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Daily Archives: March 15, 2019

10 Best Action Movie In Hollywood

Filled with intense action scenes, funny punchline, awesome visual effects and a storyline with a cruel villain that will make you root for the hero, action movies are always a treat to watch. One of the favorite movie genre among the masses, action movies are


10 Cricketers With Most International Wickets

The game of Cricket is one of the most unpredictable games out there. And what makes it even more unpredictable is the wicket-takers of the teams. One sudden fall of a wicket can fully change the course of the match. Bowlers are the heart in

10 Movies You Must Watch Before You Die

Movies are a great source to know about one’s religion, their society, and their culture. In their own way, films help us to understand the emotions we didn’t know that we had. One of the best forms of art, cinema brings societies closer. It helps