10 Unusual Customs From Around The World

10 Unusual Customs From Around The World

10 Unusual Customs From Around The World

Our world is vast and is divided into different countries, different religions, cultures, and their customs. People of different culture has different customs or traditions. What seems unusual or strange to us might be normal for a different group of people or a country. So here we have collected ten of the most unusual customs from around the world.

1. Battle Of The Oranges, Italy:

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You have probably heard of the La Tomatina from Spain, where people throws tomatoes to each other just for fun. In Italy, people battle with each other with oranges called the ‘Carnevale di Ivrea’. During this festival, the people of the city Ivrea recreate a historic fight between the people and a ruling tyrant. More than 500.000 grams of fresh oranges are bought for this ‘Battaglia delle Arance’ or Battle of the Oranges. This festival highlights the fight for freedom.

2. Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand:

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The monkey buffet festival is held on the last Sunday of November in Thailand. This ritual is said to bring good luck. Chefs spend hours on preparing buffets for monkeys and the locals offer snacks, sweets, drinks and fruits to macaque monkeys. You can also see many activities during this festival like dancing, dressing like monkeys, monkey masks and a lot more.

3. Throwing Cinnamon At Single People, Denmark:

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In Denmark, if you are 25 and unmarried or single there is a chance that you will be showered with cinnamon. It is a tradition there that your friends ambush you on your birthday and will throw cinnamon at you all day. And if that isn’t enough, when you will turn 30 and still unmarried, the spice will be upgraded to pepper.

4. Eating The Ashes Of Loved Ones, Brazil:

In this really strange custom, the Yonamamo tribe of Brazil believes that when a loved one dies, the family members must consume their body. So, when a loved one dies in the tribe, the other members burn the body to ash and then they consumed that ass mixing into the family’s food.

5. Living With The Dead, Indonesia:

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Image from Youtube.com, Channel: allegrias

In Indonesia, the Toraja people practice a ritual of exhuming the corpses of their fellow villagers. They will drap the corpse in special garments and paraded around the village. Even the bodies of children and bodies that are decades old are exhumed. The ritual is carried out in order to ceremonially return the corpses to their home village after cleaning the corpses, their garments, and coffins. The corpse will be taken to the spot of death, then walked back to the village, as an act of returning home if someone died outside the village.
There is a similar custom that is followed in the Hauts Plateaux of Madagascar called Famadihana. The Relatives of the dead also take time to ask their dead ancestors for blessings and things they might need in the world of the living. After exhuming the remains of deceased relatives and re-wrapping their bones in fresh cloth.

6. Bathroom Ban After Marriage, Indonesia:

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Another unusual ritual in Indonesia is followed by the people of the Tidong community. Newly married couples of the community are forbidden from using the washroom for three days after their marriage. It is believed that breaking the rules will bring bad luck in their married life like stillbirth and death. Relatives of the couple supervise them over the three days after which they are bathed and allowed to do other things related to the bathroom.

7. Throwing Baby From A High Temple, India:

In this ritual followed by people in Karnataka, India, newborn babies are thrown off a high temple ( 30-50 ft.) while people catch them in clothes. This custom has been celebrated in Sri Santeswar temple and it is believed to bring health, prosperity and luck to new arrivals.

8. Penis Festival, Japan:

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Known as the Kanamara Matsuri, during this festival in Japan, devotees carry a large sculpture in the shape of a penis and parade through the streets of Kawasaki in Japan. They believe that a demoness with vaginal teeth seduced men to their deaths until temple priests used a metal penis to destroy her deadly secret weapon. Many sex workers also take part in this festival to pray for good health and protection against STDs.

9. Finger Cutting, Indonesia:

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This one undoubtedly one of the most painful cultural practices in the world, The Dani tribe of Indonesia physically express the grief on the death of a family member and to satisfy ancestral ghosts by cutting off a segment of one of their fingers.

10. Carrying Your Wife Over Burning Coal, China:

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There are people from other countries too that follow this ritual. The Chinese custom, before crossing the threshold of their home as husband and wife, a husband should carry his bride over a pan of burning coals. The custom is done to ensure that the wife will have an easy and successful labour. Some time Firewalking is also performed by some Chinese people as a means to prevent a natural disaster.

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