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10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran

Born in Halifax, the United Kingdom on 17 February 1991, Ed Sheeran has gained worldwide recognition after releasing his debut album, +. He is considered one of the best singer/songwriter of his generation. He is known for his soulful acoustic ballads and lyrics of love,


10 Highest-Paid Celebrities In The World 2019

The Celebrity 100 is an annual list by Forbes which debut in 1999. The list ranks 100 highest-paid celebrities from across the globe. This year, according to Forbes, the 100 highest-paid superstars in the world bagged $6.3 billion in pretax earnings over the past 12

10 Highest Paid Actors In The World 2019

The highest-paid actors not only get a check for their job but they also take a crunchy bite from the film’s profit. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson topped this year’s list. He made $89.4 million between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019, before taxes and

10 Highest Paid Actresses 2019

According to Forbes, together, the world’s 10 highest-paid actresses tallied a combined $314.6 million, before fees and taxes, between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019. Although it is 69% more than last year’s total, still far less than the $588.3 million earned by the

10 Facts About Kevin Hart

Facts About Kevin Hart American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer, Kevin Darnell Hart is one of the best comedians in Hollywood right now. Hart has won several amateur comedy competitions at clubs before becoming one of the major celebrities today. He even sold shows at

10 Highest-Paid Celebrities On Instagram

Highest-Paid Celebrities On Instagram

┬áSince its debut, Instagram has been growing rapidly and continuously. It’s not just about pictures anymore, but a lot more including business, money and status. Popular influencers sponsor products via their posts and bags quite a fortune. HopperHQ which is an Instagram scheduling tool puts

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers

10 Most Controversial Magazine Covers How far is too far? the answer to this question may vary from person to person, but when a very pregnant Demi Moore got stripped and hit the Vanity Fair cover on August 1991-More Demi Moore, the cover stirred up

10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries In an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance, people often choose to go under the knife, celebrities are no exception. But plastic surgeries don’t always turn out the way people want it to. Here are ten celebs who have taken going

10 Indian Cricketers Who Are Giving Entrepreneurship Goals

Cricket is the most popular and celebrated sport in India. And the legends of this game have a huge influence on our society. They are one of the richest and powerful people in India. Cricketers not only earn millions from the work they do on

10 Most Famous Fashion Designers

Fashion designing is one of the most famous and diverse forms of arts. It is influenced by many aspects such as the culture and lifestyle of the people of that society. Designers also have to keep track of whatever’s trending and what the masses want.