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10 Helpful Web Services

You can find pretty much everything on the internet these days. There are some useful websites or apps you might be not aware of. Every web service can be helpful in certain situations for certain people. Such as Google Translate or ManualsLib, a website where


10 Most Notable Hacks In History

Biggest Hacking in history Every time an incident of hacking makes the news, it points out how vulnerable our systems and personal information are. In 1903, the first hacking was described by magician John Nevil Maskelyne when he hacked a public demonstration of Marconi’s telegraph.

10 Most Costly Laptops In The World

Technology is getting advance every day. While desktop used to be a necessity for many people, with time it is being replaced by laptops and smartphones. With a laptop, one can do all the activities such as study, work, shopping and spending time the same

10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

Mobile phones have become a necessity in all of our lives. With brand new features and trends coming up every year, smartphones are becoming more smarter and popular by the day. These days they are not only used to connect with our loved ones but