10 Lesser Known Facts About Iron Man's Suit 1

10 Lesser Known Facts About Iron Man’s Suit

The flying armor of Tony Stark has become as popular as himself. We all have seen its capabilities from the Iron Man trilogy to The Avengers. But there are many lesser-known facts about Iron Man’s suit that only the hardcore comic fans would know. here are the top ten facts about the very famous flying armor that you might not know.
Did you know? When Stan Lee saw a drawing of Iron Man in 1974, he asked the illustrator, why the helmet of the suit did not have a nose. The illustrator later drew a nose and it went on like that for few illustrations. Until Lee realized how weird it looked and got it removed.

  1. Hitting The Buttons

In 1963, when Iron Man first made his debut in the comic books he did not have an A.I. system in his suit. He would have to hit a bunch of buttons to operate his suite. But how did he hit the buttons inside his helmet while flying? with his tongue. And Jarvis was an actual human being. Edwin Jarvis was the butler of the Stark family who took care of Tony after his parents’ death.
At around this time, another idea was scrapped like the nose. It was an Iron Man suit that had retractable jet powered rollerblades that could reach up to the speed of 60 mph. This one would have been really cool to watch on-screen.

2. The Suit With Wings

While after so many Years of improving, Iron Man’s suit has become a superior flying armor. And in the most recent version of Stark’s suit has nanotechnology that allows Tony Stark to instantly sprout a pair of wings from his back. It will help Tony to boost his speed and stabilize his flight during battle.

3. The First Suit

Although Stark’s superhero name is Iron Man, his first suit was not made of iron. The earliest of the suits were actually made of gold-titanium alloy. Stark adapted the name from an article written about him in the first Iron Man movie.

4. So Many Suits

Stark has made varieties of suits. While we have seen only the famous red and gold suit. Stark has made different suits for various circumstances that comes in many colors. He made his first suit in grey, and he’s had silver and silvery blue suits. He made a black suit for stealth mode. He has also created a space suit, which was designed for vacation in space and a suit for underwater purposes. Stark also made a suit named the Bleeding Edge suit. He placed it inside his body. The suit comes out whenever he needs it. One of his suits can also transform itself into a car, making him a transformer.

5. The Power Of The Suit

Without the suit, Tony Stark might be just a genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, but with his suit on Iron Man is one among the most powerful superheroes. And most of his suits can lift up to 100 tons when they are fully powered. But the hulkbuster suit that he specially created to fight the Hulk can lift up to 175 tons. In the MCU, the armor even takes a tank shell head on.

6. More Than 50

Iron Man has been around for long times and he has made many suits for different circumstances. All the versions of Tony Stark in the multiverse have made many suits. In Earth-616 the, the original Marvel Universe, Stark has made some 53 suits yet.

7. Possessed By A Demon

In World War Hulk story arc the Hulkbuster armor was possessed by the demon Zom. Dr. Strange unwittingly released Zom to fight the Hulk. As Tony left the armor under the collapsed Stark Tower for ruining and Zom took it under his possession. Later he was lured out of the armor.

8. The Endo-Sym armor

Tony is famous for taking risks and most of the times he comes out winning. He made another risky innovation when he made a suit inspired by the Carnage and Venom. He took notes of their abilities and how their hosts reacted to one another and formed a liquid metal armor. The armor could be driven by the host’s mind.

9. Stark Is Part Cyborg

As Tony has used the Extremis virus to heal a few critical injuries, he has been constantly upgrading his armor as well as himself. He has used his tech to boost his own body with cybernetic enhancements like the Extremis Armor. And it has given him some superhuman abilities.

10. The First Suit In The Film

The first suit that Robers Downy Jr. wore in the film consisted of four hundred individual parts. It was undoubtedly very much uncomfortable. The suit was ditched in favour of the CGI. And the suit Tony wore in the Civil War had multiple reactors.



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