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Daily Archives: April 2, 2019

10 Best English Web Series

10 Best English Web Series

The Internet is a great source of entertainment. Amidst our busy and chaotic we hardly catch on with our favourite TV shows anymore. And that’s where Internet platforms like Netflix come in. They not only offer the shows that we missed on TV but also

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10 Best Hollywood Thriller Movies

Thriller is one of the most favorite genres of movies. With a complicated script that totally messes with your mind, thriller movies always give us a sense of rush to solve the mystery that’s going on-screen. Hollywood has its fair share of some of the

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10 Place You Should Not Go For Holiday

Our planet is full of beautiful destinations that totally worth a visit. And as all of makes lists of places that we want to explore this holiday. There are also a few many places that we should avoid including in our list. There are places

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10 Places You Never Want To Visit

Our earth is full of diversity. There are places that are breathtakingly beautiful and we can not wait to explore them and then there are also places that can literally take your breath away. In simple words, these places are not for faint-hearted. Some of