10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 1

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups

Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups

The cricket world cup has given us numerous iconic moments since 1975. With the 2019 cricket world cup just kicking off, we are taking a trip down the memory lane to relive some of the most iconic moments from the course of past world cups.

1. Cricket World Cup 2011:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 2
After 28 long years, India finally lifted the world cup. Mahendra Singh Dhoni finished off the match with his famous helicopter shot and. It was the perfect finish to Sachin Tendulkar’s World Cup career. Tendulkar was carried around the Wankhede Stadium by his team-mates during the lap of honor. It was also the year when, a club cricketer for Railway Union in his native Ireland, Kevin O’Brien sent England careering off the tracks with the fastest century in World Cup history.

2. World Cup 1992:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 3
This was a glorious year for Pakistani cricketers since for everyone’s surprise Pakistan became the winner of 1992. They were the last team to qualify for the semis but they gave excellent performances in the semis and finals and Imran Khan’s and Wasim Akram’s innings destroyed England. This was also the same year when South Africa was playing against England in the semis and because of rain and the controversial rules, the target was adjusted at an impossible 22 off one.

3. World Cup 1983:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 4
The 1983 world cup put India in the map as a prominent figure in world cricket. India was considered an underdog and this year it was totally changed. At the weakest side, India was expected to lose to the great West Indies. But at last patience and hard work resulted as the first ever World Cup for India. Kapil Dev bowling out Michael Holding is as fresh in many Indian’s hearts as it could be. Kapil Dev’s catch of Viv Richards, while Madan Lal was the bowler, is considered as the turning point of the match that helped India to lift its first victory.

4. World Cup 2007:10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 5

There were iconic moments throughout the 2007 world cup. Like when Dwayne Leverock’s Catch Briefly Rocked India, a Bermuda player, shocked everyone by taking the catch of Robin Uthappa. Another moment was when Herschelle Gibbs the right-hander became the first player to hit six sixes in an over of international cricket. English Ashes hero Andrew Flintoff also made headline when he had a drunken run-in with a pedalo during the World Cup, he was stripped of the vice-captaincy and banned for one match. Another unfortunate event happened when Bob Woolmer, Pakistan’s then coach, was found dead in his Jamaican hotel room the day after his team’s shock defeat by Ireland.

5. World Cup 2003:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 6
In world cup 2003, Shane Warne made headlines when the Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne was sent home on the eve of the World Cup in South Africa after testing positive for a banned diuretic. The authorities forced a 12-month ban and Warne never played another one-day international for his country. This year South Africa Suffer in the Rain again. They needed a win in their last group game, against Sri Lanka, to reach the Super Six. But the rain and the Duckworth-Lewis method washed off their dreams again.

6. World Cup 1999:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 7
The semifinals between Australia and South Africa of this year is one of the most memorable matches over the few years. An exciting draw in the semifinals, which made the Aussies slip into the finals, is something that every cricket fan would remember. The South Africans were in supreme form throughout that tournament while Australia was a struggling unit. But the game changed when Herschelle Gibbs dropped the ball after Steve slapped a simple catch while celebrating.

7. World Cup 2003:

Henry Olonga, the country's first black cricketer, took a courageous stand against President Robert Mugabe's
Andy Flower, Zimbabwe’s most successful player, and Henry Olonga, the country’s first black cricketer, took a courageous stand against President Robert Mugabe’s harsh regime at their team’s opening World Cup match in Harare. They released a statement to journalists exposing the “death of democracy” in their homeland and took to the field wearing black armbands. England refused to travel there, forfeiting their game against the co-hosts for security reasons. It was the end of their international careers and condemned Flower and Olonga to a life in exile.

8. World Cup 1996:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 8
The Sri Lankans only won four of their 22 matches before co-hosting the tournament in 1996. West Indies and Australia boycotted their group matches in the country on safety grounds assisted their surprise run to the final. When India played against Sri Lanka in the semifinals at the Eden Gardens, the fans couldn’t control their emotions after India lost the game. The stadium was set on fire and police had to interfere. Sri Lanka shocked everyone and gave an extraordinary performance and lifted the trophy.

9. World Cup 1987:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 9
In the final between England and Australia, Australia posted 253 for 5 in 50 overs. At 135 for 2, Border brought himself to the bowl and managed to get the wicket of Gatting by pitching one around Gatting’s off-stump, the ball flew in the air and was caught by Australia’s wicketkeeper Greg Dyer. That reverse sweep by Gatting determined fatal for England and they lost the match by just seven runs. In this year, Australia’s Craig McDermott also destroyed India in the Group Match.

10. World Cup 1975:

10 Memorable Moments From Cricket World Cups 10
This was the year of the first world cup. It was the final and the West Indies posted 291 for 8 in 60 overs. In return, Australia was going at 162 for 3 with 21 overs left to play. But soon a young West Indian named Viv Richards came into action to change the complexion of the game. When Ian Chappell and Doug Walters were in total command, Ian Chappell was dismissed by Viv which is considered as the turning point. The West Indies lifted the World Cup that year.

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