10 Corrupt Countries In The World

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Corrupt Countries In The World

Based in Berlin, Germany, Transparency International is an international non-governmental and nonprofit organization. Founded in 1993, It annually publishes the Global Corruption Barometer and the Corruption Perceptions Index. In 2018, they ranked 180 countries by their perceived levels of public sector corruption where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. While Denmark and New Zealand are the least and second least corrupt countries scoring 88 and 87 out of 100 respectively, here are the top ten most corrupt countries in the world.

10. Libya:

Libya is a country in the Maghreb region in North Africa that scored 17 out of 100 in the index. Every sector in this country’s economy suffers from extensive corruption. The public procurement sector and the oil industry are among the most affected.

9. Afghanistan:

Located in South-central-Asia, in Afghanistan, patronage politics and bribery becoming an acceptable part of daily life. Afganistan scored 16 on the index.

8. Equatorial Guinea:

Also scoring 16 on the index is Equatorial Guinea where mismanagement of public funds with credible allegations of high-level corruption is reported. There are other serious abuses including torture, arbitrary detention, and unfair trials.

7. Guinea Bissau:

Corruption has widely spread in Guinea Bissau. From government obscurity and a lack of public accountability to being a major African hub for drug trafficking to organized crimes have filled all levels of the country.

6. Sudan:

With Guinea Bissau and the other countries, Sudan also scored 16 on the index. In this country, corruption includes public servants demanding extra facilitation payments for services. Government officials hold stakes in many enterprises, which creates a system of patronage.

5. North Korea:

North Korea and Yemen both scored 14 on the index. The abuse of Human rights in North Korea with its government sharply decreasing all basic liberties, including freedom of expression, religion, and conscience has made this country one among the most repressive countries.

4. Yemen:

Yemen’s judicial system is ineffective and is tormented by corruption. Corruption including bribery is widespread in all sectors of the economy and the government.

3. South Sudan:

South Sudan scored 13 on the index. Corruption is popular in all sectors of the economy and the country’s judicial system is also inefficient.

2. Syria:

Syrian citizens cannot even get their rights without bribing someone. Corruption has plagued every state sector, institution, ministry and especially in its judicial sector.

1. Somalia:

Somalia is the most corrupt country according to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018. The country scored 10 out of 100 on the index. Government officials and institutions tolerate illegal activities in return for bribes. Corruption dominates the economy of this country.

There are also other rankings of the most corrupt countries in the world. According to the Best Countries, rankings 2019, a characterization of 80 countries based on a survey of more than 20,000 global citizens, done by the U.S. News and World Report, the top ten most corrupt countries are:

1. Iraq
2. Pakistan
3. Iran
4. Nigeria
5. Colombia
6. Angola
7. Mexico
8. Ghana
9. Myanmar
10. Guatemala

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