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10 Beautiful Villages In Tuscany

10 Beautiful Villages In Tuscany

Tuscany  in Italy is known for its Renaissance art, architecture and its diverse natural landscape encompassing the rugged Apennine Mountains and the island of Elba’s beaches. Although Chianti’s olive groves and vineyards, Ponte Vecchio, Michelangelo’s “David” statue and more are the top attractions in Tuscany,

10 Best Resorts In Vermont

10 Best Resorts In Vermont

Dotted with 19th-century covered wooden bridges and surrounded by mountains and forests, Vermont is one of the best places in the United States to visit in autumn or winter. Part of New England, Vermont is known for its ski and hiking trail and thousands of

10 Of The Greatest Alfred Hitchcock Movies

      One of the most influential and greatest filmmakers of all time, Alfred Hitchcock is among the most extensively studied filmmakers in the history of cinema. His evergreen artistry thriller films featured relatable and sympathetic protagonists with grounded character development. His psychological elements of

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter

    If you are looking forward to spending the winter holidays in a charming, friendly and amazing city, then this list can help you to choose one or more. These cities offer natural bliss, urban entertainment, Christmassy atmosphere and outdoor activities. Here are the most

25 Small Towns In Switzerland Through Images

The exceptional natural beauty of Switzerland is undeniable. The natural and cultural diversity of this landlocked country attracts travelers from across the world. If you want to move beyond Zurich and Geneva, then these small towns surrounded by lakes and high peaks of the Alps

10 Creepy Stories From English Folklore

Folklore’s are stories passed down orally from generation to generation. Some folklore’s are creepy, some teach us morals and some serve as warnings. English folklore includes some of the most well-known tales. From King Arthur to garden gnomes to Herne the Hunter to the Vampires

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings

We have seen many great shows made on T.V. for years. Some show endings make us nostalgic even years after ending. But some shows made fans more mad than sad. Some endings just didn’t fit the plot while some seemed completely rushed. Shows like The

10 Fun Facts About The World’s Lesser-Known Nations

Our world is a crazy place, where interesting things happen every day. While we always get the news of interesting happenings of the popular nations, the lesser-known nations always get unnoticed. Did you know that Samoa officially recognized transsexual people as a third gender long

10 Of The Most Influential Men In History

Our world not have been the same without the thousands of men and women who have influenced it with their work and ideas. Of course, there are more than just 10 people who have contributed to shaping the world and human society. Legendary people of

10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Austria

There is no doubt Austria is a beautiful country with a rhythm of its own. But when most of us think of Austria we only tend to think of Vienna. Vienna is a fabulous city but it’s not the only place to visit in the