Do You Know About 10 Strangest Things In The World

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10 Strangest Things In The World

Our world is filled with mindblowing things and places, but below we are listing ten things that are simply strange.

10. The Unusual Pig Beach:

In the Bahamas, there is an island populated by a colony of feral pigs, called the Pig Beach or pig island. It is in Exuma, a district of the Bahamas, that consists of over 360 islands. No one knows exactly how the uninhabited island got populated by pigs but there are many legends about it.

9. Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings:

This Chinese creation is, as described by many, the ultimate ‘anti-pervert’ must-have. They are hairy stockings that are supposed to drive away perverts, stalkers, rapists, and watchers during the summer.

8. China’s Dwarf Village:

                                                                                   Via – Pinterest

There’s a village in China famous as the Dwarf Village as its 40% inhabitants being several heads shorter than an average human being. The village is called Yangsiand it is situated in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. 36 out of the 80 residents are dwarfs in the village. Though there are a lot of theories, nothing has been proved as the reason of this strange happening.

7. Swirling Light Above Canada:

In 2010, a strange swirling light was witnessed by multiple people above western Canda. A similar event occurred in the past in Norway but that was caused by a Russia missile launch. But this one didn’t involve any missile launching. People even said to have heard a loud bang soon after the pattern appeared. Another strange thing that occurred in the Canadian sky was a single pillar of red light. It was first recorded in December near Edmonton, Canada.

6. The Waste-powered Bus:

There is a bus, entirely powered by human feces and food waste. The Bio-Bus entered service in south-west England in 2014, fully powered by biomethane, which is generated through the treatment of human feces, wastewater, and food waste. There are similar buses can be seen in Europe now.

5. The Dogs With Blue Tongue:

There are breeds of dogs that have blue tongues like the Chow Chow. It is said to be simply because of deposits of extra pigments, like birthmarks and freckles on people. According to Chinese legend, once the Chow Chow was a dragon dog and loved the day but hated the night. One night, bored of the darkness, he began to lick the sky to finish the dimness. The gods got angry and punished the dog with a blue tongue.

4. Cosmic Radio Bursts:

Cosmic Radio Bursts was first discovered in 2007 and it has been fascinating scientists since. The reason behind a cosmic radio burst is still unknown. It is speculated to occur due to a rapidly rotating neutron star and a black hole, to extraterrestrial intelligence. The bursts have a length ranging from a fraction of a millisecond to a few milliseconds and during this miniscule amount of time it creates the same amount of energy our sun creates over the course of one million years.

3. The Humongous Fungus:

What did you think is the biggest living thing in the world, blue whales, elephants, or trees? In reality, it’s actually an Armillaria mushroom in Oregon, the largest single organism. It is covering at least 2,000 acres and estimated to be thousands of years old. Also known as honey fungus, they colonize and kill a variety of trees and woody plants.

2. The Doorway Railway:

This doorway railway line passes through the residential neighborhood and commercial area of Hanoi, Vietnam. Twice a day, the trains pass through the downtown, merely inches away from the doorsteps of buildings. You are supposed to press tight into the adjoining wall or duck into a nearby cafe to escape being killed if you’re in the way of the train,

1. Island Of Dolls, Mexico:

The Island Of Dolls of Mexico is one of the strangest and spookiest places in the world. Hundreds of roughed-up dolls hanging eerily from the trees makes one truly disturbing sight. There are many legends about this place and it is famous as one of the most haunted places on earth.

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