10 Lesser Known Facts About Adolf Hitler

10 Lesser Known Facts About Adolf Hitler

History probably doesn’t have a more well-known and discussed figure than Adolf Hitler. The leader of Nazi Germany solely caused World War II and the Holocaust. Which resulted in the deaths of more than 60 million people in World War II and six million Jews during the Holocaust. Hitler will always be one of the most reviled humans to have ever lived in our world. Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary and had a rocky relationship with his stepfather, Alois Hitler, who didn’t approve of his disrespectful behavior and his interest in fine arts. But he did love his mother who passed away from breast cancer in 1907, he also had a sister. Soon after Hitler’s father passed away in 1903, he dropped out of school. He started to study fine art in Vienna and failed twice to gain admittance to the city’s Academy of Fine Arts.
Around this time Hitler first started to express his kind of German nationalism and anti-Semitism. His feelings only grew during and after his military service in World War I. He was given the Iron Cross for bravery on the war’s Western Front ironically on the recommendation of Hugo Gutmann, a Jewish lieutenant. But after Germany lost the war, Hitler’s anger grew even more and he started to show his bitter side. Hitler blamed the country’s defeat and conditions in postwar Germany on Jews, Marxists, and the German government. He found many Germany’s who possessed similar thoughts in the Munich-based German Workers’ Party and soon got involved in politics.
His popularity largely grew by 1921 and he became the chairman of what named itself the Nazi Party. In 1923, he landed in jail because of the failed coup attempt, the Beer Hall Putsch. During his one year in jail, he wrote the famous autobiography, Mein Kampf. The book sold some million copies which helped Hitler to reach the people of Germany and to increase his power. After his release from prison, The Nazi Party led by Hitler started to win in national elections. After they had a majority presence in Parliament, Hitler was appointed as Chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg in 1933. And from the 1st September 1939 to the 2nd September 1945, the world saw one of the most devastating events in the history taking place and Adolf Hitler becoming one of the most despised human beings till date.
One of the most controversial figures in world history, Hitler was the focus of many documentaries made over the years. Despite that, there are a few facts that most of us still don’t know about him. So here is our take on ten lesser-known facts about Adolf Hitler.

  1. Crush, Girlfriends and wife

Hitler had a crush on a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak at a very young age. Though he couldn’t gather the courage to tell her. He reportedly fantasized about kidnapping her and even committing suicide along with her. He even had a sexual relationship with his half-niece named Geli Raubal. Whom he kept as a prisoner and did not allow her to meet with other people. In 1931, Raubal killed herself. He had another girlfriend who also tried to hang herself but was saved. Hitler married a woman named Eva Braun and in less than 40 hours of their marriage, they both committed suicide when the Soviet Army entered into Hitler’s neighborhood.

2. Vegetarian and a drug user

The murderer of millions, Adolf Hitler turned a vegetarian in his attempt to build a master “Aryan” race around 1938. Led by Hitler, the Nazis promoted health-conscious policies. Hitler was not only a vegetarian but was also a teetotaler non-smoker and he didn’t even use to consume alcohol. But he was a drug addict taking a lot of drugs at the same time including opiates, oxycodone, methamphetamine, morphine, and even cocaine. Even the Nazi soldiers were often given meth before the battle. Hitler was also a very paranoid person, after a food poisoning attempt Hitler formed a staff of 15 terrified young women who used tastes test all of his meals. And he used to keep them locked up. He was also a huge sweet tooth and used to consume up to two pounds of chocolate per day, and even adding sugar to before consuming it.

3. Man Of The Year

The Time Magazine declared Hitler as its Man Of The Year of 1938. The Magazine released the issue on 2nd January 1939 featuring Hitler on its cover. However it was not a celebration, the magazine wrote, “Hitler became in 1938 the greatest threatening force that the democratic, freedom-loving world faces today.” continuing “The man most responsible for this world tragedy is a moody, brooding, un-prepossessing, 49-year-old Austria born ascetic with a Charly Chaplin mustache [sic].”

4. He had A Farting Problem

Hitler suffered from extreme gastrointestinal issues which made him fart a lot. Reports show that he used to suffer from a host of maladies such as irritable bowel syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. He also had a fear of blades and sharp objects and he was an insomniac.

5. Speeches

Hitler used to practice his speeches by having photographer Heinrich Hoffman take photos of him making speeches. Hoffman was told to destroy the photos but instead, he included them in his memoir. Hitler was always self-obsessed he used to think himself as the savior of Germany.

6. Hitler’s Bunker

Hitler’s bunker was created by a woman and the same women’s grandson created Saddam Hussein’s bunker. Also, Hitler had a nephew named William Patrick Hitler who worked for him for a few years before parting ways and joining the U.S. Navy eventually fighting against him.

7. The Nobel Prize Controversy

E.G.C. Brant who was a member of the Swedish parliament nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize. Brant apparently intended it as a joke but as no one really found it amusing and created a controversy. He was quick to withdraw the nomination. In 1936 when a German journalist Carl von Ossietzky who was a vocal critic of Hitler, had been named the winner of the 1935 peace prize, the gesture was seen as an insult to Nazism and Germany. Because of this Hitler barred all Germans from accepting a Nobel Prize. As an alternative, he created the German National Prize for Art and Science.

8. He Loved Art, Disney and Charlie Chaplin

Hitler was an art lover and critic. While his own career as an artist failed it didn’t stop his love for art from growing. Hitler praised the idealized work of Classical Greece and Rome, though he was highly critical of contemporary movements like Impressionism, Cubism, and Dada. The Nazis began removing such art from German museums from the 1930s. Albrecht Durer, Lucas Cranach the Elder, and Johannes Vermeer were some of his favorites. He also had a deep love for Disney movies, especially Snow White, The Seven Dwarfs. He also loved the movie King Kong because of its special effects. He was also said to be a big fan of Charlie Chaplin.

9. The Museum Plan

Hitler had a plan of opening a super museum in Linz, Austria. He even ordered the systematic looting of artworks on an unprecedented scale. His most famous stolen item was the Ghent Altarpiece. He also used to collect Jewish artifacts so he could showcase those in his museum because he hoped it would be an extinct race after World War II.

10. The Swastika

Although many of us think The Swastika as the symbol the Nazi Party, in real the symbol has been used for thousands of years for various purposes. When Hitler’s family lived in the vicinity of a large Benedictine monastery during his childhood. The monastery’s coat of arms was adorned with a prominent swastika, which Hitler decided to use when he needed a symbol for his party. The symbol has been been a staple in cultures from India to Scandinavia from the Bronze Age before the Nazia claimed it. The symbol was even used by the British during World War I. The word Swastik actually is a Sanskrit word which translates into Good Luck.

Bonus- His Handwriting:
In 1937, the psychologist Carl Jung studies Hitler’s handwriting and concluded that Hitler possesses the typical characteristics of a man with essentially feminine instinct. Once Hitler’s allies actually planned to slip estrogen into his food in hopes of making him more feminine and less aggressive.

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