10 Most Beautiful Places To Enjoy Sunset

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Beautiful Places To Enjoy Sunset

A beautiful sunset creating one of the most romantic and breathtaking sights can give you a perfect end to your journey. Sunsets are usually beautiful but some places show off their skyscape beauty more than others with splashes of brilliant pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and oranges can spread across the sky. Here are ten places perfect if you want to witness this beautiful event.

10. In Bali:

Bali has numerous beaches, hiking trails that will take you on the top of its mountains and temples placed at the edge of cliffs and lakes. You can enjoy a great sunset from anywhere in Bali but one place that is especially famous for its views is the Tanah Lot Temple. The island tree tops catching the gold of the sun and the calm water reflecting the island temple roofs with the colors of the sunset is one breathtaking site.

9. In Italy:

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with many dreamlike locations and its historic iconic cities. Puglia, Parish Church of San Rocco in San Roccos, Grand Canal in Venice and Sicily are some of the famous spots in Italy to watch a beautiful sunset. The clouds and the waters make it even more dramatic.

8. In Australia:

Sydney is a great place to enjoy a beautiful sunset in Australia but if you are looking for a more romantic one head down to the Mindil Beach in Darwin and for a more unique experience go to Uluru or Ayers Rock. Climb to the top of the dunes for a stunning view of Uluru and the nearby ancient rock formations known as Kata Tjuta.

7. In Greece:

Any Greek island is great for a romantic sunset experience but the in Santorini especially in Oia village, you will get the most of it. Another place is Navagio Beach in Zakynthos Island in Grace.

6. In Egypt:

In Cairo, Egypt you will find one of the best sunset views at the site of iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx Great Pyramids in Giza. With yellow sand as far as the eye can see, here you will have one of the most unique sites when the sun will start to set.

5. In Switzerland:

On the border of Switzerland and Italy, you will find the picturesque, Matterhorn, one of the highest peaks in the Alps. Switzerland is naturally one of the most beautiful countries with many unspoiled and beautiful destinations. Here you will witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

4. In The Maldives:

The Maldives has become a favorite among tourists. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, these group of islands is home to some of the most beautiful beaches with untouched natural scenery and perfect sunsets.

3. In Norway:

Not really a sunset but an even more spectacular midnight sun. Norway is so far north that it’s nearly in the Arctic Circle. And North Cape in Finnmark, Norway is the northernmost point in Europe, towering 1,007 feet above the ocean. The sun hardly ever sets during the summer, the sun sets just to the horizon creating the midnight sun. One should witness this strangely charming phenomenon at least one in their life.

2. In Brazil:

Brazil is home to some of the world’s most famous and iconic destinations. Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro is one of them. You can see the sun setting behind the mountains and enjoy the scenic beauty from the beach.

1. In The US:

The best place to enjoy the most picture-perfect sunset in the United States would be Hawaii. You can enjoy the beautiful event from any of the islands of Hawaii. The Maui island and the Big Island are the most popular ones. Other than Hawaii you can also enjoy quite a romantic sunset from the Florida Keys and Sedona in Arizona and anywhere in Alaska.

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