10 Hindi Web Series That You Should Check Out If You Haven’t Yet

10 Hindi Web Series That You Should Check Out If You Haven’t Yet:

While the Indian cinema has been progressing, making some really good movies with unique concepts, but the majority of films are still trash. And this is one of the reasons the masses are turning towards online platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Platforms like TVF and YFilm, are offering great-out of the box content that is absolutely free. So if you don’t want to pull your hair out watching a blockbuster like Race3 or the typical saas-bahu drama on TV, here are 10 Hindi Web Series you can enjoy if you haven’t yet.

  1. Sacred Games: Netflix

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We have been seeing a lot of web series with great content that has earned the praises of the critics and the masses. But there have been a few series that has set the bar really high for its contenders and Sacred Games is definitely one of them. You can judge its popularity by simply the amount of memes you see daily on this series. Sacred Games is the first Indian original series from Netflix. The series did not take much time to grab the attention of the audience with its stunning storyline and amazing performances. The series is based on Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel of the same title and it is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap. The story of this thriller series revolves around two characters, Sartaj Singh who is an honest but troubled cop and gangster Ganesh Gaitonde. The complex character of Singh is played by Saif Ali Khan while the brilliant Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the character of Gaitonde. The first season of the series aired in 2018 and the next season said to be aired this year. Sacred Games is undoubtedly one of the best series out there.

2. Mirzapur: Amazon Prime

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Another web series that released in 2018 and instantly grabbed the attention of the masses is the crime thriller Mirzapur. This series is created by Karan Anshuman and Puneet Krishna. The story of this series revolves around drugs, guns, and lawlessness of the city Mirzapur. It depictures the governance and rule of mafia dons and the gang rivalries and crime prevailing in the Purvanchal region of the state Uttar Pradesh. The story focuses on the characters Akhandanand Tripathi who is don and a carpet exporter, his power-hungry son Munna, Ramakant Pandit who is an honest lawyer and his sons, Guddu and Bablu who eventually joins Tripathi’s business of dirty deeds. Unlike Sacred Games, Mirzapur earned a mixed review. But seeing the hype, the viewers definitely enjoyed it. Lead by Pankaj Tripathi, the cast of Mirzapur earned a lot of praises.

3. TVF Pitchers: TVFPlay

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The Viral Fever or TVF is one of the earliest arrivals on the Indian digital entertainment segment, which gave us some of the best Indian original series to date. And among them, Pitcher is a cult hit. The comedy-drama is created by Arunabh Kumar who is the founder of TVF. It premiered on TVFPlay on 3 June 2015 and later premiered on youtube. The story of this series follows the journey of four friends Naveen Bansal, Jitendra Maheshwari, Yogendra Kumar, and Saurabh Mandal. After realizing what they actually want, the four friends quit their jobs to develop their own start-up company. This series is a light-hearted comedy that you can binge watch on the weekend. Platforms Like TVF are perfect for audiences who don’t wanna shed any extra money to enjoy some good content.

4. Permanent Roommates: TVFPlay

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Starring Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh and created by Arunabh Kumar, Biswapati Sarkar, and Sameer Saxena, Permanent Roommate was the first web series by TVF which premiered in 2014. The series follows the story of the young couple Tanya and Mikesh and their complicated story from being a long distance couple to a premarital pregnancy. The Permanent Roommate became second most-viewed long-form web series in the world by 2015. You can watch this new age romantic-comedy on TVFPlay or Youtube.

5. Flames: The Timeliners, TVF

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‘Flames’ has a storyline that will make you remember those high school days of Assignments, bunking lectures, pranking each other and of course that one person that you had the biggest crush on. ‘Flames’ is created by TVF’s Subsidiary channel The timeliners. The show is set in West Delhi and follows a young romance. The show is narrated by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish the head of the coaching center. Flames is a good watch if you want to take a break from all the intensity.

6. ImMATURE: TVF, MX Player

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ImMATURE is the only Indian web series which is running for Best Web-Series at Cannes. It first premiered at the first edition of Canneseries, a festival for television programming in 2018. This series follows a coming-of-age and charming story about the first adventures in a young man’s life. ImMATURE was created by Sameer Saxena and directed by Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav. The story is about a school student Dhruv who tries to get close to Chhavi, the girl he has been crushing on for years. His friends Kabir who very badly wants to be a bad boy and Susu who doesn’t know he is colorblind.

7. Breathe: Amazon Prime

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The crime drama thriller is Amazon Prime Video‚Äôs second Indian original series which premiered on 26 January 2018. The show follows two desperate and driven men and how far down the road they will go to protect the one they love. One who is going out of his way to save his son’s life and the other one who is a depressed cop chasing an organ donation scam. Starring R. Madhavan, Amit Sadh, and Hrishikesh Joshi, the series managed to earn a lot of praises from the critics and the masses. The dark thriller shows a different side of father’s love, and unlike the typical soap operas, we finally have grey characters as leads.

8. College Romance: The Timeliners

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College Romance is another series by The Timeliners which takes on the story of college Romance of three BFF’s from a realistic but hilarious way. The story is about Three friends and their respective love interest experiencing all the aspects of college life. College Romance is definitely a fan watch which all of us can relate to in some way.

9. TVF Tripling

Directed by Rajesh Krishnan TVF’s Tripling is another series that earned a lot of praises because of its simple yet meaningful storyline. The story is about three siblings Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan who start a hilarious road trip together not by choice but because of circumstances. And on their journey, they find themselves and their relations. It reminds you of the urban rat race that bothers all of us. It shows you how three young fledgling minds find the comfort they were looking for by heading home.

10. Ghoul: Netflix

10 Hindi Web Series That You Should Check Out If You Haven't Yet 9

Ghoul is a horror series which is the second Netflix original from India. Written and directed by Patrick Graham, Ghoul stars Radhika Apte in the lead role. The story takes you in a secret government internment camp where the interrogation of a dreaded terrorist Ali takes place, followed by a series of horrifying and supernatural events. That turns the tables on the interrogators, exposing their most shameful secrets. This show will definitely send chills down your spine.




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