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10 Best College Towns In The US

Cities or towns whose economy and culture are broadly affected by the local universities and colleges are known as college towns. There are thousands of degree-granting colleges and graduate schools across the US. There are various ways to judge a town and everyones ways and


Best Cities To Visit In England

Rich in history and breathtaking beauty, England is one of the top destinations in the world for travellers. Though when we think of English cities, London is the one that comes in our mind, there are many more amazing cities across the country. Home to

Best Fall Destinations In The U.S. In Pictures

America is home to many beautiful places for marvelling at the changing colours of autumn. And fall also presents a great opportunity to visit some of the best places in the country without the bustling crowds. Lower prices and cooler temperatures make it a great

10 Beautiful Destinations To Visit This Autumn

Countries such as the US, Canada and the UK are filled with beautiful spots where you can relax and watch the leaves turn bright. But there are many other countries home to insanely gorgeous foliage. On this list, we’re mentioning 10 Beautiful Destinations To Visit

10 Creepy Ghost Towns In The USA

Most of the ghost towns in USA are a result of the gold rush. Several communities showed up around profitable mines and abandoned it when the profit was no more. Most of these had become a tourist destination. Though not all of them has a

10 Most Popular Greek Islands

Greece has estimated 1,200 to 6,000 and between 166 and 227 of them are inhabited. Greece is known for its beautiful islands with whitewashed houses, turquoise waters, historical sites and magical beaches. These popular Greek islands surrounded by the Mediterranean, Ionian or Aegean seas are among the

10 Serene Lakes To Visit In Nepal

10 Serene Lakes To Visit In Nepal The small landlocked country of Nepal located in South Asia is among the best beautiful countries in the world. The country is mainly situated in the Himalayas and it is home to eight of the world’s fourteen eight-thousander mountain

10 Most Gorgeous Lakes To Visit In India

India has numerous lakes scattered across the country. There are man-made lakes and also natural. Natural lakes are then divided into two types- freshwater lake and brackish water lakes. While Indira Sagar reservoir is the biggest reservoir in India, the Lonar Crater is the world’s

10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Slovakia

10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Slovakia Slovakia is one of the most underrated European countries. The landlocked country with the Tatra Mountains at its natural border with Poland boasts spectacular beauty. Slovakia has a total of 9 national parks, numerous caves and abysses

10 Amazing Facts About Liechtenstein

10 Amazing Facts About Liechtenstein The sixth smallest nation in the world, Liechtenstein is an alpine mountainous country located in the Upper Rhine valley of the European Alps. The immensely beautiful country shares ita borders Austria with to the east by and Switzerland to the