10 Lesser Known Facts About Thor 1

10 Lesser Known Facts About Thor

Now we all know that the mighty Thor made his first debut in the comic world in Agust 1962, the same year as Spider-Man, in the issue of “Journey into Mystery.” But actually, Thor made his first appearance twelve years ago in Venus #11. He had a cameo in the story Beyond the Third Dimension, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Werner Roth. In just a few years after his 1962 debut, he got so famous that Marvel had the character’s full title trademarked as “The Mighty Thor.” And since Chris Hemsworth started to portray him in the MCU, the Asgardian God has become more popular than ever. But there are still some facts that you might don’t know about The Mighty Thor.

  1. Thor’s Powers:

The Asgardian Gods are not just any Gods, they are among the strongest and most advanced race in the universe. They consume the Golden Apples of Idunn which gives them great powers and immortality. The golden apples only grow in Asgard and can only be picked by their guardian, the benevolent Idunn. They even have the mercy of some of the universe’s oldest and most powerful beings such as the Celestials. And Thor is the strongest among the Asgardians. Thor has lifted the Midgard Serpent off the ground, which is a snake that could easily envelop Earth and crush it in its coils. In Asgard, he is the God of thunder and strength and he is even able to manipulate energy itself. He also possesses the ability to control the earth and its environment and natural disasters like landslides and earthquakes. He can also wipe minds.
Thor’s raw power is considered to be unlimited. Thor has crushed adamantium, one of the hardest substances in the Marvel Universe, like nothing. Most of the times Thor willingly withholds his power and durability unless he is up against an equal opponent. He also has a power called All-Tongue. Which allows him to understand anyone and to be understood by anyone no matter what language he is speaking or they speak and it applies to the entire cosmos. Thor has a great amount of stamina, he can fight a battle for a month without getting exhausted. Even without his hammer, Thor is far more powerful than the most, he doesn’t need to even sleep, eat or breathe to survive. He also has the Life-Force or God-Force flowing through his body. It is the source of his godly powers. It allows him to dive deep into his essence and unleash the cataclysmic God-Blast, a powerful beam that has the power to wipe out pretty much anything.

2. Thor’s Origin:

Though from the movies, we all know that Thor is the son of Odin and Frigga. But the Norse God is actually the son of Odin and Gaea who is one of the Elder Gods. Gaea is basically the feminine personification of Earth, she is mother nature personified, which explains Thor’s great love for the earth. Odin wanted a son whose power came from a different source than his own. The two deities fell in love and soon Thor was born in a cave in Norway. This also explains a lot about his powers. Thor is not just the most powerful among the Asgardians but he is actually one of the most powerful in the Cosmos. Also in traditional Norse mythology, he is a redhead and has a great red beard.


The famous hammer of Thor possesses many powers. The magic hammer was said to be forged in the heart of a dying star. In real, a dying star creates an incredibly dense type of matter named Neutronium. And a single spoon of Neutronium would weigh billions of tons. The hammer is created from the fictional material called Uru and weighs around 42.3 pounds. Mjolnir helps Thor to focus his own abilities and boost them beyond his normal reach. The magical hammer has no end to its incredible properties. It holds the ability to transform itself and its master into civilian guises. It helps Thor to blast the devastating energy attack, God Blast. Thor can also build impenetrable energy barriers and forcefields using this powerful hammer. Thor once even raised a dead with the help of his hammer. Thor can travel back in time and teleport by swing the hammer around his head at twice the speed of light. He also flies by using the hammer.
Norse mythology, apart from his magical hammer, Thor also possesses a powerful belt named Megingjord which has the strength to double his already prodigious power. With these two powerful tools, he also has a pair of gloves named Járngreipr which means Iron Grippers in old Norse. The gloves help him to control his mega powerful hammer. When he wasn’t worthy of Mjolnir, he used a battle axe called Jarnbjorn. It was not as powerful as the hammer but sharp enough to cut through anything and it also had the power to deflect energy blasts.

4. Turned Into A Frog:

The God Of mischief, Loki once turned Thor into a frog. Thor even participated in a rats vs. frogs war in New York’s Central Park. Later when he got his hammer back, he transformed back but the only halfway and became a frogman. Volstagg ultimately helped him and returned Thor to his fully normal self. During his time on earth as a frog, Thor met Puddlegulp a former football player who was also turned into a frog. He accompanied Thor into his war against evil rats. He wielded a fallen chunk of Mjolnir and later became Throg the mighty.

5. Worthy of Wielding Mjolnir:

As we all know, Mjolnir can be wielded by only the worthy. But there is a line of people who have wielded the hammer. First, it was wielded by Beta Ray Bill who is an alien. Captain America has also picked up Mjolnir once. But at that time he was simply the Captain. Other than them Hulk, Squirrel Girl, and Simon Walterson have also been able to wield Mjolnir. Even DC’s Wonder Woman and Superman has lifted the magical hammer in two of the companies’ big crossover titles. Though Superman could only temporarily wield the hammer. The hammer actually stopped working for him shortly after because Superman does not have the heart of a warrior.

6. Atum:

Apart from Loki, Thor has another brother named Atum. He is Thor’s half brother and he is a God Eater. Atum becomes Demogorge every now and then he would kill Gods and consume them. By eating them, he gains their powers.

7. He Nuked China:

In the comics, Thor once fought Radioactive Man, a Communist Chinese supervillain. Thor created a tornado to send Radioactive Man back to China after defeating him. The radioactive villain warned Thor that sending him to land so fast would force him to reach critical mass but Thor didn’t listen and then China went up in the air.

8. Lady Thor:

Thor was replaced by a female version of Thor once. They didn’t reveal female Thor’s identity right away but after a year and a half. It was Earth’s very own Jane Foster. Thor became unworthy of wielding Mjolnir after his battle with Nick Fury. But Jane Foster was able to take up the mantle of Thor. Though she defeated an overwhelming force of evil in the process, earning her tremendous respect, eventually she was also judged as unworthy by Odin. Jane Foster would soon pass away from cancer due to a loophole in the cleansing process of transforming into Thor.

9. The Hippy Writer:

Thor spent a significant amount of time on Earth as a hippie leader. During the Marvel Ultimate comic book line, Thor was a political leftist who wrote books about the dangers of the military-industrial complex and the problems of America, revered by twenty-something hippies all over the country. Thor’s followers were especially against Captain America as they saw him as the physical representation of everything Thor was criticizing. They even used to lash out against him in public like pouring beer on him. Eventually, he revealed his true identity.

10. His Love:

Thor marries Lady Sif, the love of his life. Loki once stole the body of Lady Sif to trick Thor into resurrecting him. He remained in the body for years which led to some rather disturbing fanfictions. Thor has two pet goats able to fly and pull him along in a chariot. They are named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. Also unlike in the movie, during Ragnarok Thor actually dies. In Norse mythology, he fights the serpent Jormungand but even after killing him, Thor dies from its poisoned blood.


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