10 Interesting Facts About DC Comics 1

10 Interesting Facts About DC Comics

Interesting Facts About DC Comics

DC Comics or Detective Comics Comics was founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson as National Allied Publications in 1934. Since its debut, DC comics has become one among the most popular and successful companies leading in comic books. It gave us some of the best and most popular superheroes and villains of all time. The company sure have come a long way from being a little comic book company to one of the leading companies in the world. Here are ten interesting DC facts that you might haven’t heard before.

1. Batman Is The Most Appeared Hero:

10 Interesting Facts About DC Comics 2
Superman might be the most popular hero of DC comics but Batman holds the title of most appearances. He has made around 6300 appearances till date. Created by Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939.

2. Comic Sans MS:

10 Interesting Facts About DC Comics 3
The infamous typeface, Comic Sans, designed by Vincent Connare and released in 1994 by Microsoft Corporation was actually inspired by by the lettering penned for Alan Moore’s famous Watchmen, and The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

3. The Black Manta:

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Known as Aquaman’s arch-enemy, the supervillain Black Manta became a supervillain after he was captured by pirates and Aquaman couldn’t rescue him.

4. Wonder Woman And The Green Lantern:

10 Interesting Facts About DC Comics 5
One of DC’s many scrapped idea was the pairing of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. They were supposed to become a loving couple but the idea was scrapped after a fan that suggested the same idea in the ’70s. There were some legal issues that stopped these two Justice League pals from becoming an item.

Also, at first Wonder Women was named Suprema. When psychologist and inventor of the lie-detector test, Dr. William Moulton Marston created Wonder Women, he named her Suprema. Marston submitted his first story draft for Suprema, the Wonder Woman in February 1941. But the name was scrapped by Sheldon Mayer.

5. The Flash Himself Gave Him His Superpowers:

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During the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic line, the Flash himself gave him his superpowers. He ran at such a fast pace that he converted himself into pure energy and traveled back in time. He then hit his past self as the very bolt of lightning that gave him his superpowers.

6. Heroes And Villains:
There are a few heroes and villains of the DC universe that is not known to every fan. There is a hero named Dog Welder in DC comics who used to weld dead dogs to people’s faces. In DC’s New Guardians comic, was a villain known as the Hemo-Goblin, a white supremacist vampire. He drank AIDS-infested blood and bit black people.

They also created a superhero named Vibe who was a breakdancer. He danced for justice and used his powers as a dancer to create sound waves. Sadly, DC killed him off after a few episodes. Another supervillain created by DC is Snowflame, who gets his superpowers from the drug cocaine, becoming more powerful the more he used

7. Hawkeye, Member Of The Justice League:

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During the Marvel-DC crossover event JLA\Avengers, Hawkeye briefly becomes a member of the Justice League. This makes Hawkeye the only hero who fought for both the Justice League and the Avengers.

8. Superman:

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We all know Superman as this tall handsome guy with black hair who fights against crimes. But originally he was created as a short, bald scientist known as Megalomania suffering from the psychopathological disorder and has telepathic powers.
Talking about Superman, ever thought how a simple pair of glasses hid his real identity. Turns out, that simple pair of glasses is not really simple. They are formed with Kryptonian Plexiglas from his crashed ship and have the capability to hide Clark’s identity by a kind of hypnosis.

9. Batman’s IQ:

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Apparently, Bruce Wayne has an IQ of 192. In this way, Wayne has beaten many real-life legends like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking since they both had an IQ around 160. Also, the original version of the Dark Knight had blonde hair and a red suit.

10. Danny The Street:
There is a character called Danny the Street in DC comics. Danny the street first appeared in Doom Patrol #35 August 1990 and was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. He is a sentient transvestite with the power of teleportation who travels around the world putting on drag shows for those cast out by society. His name is actually a pun on Danny La Rue, a female impersonator.




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