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Beaches In The World

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the beach, getting your feet wet in the crystal clear water. Our world has numerous spectacular beaches. Flight Network is a travel agency that annually ranks the world’s best beaches listing the top 100 beaches in the world in a category. Spanning through six continents, they based their ranking on responses from over 1,200 journalists, editors, bloggers, and travel agencies. Here are the Top Ten Beaches In The World of 2018 according to Flight Network.

10. Diani Beach, Kwale County:

Diani Beach in Kwale County, Kenya is a 10 km stretch of talcum powder sand and it is becoming known as the softest beach on the planet. The water is warm yet crystal clear and it is home to the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.

9. Maya Bay, PHI PHI:

Maya Bay, PHI PHI
Protected by looming mountains in a cove, this is one of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Though sadly the beach has been closed due to pollution and environmental damage made by the tourist. You can visit it when it opens again just be careful, not to ruin it.

8. Anse Source D’Argent, La Digue Island:

Anse Source D’Argent is located in the southwest of La Digue, Seychelles. It is the world’s most photographed beach with boulder-adorned shores, ribbons of shimmering sand and aquamarine water. Witness the beautiful sunset while relaxing on the beach.

7. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands:

Seven Mile Beach is located in Negril, Jamaica. A relaxing stroll on this long beach decorated with lazy tilted palm trees and turquoise water will surely wash your worries away.

6. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands:

Clear blue water with white sandy shore has made Grace Bay one of the most famous beaches in the world. Off its shore, you will a rainbow-colored reef with thousands of sea animals sheltering the beach from powerful swells.

5. Tulum Beach, Quintana Roo:

Tulum Beach, Quintana Roo
Tulum beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico with white sands and bright teal waters and that bohemian vibe is a perfect getaway for travelers. There is a collection of restaurants and accommodations with a bohemian touch.

4. Praia do Sancho, Pernambuco:

The remote Praia do Sancho is located about an hour off the coast of Brazil on the small island of Fernando de Noronha. The way to the beach is an adventure itself, you have to hike, scoot down a dark narrow tunnel and descend steep stairs reach this picture perfect beach.

3. Hidden Beach, El Nido:

From towering rock formations or limestone cliffs to abundant coral to the turquoise-blue lagoon to spectacular reefs and palm-lined shores, the Hidden beach is a peaceful sandy beach with all the elements you can look for on your perfect beach trip.

2. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland:

A 7 km stretch along Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is known for its unique features like its bright white sands that consist of 98% pure silica with the fluorescent-green backdrop of the tropical forest on the island’s mountains.

1. Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos:

You can access the Shipwreck Beach on the coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands of Greece by boat. The exposed cove is surrounded by towering golden cliffs. Swimming in these turquoise waters is a dream for many beach lovers.

Another popular ranking of the best beaches around the world is made by TripAdvisor. Travelers Choice best beaches awards by TripAdvisor are based on the quantity and quality of traveler reviews and ratings for beaches on their site gathered over a 12-month period. The travel site rated 352 beaches overall. Here are the top ten best beaches of 2019 according to TripAdvisor.

1. Baia do Sancho, Brazil.
2. Varadero Beach, Cuba.
3. Eagle Beach, Aruba.
4. La Concha Beach, Spain.
5. Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos.
6. Clearwater Beach, Florida.
7. Spiaggia dei Conigli, Islands of Sicily.
8. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.
9. Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres.
10. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

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