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10 Most Viewed Shows On Netflix

 Netflix is known for sharing the viewership data sometimes of selective shows. The viewership data account for total views worldwide. Netflix counts its views as one member account watching at least 70% of a movie or series episode. On Oct. 16, Netflix shared its most


Web Series Like “Mindhunter”

 If you’ve already watched all the episodes of the second season of Mindhunter and you’re looking for something to fill the gap until the next season launches, we’ve got you covered. We made a list of 10 other dark and twisty shows that are much

10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad

10 Interesting Facts About Breaking Bad Although Breaking Bad has ended in 2013, still we can’t get over this show. Breaking Bad is undoubtedly one of the best show ever made. From the pilot to the last episode, the show kept growing. You have probably

10 Fun Facts About Stranger Things

10 Fun Facts About Stranger Things Created by twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things has become a phenomenon since its release. The makers took inspiration from many classic sci-fi auteurs like Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, and John Carpenter. Stranger Things’ soundtrack is one

10 Best Web Series On Netflix

10  Best Series To Watch On Netflix Netflix has become one of the most loved platforms on the internet with its overflowing content. You can watch classics like Friends and Brooklyn nine-nine and also the Netflix originals. We have previously mentioned shows like Master of

10 Best English Web Series

10 Best English Web Series

The Internet is a great source of entertainment. Amidst our busy and chaotic we hardly catch on with our favourite TV shows anymore. And that’s where Internet platforms like Netflix come in. They not only offer the shows that we missed on TV but also