Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter

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    If you are looking forward to spending the winter holidays in a charming, friendly and amazing city, then this list can help you to choose one or more. These cities offer natural bliss, urban entertainment, Christmassy atmosphere and outdoor activities. Here are the most Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter-

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter

1. Sun Valley – Park City – NYC, USA:

Sun Valley - Park City - NYC, USA

     The United States doesn’t fall short when it comes to winter destinations. Sedona, Washington, Breckenridge in Colorado, New Orleans and Jackson Hole are some of the best places to visit in winter in the US. But Sun Valley in Idaho, Park City in Utah and the New York City are the ultimate winter playground. These winter wonderlands offer almost all the winter activities you could hope for.

2. Banff – Quebec City – Ottawa, Canada:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 1


     Like its neighbor, Canada is also home to several winter wonderlands. Its national parks such as the Jasper National Park becomes nothing less than a dream in winter. But Banff, a resort town within the Banff National Park, Quebec City on the Saint Lawrence River and Ottawa, Canada’s capital are the best cities to spend your winter in Canada.

3. Dublin, Ireland:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 2

    The views from the Dublin Mountains and the Wicklow Mountains are simply breathtaking. And a glass of original Guinness beer in a cozy pub just adds to the scenario.

4. Vienna – Innsbruck – Salzburg, Austria:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 3

    Austria is known for its iconic and historical landmarks as well as its natural beauty. Its historic capital in the Alpine region becomes more attractive than ever in winter. The Christmas markets are a bonus. Vienna along with Innsbruck and Salzburg offer a ton of activities with rich culture and iconic places to visit.

5. Transylvania, Romania:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 4

    All the picturesque Medieval towns like Brasov, Sighisoara or Biertan gets covered with snow in winter along with the many castles, such as the Dracula Castle. Needless to say, it becomes magical.

6. Prague, The Czech Republic:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 5

    Though anytime would be perfect to visit Prague, in the winters, the beautiful city sparkles. It becomes less crowded and offers activities including ice skating rinks. The Christmas market and Bohemian Carnevale in February provides more reasons to visit the city.

7. Bergen – Tromso, Norway:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 6

   Norway is a paradise any time of the year. But if you chose to visit Norway in winter then visiting Bergen & Tromso would be a must. Two of the most popular cities rooted in the fjords, surrounded with unspoiled nature and home to idyllic Nordic villages. Needless to there are tons of activities you can do.

8. Tokyo – Shirakawa-Go – Nagano, Japan:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 7

    Tokyo becomes more sparkly in winter but the city Nagano and the historic village Shirakawa-Go looks straight out of a fairytale. The Christmas lights, decorations, numerous activities, hot springs, festivals like Tori no Ichi and the Jingu Gaien Icho Matsuri makes and much more makes these cities worth visiting.

9. Frankfurt – Berlin, Germany:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 8

   Frankfurt becomes even more beautiful at Christmas. You can enjoy the oldest Christmas market in the country, the historic tram Ebbelwoi-Express, a show at the Alte Oper. Berlin is another German city you’d want to visit in winter. The historic city with its pop-up ice skating rinks and sledging hills, to the outdoor concerts and markets, is worth visiting

10. Harbin, China:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 9

 The main reason to visit Harbin in winter would be the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Who wouldn’t want to see castles, towers and replicas of iconic structures made out of snow.

11. Lucerne – Zermatt, Switzerland:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 10

      Switzerland is another country that you can visit at any time of the year. But when all those beautiful places gest covered with thick snow, they look postcard perfect. Lucerne, Zermatt, Saint Moritz, Arosa, Davos and Interlaken are some of the best cities to visit in Switzerland in winter.

12. Tallinn, Estonia:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 11

       Medieval castles, monasteries, hills and everything else covered in thick white snow. If you want to visit a city less crowded then Tallinn is a great choice. The Toompea hill with the castle on the top is a must-visit here.

13. Bled, Slovenia:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 12

       Bled is one of the prettiest places to visit Europe. Its incredible natural beauty combined with its peaceful surroundings, its thermal lake water, and “tucked away” ambience is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy a peaceful winter. At the same time Bled also offer outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, or ice skating.

14. Copenhagen, Denmark

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 13

      Home of Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen is one of the best cities to visit in Europe. And in winter it becomes even more fairy-tale like. Tivoli Amusement Park, Christiansborg Slot, and Rosenborg Castle and the city’s winter culture month, Wondercool are must-have experiences.

15. Venice – Rome, Italy:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 14

      Apart from the beauty of Venice in winter, the Carnival of Venice is one of the top reasons to come to Venice in winter. You can’t miss out on the festivals from February to March. Italy’s capital Rome is known for its iconic landmarks and structures and those structures during the mild winter season become way more attractive.

16. Granada – Seville, Spain:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 15

      If you don’t want to visit a city extremely cold then the Spanish cities Granada & Seville are great options. Both of these cities have more to do than just strolling on the beaches. Also, Spain is way less crowded and cheaper in the winter months.

17. Reykjavik, Iceland:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 16

     Iceland is not for everybody during the winters. But the annual Winter Lights Festival in February, its abundance of winter sports, museums, and the outdoor geothermal swimming pools, makes Reykjavik worth visiting during winters.

18. Edinburgh, Scotland:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 17

       Twisting streets, stunning castles and palaces, and elegant Princes Street Gardens, all covered in snow, Edinburgh becomes more charming than ever in winters.

19. Abisko, Sweden:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 18

      This one is for the die-hard winter fans. Abisko is not a city but a small village in Sweden. Located north of the Arctic Circle, the picturesque village is surrounded by mountains. There is a lot to do in this village but most people come here in the hope to witness the Northern Lights.

20. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 19

      Amsterdam is less crowded during winter months, making its perfect who wants to explore all of those many museums. 

21. Santa Claus Village, Finland:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 20

     There are other Santa Claus villages, but the one you must visit is in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. It is just on the Arctic Circle which is an adventure itself.

22. Auckland, New Zealand:

Amazing Cities To Visit This Winter 21

      Auckland is a great city to take a trip to in winter months. There are many activities you can enjoy from taking a tour of the Butterfly Creek to snowboarding to attending the New Zealand Boutique Wine Festival. 


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