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10 Strongest Passports In The World 2019

While all of us dream to travel the world, for the people of these countries the dream will be a little bit more achievable than most of us. These countries have the most powerful passports. Which means they won’t require a tourist visa for most


10 Weakest Militaries In The World

While most of us are always curious about which country has the strongest military, we don’t really talk about the weakest militaries in the world. Every year Global Firepower ranks the countries military system from best to worst. This year they ranked 137 countries which

10 Most Expensive Countries In The World

Most Expensive Countries In The World Every year many surveys are done to find out which is the most expensive country in the world. This year is not an exception. This year a survey done by CEOWORLD magazine revealed which is country with the highest

10 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

Places You Must Visit Before You Die The dream of travelling the world is not uncommon. But our world is filled with so much incredible beauty that it can take more than a lifetime to see or experience all of that. For most of the

10 Dangerous Gangs In The World

10 Dangerous Gangs In The World Gang rivalry is one of the most common issues in the world. There are an estimated 30,000 gangs only in the US. There is no scientific way to prove which gang is most dangerous with their violent and inhumane

10 Cricketers With Most International Runs

Cricketers With Most International Runs Cricket is one of the oldest and loved sports in the world. There are 105 countries that participate in the game of cricket. In this game where almost everyday a new record is made, it’s hard to stay relevant. But

10 Richest Football Clubs In The World

One of the most popular and loved sports in the world is football. In the world, 211 countries have a national football team. Football is not just a game, it’s an emotion for many people. And it’s also a growing business. Being one of the

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

A dog is a man’s best friend, we’ve all heard this saying. And sometimes these fluffy best friends can cost a fortune. Although you can always adopt one, if you want your puppy from a certain breed, you might end up paying big bucks. But

10 Players With Highest Net Worth

The world has given us many great sportsmen over the years. They are one of the best in their field of sports. We all have been curious at times about our favorite players. Including how much money they make. How rich are they among the