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Monthly Archives: August 2019

10 Upcoming Marvel Movies

10 Upcoming Marvel Movies

As Marvel‘s phase three has ended with the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, the fans are already curious about MCU’s upcoming movies in phase four. Recently at San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige announced the next few films and TV series that will make up Phase 4


10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest and loved stars in Hollywood as well as in the world. DiCaprio has always touched our hearts with his performances even if the movie itself wasn’t the greatest. We have seen him giving promising performances in many different

10 Cultures That Practiced Human Sacrifice

Killing one or more than one person as an offering in a ritual is known as a human sacrifice. Human sacrifice has been practised throughout history in most cultures. In the Mayan civilization people used to human sacrifice to their gods. It was common especially child sacrifices.

10 Most Popular Greek Islands

Greece has estimated 1,200 to 6,000 and between 166 and 227 of them are inhabited. Greece is known for its beautiful islands with whitewashed houses, turquoise waters, historical sites and magical beaches. These popular Greek islands surrounded by the Mediterranean, Ionian or Aegean seas are among the

10 Shortest Wars In History

10 Shortest Wars In History

We have learned about the longest, greatest and bloodiest wars in history. But not many of us know about the shortest wars of our history. While some of the longest wars lasted for generations, the shortest war in history lasted less than an hour. But

10 Best Places To Visit In The Faroe Islands

One of the most unique and beautiful places in the world, the Faroe Islands is an archipelago comprising 18 rocky, volcanic islands with mountains, valleys, grassy heathland, steep coastal cliffs, and little villages with grass-roofed houses. The country has become way easier to visit, you

10 Weakest Currencies In The World

There could be many reasons behind the falling value of a currency. From an economic downturn in that country to war actions to GDP decreasing to falling prices of export goods to purchasing power falling to political instability to badly organized monetary policy. On this

10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Dogs are usually smarter than we think but any breed of working dogs naturally tends to be smarter than other non-working breeds. Dog breeds are judged on two qualities- their ability to quickly learn new commands and the willingness to perform the commands 95% of

10 Scariest Things In The Universe

The universe is home to numerous galaxies, planets and celestial objects. Much of the universe is still a mystery to us. We have come to known many places in the universe that are mesmerizing and also several places that are equally terrifying. From planets that

10 Fascinating Facts About Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda galaxy is our closest neighbour located at a distance of 2.5 million light-years from our own Milky Way galaxy. Andromeda galaxy is a spiral galaxy and the largest galaxy in the galaxy cluster known as the Local Group. The Local Group cluster contains