10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack

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If you like to be in nature and go hiking and camping, there is always a little chance that you might get attack by a wild animal. Not only just predators but non-predators like deer can also be dangerous at times. On this list, we are going to talk about some tips on how you can survive a wild animal attack.
For example, if you ever get attacked by a jellyfish, don’t pee on the injured spot or wash it with normal water, in fact, you should use with saltwater. If you get attacked by a bear, though attacking humans aren’t their first priority, don’t try to intimidate it in the case of Grizzly Bear. In the case of black bears try to look intimidating. But whatever you do, don’t run. Talk calmly and back away slowly and if still shows interest then lay on the ground and play dead.

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack

1. Gorilla Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
The chances of encountering a Gorilla in the wild these days are more than slim. But if somehow you do manage to get attacked by a gorilla then try to be small and Diminutive. Gorillas are quite possessive of their territories and family. So, if you come off as threatening to them then they will likely begin to make noises, pounding their chests and posturing. And at that time you’re supposed to stay calm and look as small as you can. Crouch down, keep your hands to your self and avoid their gazes and try to slowly back away. And if they still attack roll into a ball.

2. Lion Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
Anyone should always do whatever they can to avoid getting attacked by a lion. Unlike the gorilla attack, if you get attack by a lion, you need to look big, intimidating and loud. If you fell weak even for a moment, it can cost you your life. You need to look right into the lion’s eyes and make yourself appear as large and confident as possible by standing up tall and speaking loudly, make noises like clapping and slowly back away but don’t run.

3. Hippo Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
Hippos can be vicious and if angered it will try to get you. In Africa, they are considered to be the most dangerous large land mammal, claiming about 500 lives per year. They are very possessive about their territories and their children. They are also surprisingly fast so running won’t help. Your best bet will be climbing a tree or a big rock, or a sharp hill and wait there until the hippo is gone.

4. Rhino Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
Because of their bad eyesight, Rhinos easily get frightened and attack. But if you get attacked by a rhino then running might not always help as they can run up to 60 km per hour. But it’s possible if you can run through obstacles and not follow a straight line. For example, you can run through bushes or high grass.

5. Elephant Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
Elephants are sweet wild giants, at least most of the time. Wild elephants can attack if they feel threatened. If you face an angry elephant then try to understand its body language. If you see a twisted trunk and ears looking back then expect that he is going to attack you. Don’t run away and try to find something that will serve as a barrier that you can behind like a tree or a car or a large rock.

6. Bull Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
There are a lot of myths about animals, bulls attacking the red color, in particular, is one of them. Like all other cattle, bulls are too color-blind to red. They actually react to motion and movements. So, in the bullfight, it’s not the red cape it’s just the cape moving annoyingly. If you a bull attack you then stand straight and still and use your hat, T-shirt, or any other clothes as a bait. When the bull comes really close throw the item aside, the bull will run behind it.

7. Snake Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack

If you even get bitten by a snake. do not try to suck the venom out. It won’t help. Keep your affected limb below heart level to slow blood flow, bandage the wound after washing it with clean water and get medical help as soon as possible and avoid any difficult activity. If you feel like you are being followed by a snake then stomp, the vibration will mislead the snake.

8. Kangaroo Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
Kangaroos might seem adorable at times but can vicious too. And if you ever get involved in a fight with a Kangaroo then you can win it by coughing and backing up. Avoid running and slowly back away, avoid eye contact and get low. If it still tries to attack then curl into a protective ball and the Kangaroo should lose interest in you.

9. Alligator Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack
If you get attacked and caught by an alligator or a crocodile then there is a slim chance surviving. Running away fast, while making noises, in a straight line before they bite down on you is the best bet. But if they have already caught you then attack the vulnerable parts such as eyes and snout. If you meet one in the water, however, then don’t try to make noise or make a splash, swim away as quickly and quietly as possible.

10. Shark Attack:

10 Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attack

Shark attacking humans are much rare than you think. But if you somehow do fall prey to a shark then do not panic and try to rapidly swim away. You should slowly swim away backwards while facing it. And if still do attack then you should aim for the eyes and gills, the two most vulnerable areas on the shark. Avoid getting blood or urine in the water if you don’t want to attract a shark towards you.


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