akitas are better in cold regions of the world as they have a thick coat. In old times they were used as guard dogs for the nobles and wealthiest. Akitas make very good family dogs. And this adorable breed of dogs can cost over $2,500.


This standardized breed of dog originated from Fertile Crescent, a region in the Middle East. They were developed from sighthounds. They are deep-chested and have long legs. They need a lot of exercises regularly. They are very good runners and an adult Saluki can reach over 69 km\hr. Salukis are Intelligent, Reserved and Quiet. But they do need a lot of space. They can grow up to 71 cm. This royal Egyptian breed of dogs can cost about $3000.


Rottweiler is a German dog breed. They were used for herding stock in a lot of parts in the world. Rottweilers are domestic dogs but also used as a search and rescue dogs, as guard dogs, and as police dogs. Rottweilers are very Steady, Alert, Confident, and Courageous by nature. A puppy of this breed can cost up to $6,000 from $1000. Rottweilers do require a lot of exercises. A female Rottweiler can grow up to 63 cm, and a male Rottweiler can grow up to 69 cm. These dogs are very obedient to their owners.


Pharaoh Hound is the national dog of Malta. This Maltese breed of dog is usually used for hunting rabbits. There has been confusion about the origin of this breed of dogs. Some say this breed is related to the ancient Egyptian hunting dogs, Tesem. Because of the similarities in their looks. Pharaoh Hounds are naturally very affectionate, Intelligent, Playful, and Active. A female and a male Pharaoh Hound will grow up to 53–61 cm and 55–63 cm respectively. They also have a unique quality, this breed of dogs blush when they get excited. Their nose and ears tend to turn a deep rose color. These dogs can cost between $1,500 to $6,5000.


Tibetan Mastiff is a very large dog breed. A male Tibetan Mastiff can grow up to 66–76 cm, and a Female one will grow up to 61–71 cm. This dog breed originated from the nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, Mongolia, and Nepal. They were used as a protector for sheep from leopards and other predators by the local tribes of Tibetans. Tibetan Mastiff is an aloof, intelligent, strong-willed and one of the most protective breed of dogs. In 2011 one Tibetan Mastiff puppy named Big Splash was reportedly sold for $1.5 million. These puppies also come in many shades. And they can cost you up to $7,000.


Chow Chow is a Chinese dog breed and it is one of the oldest dog breeds. In China, it is known as Songshi Quan which translates into Puffy-Lion Dog. Some say that Chow Chow originated in China 2,000 years ago or they originated in Arctic Asia 3,000 years ago. Then the dog breed migrated to Mongolia, Siberia and then to China. Chow Chow’s tend to be very Loyal and Independent. A male and a female Chow Chow grow up to be around 48–56 cm and 46–51 cm respectively. Previously they were used for herding, hunting and guarding, and pulling. They also come in a lot of colors. Puppies of this breed with a unique black tongue can cost up to $8,500 from $900.


Lowchens are a small dog breed that is also one of the rarest dog breeds. And that’s why they can be quite expensive. The price of a Lowchen puppy can reach up to $10,000. Also known as Little Lion Dogs, Lowchens can be traced back as far as 1442. They are a very old breed. They can be seen in many historical paintings and art pieces. They have a history of being a companion to the wealthy and elite. A male Lowchen puppy can grow up from 30 to 35.6 cm and a female Lowchen puppy can grow up to 33 cm. Lowchen puppies are very Intelligent, Playful, Happy and Friendly.


Samoyed originally originated from Northwest Russia and Western Siberia. These fluffy friends were named after the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. Samoyeds are very charming dogs. At first, these smiley dogs were originally used for herding reindeers, hunting and hauling sledges for the Samoyede people in Siberia. The male Samoyeds grow up to be around 51–56 cm (20–22 in) and the female Samoyeds grow up to 46–51 cm (18–20 in). Samoyeds make great companions and their fur is so soft that the Shed fur is sometimes used as an alternative to wool in knitting. A Samoyed puppy can cost from $4,000 up to $11,000.

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