10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 1

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran

Born in Halifax, the United Kingdom on 17 February 1991, Ed Sheeran has gained worldwide recognition after releasing his debut album, +. He is considered one of the best singer/songwriter of his generation. He is known for his soulful acoustic ballads and lyrics of love, heartbreak, private struggles, and personal issues. He is known as one of the most genuine and heartfelt songwriters of now. And although we’ve all heard his popular songs such as Perfect, Photograph, Castle on the hill, Don’t and I See Fire. Many of his great songs have been underrated and often overlooked. Little Bird, New York, I Was Made for Loving You, Tenerife Sea, Firefly, One Night and All About It are some major examples of underrated Ed Sheeran songs. So, on this list, we’ve rounded up 10 of the Most Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran that are equally meaningful and worth listening to. 

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran

10. “Shirtsleeves”:


       Shirtsleeves a bonus track on Ed’s 2014 full-length album × (multiply). Sheeran shares his feelings and how he wears his heart on his sleeve through metaphors related to water and drowning. The song is about how Ed is offering up his shirtsleeves to wipe away his girlfriend’s tears even though she admits she’s been cheating.

9.  “Grade 8”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 2

      Ed’s perfect mixture of hip-hop and acoustic consonance in his debut album was a game-changer for him. And that incontrovertibly appears on Grade 8. The piano chords, buoyant percussion, and electric guitar accentuations create one addictive music. The song is about the type of love that makes you feel like you’re back in school and following the intensity and excitement of a new relationship.

8.  “English Rose”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 3

     English Rose is a bonus track from ×. The unique song for Ed’s discography, English Rose features a full-sounding array of diverse instrumentation. It also features a harmonica solo similar to I Will Take You Home. Most of Ed Sheeran’s songs tell a story, this one is not an exception. English Rose tell the storey of Sheeran’s journey from leaving home for his career and chasing his dreams. And even after achieving the dream how he still wished to be with his true love and back at home. 

7.  “Fire Alarms”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 4

     From the Songs, I Wrote With Amy EP, Fire Alarms was released in 2010. The mellow was written by Sheeran and Amy Wadge, who also co-wrote “Thinking Out Loud” and “Galway Girl. The song gently develops and broadens with the beautiful line “We are waving our lives away.”

6.  “Runaway”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 5

     One of the catchiest, most rhythmic numbers on ×, Runaway received the production help of Pharrell Williams. The lyrics illustrate a son’s struggle with his father’s alcoholism and how he loves but despite that, he wants to run away from home. Ed also portrays how he accepted that no one is perfect as he grew matured. It’s an honest, sincere and emotional presentation of a real-life situation that is relatable for many people.

5.  “Be Like You”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 6

     Originally released in Sheeran’s “You Need Me” EP, Be Like You is one of the most underrated songs of Sheeran. The sad lyrics can be translated in many ways. It portrays a broken relationship between two people and the insecurities. You can really tell how talented Ed Sheeran is by only listening to this song. 


4.  “Little Lady”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 7

    From his EP “No. 5 Collaborations Project”, Little Lady is an excellent song created by Sheeran and Mikill Pane. The heartfelt song is about a 13-year-old girl and how she was left by her mother to her uncle. Her uncle is definitely not treating her right. The song was created by using the original workings of “A-team” but the story of the song is entirely different and heartbreaking.

3.  “Homeless”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 8

    Homeless is from Sheeran’s “Loose Change” EP and it is a bit more upbeat with double word meanings. It is one of the most underrated songs of Sheeran, especially its lyrics. This song is about when Ed was homeless for two and a half years and slept rough outside Buckingham Palace in London.

2.  “Wake Me Up”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 9

     Released on “+,” Wake Me Up is a sweet and raw tale of being in love. With only a piano, Sheeran created a heartwarming masterpiece that can be relatable for anyone. From being madly in love to how the little things matter in a relationship, this song deserves the world.

  1. “Cold Coffee”:

10 Underrated Songs Of Ed Sheeran 10

Another song from “Songs I Wrote With Amy,” Cold Coffee is a sweet tale of a relationship. The singer fears that the relationship which has either just begun, or that is so full of love may shatter from the sheer heart alone. The song can be translated in many ways but in every, it would stay as heart-touching as ever.

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