10  Interesting Facts About Thanos 1

10 Interesting Facts About Thanos

Interesting Facts About Thanos

Thanos is one of the strongest and most powerful villains among all the comic books villains. We have all witnessed the horror of our favourite heroes and half of the people of the universe turning into dust when he snapped his finger. MCU has been building the story of Thanos from the very first instalment of Iron Man. Thanos made his first appearance in the middle of the end credits of the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Most of us already know the fate Thanos since the Avengers: Endgame has already released. But most of the fans don’t know anything about Thanos apart from what we saw in the movies.

Thanos was created by Jim Starlin, while Starlin was in college taking psychology courses. He also created Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy, at this time. Starlin has pointed out that he was inspired by DC’s supervillain Darkseid while creating Thanos. Thanos made his comic debut in February of 1973 in Iron Man #55. He was born on Titan which is the largest of Saturn’s moons. Thanos is a member of a race of divine, godlike beings, the Eternals. Though Thanos was one of the last children born to the original settlers of Titan, he was born malformed.

1. Drax the Destroyer :
Drax has really a much different origin story in the comics than what we saw in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. At the start, he was a real estate agent named Arthur Douglas. One day, when Thanos was passing over Earth in a spaceship, Douglas and his family were driving through the desert. Because Thanos wanted to keep his identity a secret he destroyed the car as Douglas and his family noticed him. His actions were witnessed by his father Mentor. Mentor was displeased with his son’s actions and called Kronos, Mentor’s own father. They took Douglas’s consciousness and put it into a new humanoid body. They also gave him superpowers to defeat Thanos. Eventually, Drax killed him by ripping his heart out.


2. Deviant Syndrome:
Thanos was born with something called Deviant Syndrome. Thanos comes from a race called Eternals. Eternals are earth-originating god-like beings settled in Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. Titanian people were born flawless and beautiful. But Thanos was born a mutant and carried the Deviant gene. Thanos looked more like a Deviant than a Titanian, which gave him purple skin, odd physical proportions, and most likely his furrowed chin and also some of his powers. When he was born his mother was horrified that she wanted to kill him but was stopped by his father. She could sense from the start that there was something wrong with her child. Thanos was always hated by other Titanians and he eventually nukes his planet, killing everyone including his own family.


3. His Brother:
Thanos was a melancholic, nihilistic loner and spent his childhood practising pacifism. He used to play only with his pets and his own brother, Eros. Eros was the opposite of Thanos, he was laid-back and adventurous. when Thanos devoted himself to Death, Eros a became a ladies’ man. And when Thanos started his world-conquering mission, Eros became the superhero known as Starfox. But Eros is definitely not less troubling than Thanos. Though he has super strength and can fight, his most used power is to control the emotions of those around him. Eros more than often uses his abilities to lure women. Because of him Foxy, a former Avenger, was put on trial for assault. He also lured She-Hulk and She-Hulk raised allegations of sexual assault against him.


4. Thanos’s Powers:
According to the comics, Thanos is 6 feet, 7 inches tall, and weighs around 985 pounds. Thanos possesses powers like energy manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, Superhuman strength, agility, durability, and longevity, superhuman physiology of Eternals, plasma energy projection. He also increased his powers by scientific enhancements that he sought out. He was also granted powers by Death. All of these makes Thanos among the few most powerful being in the universe.


5. Thanos And Death:
Thanos is fascinated with the physical representation of Death, who occasionally takes the form of a skeletal woman in Marvel continuity. Thanos and Darkseid both have tried to woo Death. And after a series of near-death experiences, Deadpool also fell in love with Mistress Death. This made Thanos very angry so he cursed him with immortality. To prove his love for Death, Thanos went on seeking supremacy. In one comic line, Thanos actually became good because of Death. Thanos gets involved in a battle with an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. The Egyptian pharaoh uses the Heart of the Universe to wipe out most of Earth’s heroes in order to become all-powerful. Thanos undoes all the damage that the pharaoh caused by the Heart’s power and also makes the universe somewhat better. Because of these actions he earns a kiss from Lady Death. Thanos then vows to never go conquering again. He had a lot of children, His child with death was named Rot.


6. The Reason:
Death was the reason for Thanos’s growing love for destroying the planets and its peoples. When Thanos was killed by Drax, Death returned him to life and also made him the Mad Titan unkillable as an addition to his resurrection. After this event, he and Death with some heroes made their way to the Cancerverse. Cancerverse is a place where Life finally “beat” death and Lord Mar-Vell was the avatar of Life there. They went there to defeat the Lord Mar-Vell. Thanos fought that lord Mar-Vell and after he pretended to submit to him, Mar-Vell struck his sword through him. This way he summoned Death, who then killed Mar-Vell and other inhabitants of that universe. Thanos then pleaded to Death to take him too, but she denied him. This made Thanos once again became enraged and then he vowed to destroy the universe. The name Thanos comes from the word Thanatos, which is a Greek name for death.


7. He Used To Celebrate Chrismas:
After Thanos adopted Gamora with the purpose of raising her as his personal lieutenant, Thanos made sure to give her a happy childhood in order to make her more than just a mindless, heartless killer. Thanos rescued Gamora after he destroyed her planet as she was the only survivor. Thanos picked a day in the year and celebrated it as Gamora’s birthday. He taught her about the Earth holiday, Christmas and even held a truce every year to celebrate it with Gamora and the rest of his estranged family.


8. He Had A Helicopter:
In 1979, Thanos appeared in a Spiderman comic titled “Who Will Get the Cosmic Cube?.” In the comic, He flew around in a helicopter which had his name glorified on the side, it was also called the “Thanos Copter.” He also has another superpower. He holds the ability to create forcefields around himself so strong that even the Incredible Hulk can’t break through them.
Among his many children, Thanos also had a son named Thane with an unknown inhuman woman. Thane eventually embraced his Inhuman side and became a healer on Earth. Thane even developed powers similar to his father. In the comics, Thane once usees his new powers to seal Thanos in amber so that he was trapped without dying.


9. He Was A Farmer:
The Mad Farmer Titan, who could’ve guessed. In the comics, it turns out that after Thanos seemingly died at the end of The Infinity Gauntlet, he was actually transported to another planet. In that planet, he takes up the job of a farmer. After he gets visited by Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll, he ends up joining the Infinity Watch and protecting the soul gem.


10. Self Destruction:
Being one of the most destructive and powerful beings in the universe is not easy and Thanos has made his fair share of enemies. He has fought many battles against the strongest beings and even Gods but eventually. But eventually, he loses most of his battles despite being as powerful as he is. In one comic line, Thanos was defeated by Squirrel Girl. The main reason Thanos gets defeated every time he conquers his enemies is his own subconscious desire to be defeated. Thanos’ weakness is exceptionally psychological, and it has to do with his desire for death, and hence self-destruction. He has a lack of self-confidence and he also thinks himself as unworthy of being in charge of the universe. He continually fails because he secretly won’t allow himself to win. Thanos’s worst enemy is himself.

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