10 Ways You Can Live Longer

Humans have come a long way when it comes to life expectancy. And we are constantly improving. In developed countries life expectancy range from 79 years to more. It is approximated that in the world of now almost half a million people are now aged 100 or more. We all know that things like eating right, working out and the right amount of sleep will make our life better and longer. But if you want to know more ways to add years to your life, continue reading 10 Ways You Can Live Longer

10 Ways You Can Live Longer

1. Eating Right:

    Eating green veggies and ditching some foods like soda and habits like smoking can add a few healthy years to your life. If you eat a lot of processed food high in sodium and trans fat just one night before bed, the next morning your skin will look bad. Because unhealthy food can lead to inflammation, causing oxidative stress, it will make you look older. And recent studies have suggested that foods and drinks such as chilli peppers, nuts, coffee and even just a little bit, not a lot, of red wine can help you add years to your life. On the negative side smoking, drinking soda, drinking alcohol more than fairly will reduce years from your life.   

2. The Right Amount Of Sleep:

     Sleep is necessary to maintain your physical and mental health. But too much might or too little of it can be equally harmful. The ideal amount is seven hours but children and adolescents need more sleep while pensioners can go by on little less. According to experts, people who sleep less than six hours have 12% heightened mortality risk than others. And people who sleep more than nine hours 30% heightened mortality risk.   

3. Flossing and Brushing:

    We all know that brushing two times a day is ideal to keep dental hygiene healthy. According to experts, should spend two minutes brushing and flossing every day. People who follow this routine will have a lower risk of cavities and gum disease. But that’s not it, experts have linked dental hygiene with dementia, diabetes, lung disease, and in particular heart disease.


4. Living at High Altitude:

     This surprising result came through a survey which was done in the span of more than three decades. The survey ranked every US state for life expectancy and Colorado came on top defeating all the other states. The wealthy state is situated at 6,800 feet above sea level. As a number of surveys have said that high altitude places are healthier, Colorado is the highest state in the US. Because of less Oxygen, living at a high altitude places causes the heart to produce more blood vessels which lower the risk of heart diseases. 

5. Learn new things:

     According to studies around the age of 22 years, our brain starts to decline and for most people even physically shrinks as we get older. People who most frequently engaged in information-processing exercises like reading newspapers, playing puzzle games are 47% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Like the muscles in our body atrophies, if you sit around and don’t exercise, our brain muscles do the same. Learning a new language is a great way to engage your brain. Solving puzzles and crossword is another way to exercise your puzzle. Changing up your routine some time is also great as it challenges your brain and body muscle.  

6. A Good Social Life:

    Our lives are complicated and different for each. So getting to a conclusion of what exactly causes long life can be hard. But many research suggests that a healthy life is a key to longevity. As we are social animals, several studies suggest that people who keep in touch with friends and relatives regularly are far more likely to live well into old age than more isolated individuals. Social interaction is great for mental health. It can result in lower blood pressure and a great immune system.

7. Adopt a Pet:

    If you can’t bear the company of humans, adopt a pet. It not only makes you happy but as studies suggest it can also add a few years to your life. People who have dogs, get a regular exercise while walking their dogs. And cat owners are less prone to suffer from high blood pressure. Other pets are also helpful, as studies suggest that watching a fish swim can lower blood pressure.

8. Have More Sex:

     This might sound surprising but sex can really help you to live longer. Studies suggest that there is a connection between more orgasms and longevity. A study conducted in 1997 showed that men who had more orgasms were less likely to die of heart disease. Although the study didn’t really explain why and how but it certainly proved that sex can be beneficial for health. It makes our body work out nearly every muscle and it also boosts our immune response and reduces stress,   

9. Keep A Positive Attitude:

    Keeping a positive attitude can be helpful for your body and mind which will naturally increase your number of years to live. A study done by the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in the Bronx suggests that the people who had a positive outlook on life and were usually easygoing, optimistic, and cheerful were the ones that lived the longest. Just laughing, taking occasional breaks, spending time with people who make you smile helps decrease blood pressure, reduce blood sugars, dull pain, and lower stress. Stressing too much is never going to help your body. Volunteering for social causes has also shown similar results.

10. Work Out:

      Even 5-minute jogging can be helpful for your body. A 30-minute work routine for every day would be the ideal. Lifting weights, alternate nostril breathing, Stretch has seemed to be more effective than others. Working out regularly reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 58% which drops the overall risk of death by 28%. Regular work out can result in better lung and heart function. But as working out can be good, overdoing it will be equally harmful to your body.    


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