10 Top List Websites

Top List Websites

List websites have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Without sticking to any single subject, these websites offer a variety of content. Their content range from entertainment to informative to creepy to downright bizarre. In this of ours, we are listing the Top Lists Websites that have been killing the list-website game. So, if you like to read cool content, here are the Top List Websites you should follow.

Top List Websites

1. Listverse.com

Top List Websites 1
From general knowledge to science to entertainment to lifestyle, Listverse has one of the most diverse ranges of content out there. Their articles are well-researched, interesting and often on quite unique topics that you won’t find on many sites. If you’d like to follow a website that writes on anything and everything, Listverse.com is it.

2. Ranker.com

Top List Websites 2
The most interesting thing about Ranker is that if you don’t agree with something then you can downvote it. Ranker allows you to vote on everything from weird to scary to food to culture and much more. Their articles on horror and creepy are really cool.

3. Buzzfeed.com

Top List Websites 3
Buzzfeed has created a popularity of their own, with their website and YouTube channel. Buzzfeed has set a benchmark and inspired many others to make their own list-websites. Their unique and humourous writing, brilliantly drafted articles, interesting and eye-catching headlines make them one of the best list websites out there. They also offer a diverse range of topics and fun quizzes.

4. Thetoptens.com

Top List Websites 4
As the name suggest, Thetoptens has a list of top 10 best of everything where you can also cast your own vote. Their topics range from movies, TV shows, actors, food, animals, books, lifestyle, games and much more.

5. Whatculture.com

Top List Websites 5
From sports to comics to TV to games to quizzes to other topics, Whatculture has a lot to offer to its readers and followers. You can find little known facts about your favourite flicks or comics and take quizzes based on your favourite characters and also many interesting and relatable articles to read.

6. List25.com

Top List Websites 6
Along with their articles, List25 also upload videos. Their content range from bizarre to unique to knowledgable to science to history to much more. They also write reviews on popular products on the market. You can find articles on conspiracy theories, dumbest prison breaks, mindblowing facts and other things.

7. Listchallenges.com

Top List Websites 7
Listchallenges has some of the best articles on travel, books, movies and food. From lists of 50 to 100, from places to visit before you die to food to eat before you die. This website is a great destination especially if you want to make your own bucket list.

8. Toptenflash.com-

Well, it’s ours! alike the other websites on this list, we also try our best to create as many interesting articles as we can. We write on a variety of subjects ranging from travel, movies, music, spooky, history, science and much more. 

9. 11Points.com

Top List Websites 8
Lists of 11, “Because Top 10 Lists Are For Cowards”, the first thing you will see on their website, so you know, you’ve somewhere interesting. From 11 random thoughts to 11 random facts, 11Points has a lot of interesting topics ranging from different subjects. Some of their quirky topics can’t be found anywhere else.

10. Toptenz.net

Top List Websites 9
Another great website with a vast range of topics. Toptenz’s articles range from bizarre, culture, entertainment, science, history and others. Their articles on crime, humour and other interesting topics will surely pique your interest.

11. Listal.com

Top List Websites 10
Another interesting site is Listal which lets its readers share content related to movies, games, books, TV shows, and more. You can make a list of movies that you love or music and share it on the site. And you can also read other’s list and give reviews.

12 Boredpanda.com:
One of the best websites out there, Boredpanda keeps you coming with their clever writing and interesting topics. From memes to news to interesting lists like a list of photos of abandoned places.

13 Top10hq.com-
Top10hq is another great site that writes articles on some interesting topics like proof that time travel exists, diseases that sounds imaginary and more.

14 List.ly:
List.ly is a great website where not only you can read their content but also you can make you can make your own list. They have categories including technology, mobile, sports, movies, travel, television, fashion, marketing, finance and more.

15 Cracked.com:
Cracked.com has a lot of articles not only lists but also news. Their list articles include topics such as lesser-known white house facts, archaeological discoveries, chilling disasters and much more.

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