Best Horror Shows On Netflix

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix

Best Horror Shows On Netflix

The horror continues to be one of the most popular genres on Netflix and most fans wouldn’t wait for Halloween to enjoy their favorite scary shows. Making a scary show is not easy, it has to be compelling and entertaining and also have a great plot at the same time. Netflix has invested much in building or securing the rights to horror programming from all over the world. Apart from some terrifying programs that don’t quite fall under the horror umbrella, you’ll find pretty everything from zombies, ghosts, ancient demon and witches. Read on to know The Best Horror Shows On Netflix hiding in wait for you to watch.

1 The Haunting Of Hill House

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 1

The Haunting Of Hill House is one of the best series on Netflix in general. With an excellent cast, Mike Flanagan has created one of the best Netflix originals. Just like the book, it’s based on, the show follows the fractured Crain family as they try to make peace with their dark and twisted past. As children, the Crain siblings lived in a haunted house and now as adults, they are forced back together to confront their tragic past.

2 American Horror Story

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 2

American Horror Story is one of the most well-calculated, intelligent and scariest shows to watch on Netflix. Ryan Murphy’s nine-seasons long anthology series has new characters in a new plotline every season. From a demented asylum to a witch coven, from a haunted farmhouse to an apocalypse, American Horror Story is one of the best horror shows to binge on.

3 Marianne

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 3

Marianne doesn’t waste much time before jumping into the horrors. The French series follows horror author Emma Larsimon. She gained popularity after her book series about a witch named Marianne was released. But when Emma decides to end the series, the witch who plagues her dreams manifests in the real world. She haunts Emma in a vulgar and terrifying way until she picks up the pen to continue to tell the story.

4 The Kirlian Frequency

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 4

The recently released La Frecuencia Kirlian or The Kirlian Frequency is a Spanish animated series from Argentina. The short-form horror show revolves around a radio that broadcasts only at night from a small town deep inside Buenos Aires Province. All kinds of mysteries and strange supernatural events occur in this place. This twisted and well-crafted series is one of the best recent releases on Netflix.

5 Ash Vs Evil Dead

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 5

Ash Vs Evil Dead is the sequel series to Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead trilogy. The three-season horror-comedy by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Tom Spezialy reprises the character of Ash Williams, the beloved chainsaw swinging antihero of the franchise. It picks up 30 years after the events of the last film. Ash commits an act of carelessness, unleashing a Deadite plague and to save mankind, Ash must once again take up his fight against the undead.

6 Penny Dreadful

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 6

John Logan’s playful, yet disturbing series is a tribute to Victorian horror classics like Dracula. With mixes and matches both original characters and bit players, Penny Dreadful follows the story of Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton). He is a former explorer desperately searching for his family. Vanessa Ives, a mysterious medium recruits Wild West showman Ethan Chandler, an arrogant anatomist with a dark secret and hunter Sir Malcolm to track down a killer. As the show moves on, the group realizes they are up against a non-human entity. Compelling and unnerving, Penny Dreadful is one of the best horror shows to watch on Netflix.

7 The Twilight Zone

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 7

A comprehensive collection of mystical tales of the grim and supernatural lives by Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone remains one of the best horror-thriller shows to enjoy. With simpler, more transparently symbolic storytelling, Serling’s The Twilight Zone was part social commentary, part masterfully composed exercises in tension, and part pulp genre. Aging like fine wine, The Twilight Zone that takes you back in time while slowly getting under your skin.

8 Stranger Things

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 8

Stranger Things has become one of the most viewed shows on Netflix for a reason. The mix of horror and sci-fi brought back the nostalgic, science-fiction stories that center around a group of kids. Set in 1980s Indiana, Stranger Things focuses on a group of young friends witnessing supernatural forces and finding of secret government exploits, as one of them goes missing. The missing kid mystery takes a quick turn when it introduced the demogorgons and the upside-down

9 Bates Motel

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 9

This prequel to Psycho is about Norman Bates’ inexorable transition into the homicidal human ghost and his controlling mother. In the name of helping her son, Norma slowly manipulates him, with gaslighting and mind tricks. The surprising, scandalous and dysfunctional relationship between the mother and son makes watching this series pretty disturbing.

10 Castlevania

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 10

Inspired by the popular video game series, Castlevania is a bloody and violent dark medieval fantasy. It follows the last surviving member of the Belmont family. The first season serves to introduce Dracula and his motivation for waging war against the human race. Then the story sets up the trio Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha Belnades. As the season goes on, we see how the trio finds a way to save mankind from the Dracula.

11 Dead Set

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 11


Inspired by the classic, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, Dead Set is set in after it is taken over by zombies. This five-episode series has a simple premise, everyone in Britain is under the wrath of the undead except the contestants of the reality show Big Brother, as they have no idea what’s going on outside. But all hell breaks loose when the doors open on eviction night.

12 Santa Clarita Diet

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 12

This comedy-horror series is one of the best Netflix originals right now. Created by Victor Fresco, Santa Clarita Diet is one of the best family-friendly series on Netflix. Filled with laugh-out-loud funny zany comedy and killer performances from Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, Santa Clarita Diet is a great option for a binge-watch. Although, it’s not all comedy. Almost all the episodes consist of scenes body parts dripping in blood.

13 Death Note

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 13

The Japanese manga series Death Note written by Tsugumi Ohba follows a high-school student who comes across a mysterious supernatural notebook. It gives the user the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages. Death Note is one of the best anime series to watch on Netflix and if you are a horror fan then this will definitely impress you.

14 The Exorcist

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 14

A direct sequel to the 1973 film of the same name, The Exorcist is a must-watch if you are a fan of The Exorcist franchise. The story follows the Rance family haunted by a powerful demonic presence in their house. Although it doesn’t come close to the classic movie, it does boasts a tense narrative that manages some legitimate scares.

15 Kingdom

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 15

The kingdom is a South Korean horror series by Netflix that earned a lot of positive reviews. The series is set during the 1500s and follows a prince as he tries to save his kingdom from a mysterious plague that raises people from the dead including the king. With a political subtext at the center of this zombie apocalypse, Kingdom keeps you on the edge of your seat.

16 Twin Peaks

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 16

Set in the lumber town of Twin Peaks, Washington, Twin Peaks is a great mix of horror, mystery, and crime.  Directed by David Lynch, Twin Peaks follows FBI Agent Dale Cooper as he goes to this small town to solve the murder of high schooler Laura Palmer. This three-season long crime series occasionally shifted the dial to horror and whenever they did, they surely hit home.

17 Devilman Crybaby

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 17

Another animation series, Devilman Crybaby is Masaaki Yuasa’s update of the classic Devilman manga. The twisted and violent show is the story of a young, sensitive teenager who becomes infected with a homicidal demon that uses its powers to destroy other demons. And later on, it transforms into something completely disturbing unlike anything else.

18 Black Mirror

The 18 Best Horror Shows On Netflix 18

Black Mirror packs more ideas and complex philosophizing into six episodes than most shows manage over several seasons. The anthology explores the lives of a group of people and how technology manipulates their behavior. It shows the darkest possible outcomes of the tech manipulated future. Charlie Brooker‘s dark, unsettling spin on contemporary culture is often described as a modern-day Twilight Zone. Black Mirror tackles subjects like politics, technology, fame, and grief through the lens of genre fiction.

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