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10 Villains Of Game Of Thrones

Based On George R R Martin’s, A Song Of Ice & Fire, Game Of Thrones is undoubtedly one among the best shows ever made. And with the longest winter being on our doorsteps, we are going to talk about the most hated character of the show, its villains. Although we have been rooting for our heroes like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from the start, the negative characters are the ones that made GoT what it is today. Without these notorious characters, GoT would be like any other show running on TV. Some of these characters used their strength and some of them used their skills in manipulating others. No matter what were the ways they have taken down a lot of contenders of the Iron Throne, the good and the bad. These are the top ten negative characters from Game Of Thrones that we love to hate.


While Cersei is considered to be the biggest and worst villain of Game of Thrones by many, She always had reasons to act the way she did. Though we are definitely not justifying her actions she always had her motives behind them. Where Ramsey can be described as a psychopath, Who murdered and tortured many people without any valid reason at all. He killed his own father, his stepmother with his infant brother. He was a serial rapist, he killed hundreds of people and he hunted and tortured innocent people and he would feed them to his giant dogs just for his own amusement. The character is just simply terrifying. He was not just a villain, perchance it was GoT’s way of showing us what pure evil looks like. The way he tortured Theon and Sansa and murdered Rickon was inhumane. Ramsey Bolton has become one of the most hated characters of all time. Though his end was pretty satisfying and just like Sansa Stark’s smirk, that scene has also become one of the most popular scenes of Game Of Thrones. The guy even starved his dogs.


Another Character of Game of Thrones that has become one of the most hated characters and best villains of television is the notorious Joffrey Baratheon. Joffrey had a short life on the series but still managed to do so much damage to the other characters that he is definitely going to be remembered for a long long time. Like Ramsay, Joffrey was also a genuinely disturbed character. He was selfish and a homicidal maniac. He used to enjoy killing and torturing people. He practiced target on women, he tortured his own fiancee. He was disrespectful to everyone from his own uncle to his mother. Joffrey was also a coward, he would order his people to murder innocents and will enjoy watching them die. The fact that he was so young made the character even more horrific. Joffrey is undoubtedly one among the cruelest characters ever and that made his death scene one of the most satisfying death scenes of Game of Thrones.


One of the most complex characters of Game Of Thrones is Cersei LannisterLannister. As we said Cersei always had a reason for her actions, either to protect her children, her twisted relationship with her brother or to keep her position safe. Cersei is one of the smartest and unpredictable characters of GoT. She has suffered a lot in her life and grown as ambitious as cruel. She is among the most hated women on television. Even after losing all three of her children her ambition of ruling the seven kingdoms has gotten only stronger. And now that she does not have anything to lose, Cersei has become more dangerous than ever. She got her husband murdered, is some way responsible for her children’s deaths. She blew up a quarter of her capital just because she wanted to kill a few people. She falsely accused her brother of murder. Even after all this Cersei does gain some sympathies from her fans. She definitely has become one of the fascinating characters of the show.


Directly or indirectly Petyr Baelish has caused more chaos and deaths than any other character on the show. From the death of Jon Arryn that actually started the war of the five kings to betraying almost everyone on the show, Lord Baelish aka Littlefinger has done everything he could to sit on the throne. And that made him one of the best players and villains of Game Of Thrones. Baelish was a social climber who was very much aware of his manipulative skills. The fact that till his last moment most of the people did not know about his secretive and villainous games, makes him one of the best characters of the show. He even managed to keep good relations with all the major houses. Littlefinger had it all figured out until he was given the death sentence by the Stark children.


Although the show hasn’t revealed much about his origin or his purpose, we all know that he is definitely not one of the good guys. The makers have been giving us glimpses of the Night King from the very first season. He was building an army since then and from what we saw in the last season, now he even has a zombie ice dragon. With his army of white walkers that includes thousands of undead wildlings and giants, the Night King is the biggest threat right now. He can swipe all the other villains of our, who are still alive, just by using his blue flame thrower zombie dragon.


Tywin Lannister is another gem of a character in Game Of Throne. Tywin Lannister is undoubtedly one of the best characters of Game Of Thrones. He was an evil, manipulative and horrible human being and he was best at being all of those things. Tywin Lannister was simply a force to be reckoned with. He did everything he could to protect his legacy. He neglected his children and was even ready to kill one of them. He planned the red wedding and killed whoever came in his way. And he enjoyed it all which made him even crueller. With his war tactics and political strategies, Tywin Lannister was one of the brilliant characters of all time.


Gregor Clegane is another character in Game Of Thrones who is known for his brutality. He was a rapist, a murderer, and a baby smasher. Who can forget the head smash scene of Oberyn Martell. It was one of the most cringy moments of the show. He killed Elia Martell’s, Oberyn Martell’s sister, babies in front of and then he raped her to death. Though currently, he is a stitched together monster who doesn’t speak, this doesn’t make him any less terrible.


”The Lannisters Send Their Regards”, that one line made Roose Bolton one of the most hated characters of Game Of Thrones. He was a sadistic and selfish person who helped the Lannisters and Freys in killing the king of the north, his mother and his pregnant wife and the whole stark army. He even went ahead end and captured the north. The Red Wedding was one of the most heartbreaking episodes of GoT. Though Roose Bolton did get what he deserved, he will always be remembered as one among the coldest and power-hungry characters of the series.


Walder Frey’s death was one of the most celebrated moments of GoT. It wasn’t just because he was old and cranky. Frey’s ambitions were different than the other big bad characters. He might not have a political acuity but he did have a lot of pride. And when Rob Stark hurt his pride by not marrying one of his daughters, Frey planned the Red Wedding and killed Rob stark, his mother and his wife. Frey was a Jealous, incestuous, abusive, homicidal rapist, who got what he deserved. But the north will always remember.


Viserys Targaryen undoubtedly got one of the best deaths of a villain in the series ever. The guy was abusive, controlling, patronizing, and often disturbing the way he treated his sister. He abused and manipulated his sister and sold her to Khal Drogo. Just so he can get his army to fight for him to sit on the Iron Throne. Viserys Targaryen was among the most obnoxious characters of Game Of Thrones.

Kudos to all these actors who play these notorious and obnoxious roles, We surely couldn’t have hated them more.


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