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10 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

10 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

Cats are independent pets and because they are such picky eaters, people often think cats know what’s best for them when its about food. Although most cats won’t gobble up people food, that doesn’t mean cats will never try to grab some human food. Some


10 Fun Facts About Chocolate

 On the 7th of July, the world celebrates the chocolate day. Chocolate comes from a fruit tree, Theobroma Cacao. The cocoa beans are the seeds of the fruits. Cacao or cocoa tree takes five years to produce its first beans. Carolus Linnaeus, the father of

10 Delicious Dishes From 10 Indian States

Influenced by a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines, it’s impossible to describe Indian cuisine in just one or two words. From south India’s Idli and Vada to North India’s non-veg dishes like Kashmir’s Rogan josh. The moment you step in an Indian state

10 Must-Have Dishes In Poland

Polish food is known for being calorie bomb but once you’ve tasted you’d want to go back to it again and again. They are known for their various kinds of meat and their bread and delicious sausages and drinks. These 10 dishes are among the

10 Dishes To Try In Prague

For its size, Czechia has a lot to offer especially its capital Prague. A lot of people are not a fan of the food in Prague. But it is certainly delicious and warming. From the traditional Czech cuisine & beer to famous dishes like Tatarák

10 Delightful Frozen Desserts

10 Delightful Frozen Desserts

The love for ice-crams and desserts is universal but when you mix these two you will get a delicious frozen dessert which will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but will also give you a refreshing moment in the summer. From China’s Baobing and Hong

10 Delicious Greek Dishes You Must Try

The Greek cuisine speaks for itself. It’s delicious and sophisticated traditional will fill your stomach and your mind. From its mezés to its desserts, when you visit Greece you are going to want to try all of that it has to offer. From the beef

10 Exotic Fruits That You Should Try

10 Exotic Fruits That You Should Try We all have tried fruits like apple, banana, oranges, and grapes, but have you ever tried a Sapodilla. Also known as Sapota, they are found in Asian countries. These fruits might look more like a potato than a

10 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

10 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

10 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight An unhealthy diet can prevent you from losing weight. Foods with higher calorie and ultra-processed food won’t help your body to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, to maintain a healthy weight or to lose those extra pounds

10 Italian Desserts You Have To Try

10 Italian Desserts You Have To Try Italian foods are well known around the globe. From pizza to gelato, so many great dishes have arisen from Italy and now they have fans all across the world. Italy has many variations from region to region, from