10 Worst Live-Action Movies 1

10 Worst Live-Action Movies

Worst Live-Action Movies

Not every live-action movie that is adapted from cartoons or animes sucks but most of them do. We all grew up watching cartoons and a lot of us still do. While for us, a live-action movie can be nostalgic, for the directors it’s just a great money-making opportunity by milking an already popular brand. Here are 10 worst live-action movies that couldn’t suck more.

10 Worst Live-Action Movies

1. Dragonball Evolution:

Directed by James Wong, this movie does not capitalize on any of the things that made the series a phenomenon like its rich background. From terrible casting to weak visuals, to weaker action and a spiritless story, the film had the perfect recipe to fail. The film received a great amount of backlash from the fans. The movie was so terrible that the director had to make a public apology.

2. The Last Airbender:

The story follows the adventures of a young successor to a long line of Avatars, Aang. Director M. Night Shyamalan tries to condense the first chapter of this unforgettable cartoon into one film. By swapping, character nationalities and the movie failed to capture the perfect blend of comedy, action and drama that the cartoon did so naturally.

3. Attack on Titan:

Director Shinji Higuchi turned one of the most epic and acclaimed Anime of the last decade into one of the worst live-action movies. From the main cast to the tone everything was miserable on this movie.

4. Fist of the North Star:

The Manga series, Fist of the North Star is a well-regarded Anime classic which Hollywood ruined by making a live-action movie. The movie lanked in every department compared to the anime. From the acting to the action scenes nothing really worked

5. Devilman:

Directed by Hiroyuki Nasu, the live action movie of Devilman was more cringe-worthy than scary. From the visuals to the story to the poor acting, the movie was a quite painful treat to watch.

6. Inspector Gadget:

Who could have thought that a story of a police officer solving crimes can be so bad to watch. With really bad special effects, this movie also features desperate comical violence and sexual innuendos.

7. Mr Magoo:

The 1940s comedy series about a nearsighted kind old gentleman who solves crimes should have just left untouched. The feature-length movie was just a failed attempt to amuse the audience. The script was plain bad and the joked were so offensive that Disney had to add a disclaimer.

8. Garfield: The Movie:

Garfield was popular in both the comic world and the cartoon world but the movie is definitely not gonna be remembered as it was quite awful, to say the least. The movie about the cute, fat and lazy orange cat got most of it wrong from the CGI to the humour to its short run time. And worst of all the movie did pretty well at the box office.

9. The Flintstones:

The Flintstones was a charming and funny sitcom about the modern Stone Age family. But the live action movie starring John Goodman and Rick Moranis was just couldn’t make us laugh the way the series did. And with those adultery jokes, it just became worse. The prequel was even more awful. Starring Mark Addy and Stephen Baldwin, it was just simply dull and disappointing.

10. Fat Albert:

In the movie, Fat Albert and the group comes alive from their animated, inner-city Philadelphia world, where they used to hang out and learned life lessons. And we think that they should not have stepped out at all. The concept of cartoons characters being transported to the real world is old and tiring. Nothing about the movie was impressive.

Dishonourable mention:
Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins:
The gang with a talking dog that solved mysteries by taking off the masks of evil people were a favourite of many of us. The film, on the other hand, a live-action-CGI hybrid with cheap effects, stiff acting and the painfully dull script could not impress anyone. Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins directed by Brian Levant was even lamer.

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