10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures

Our ocean is among the most unexplored places on earth and it is home to numerous strange, creepy, dangerous and terrifying looking creatures. In the deep, there are many terrifying creatures that will give you nightmares. These 10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures call the pitch-black ocean floor their home where the pressure can be dozens of times higher than at sea level.

1. Frilled Shark:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 1
Frilled Sharks prefer to remain in the oceans’ depths, up to 5,000 feet below the surface so they are not often found. They are considered living fossils as they have many physical characteristics of ancestors who swam the seas in the time of the dinosaurs. They have huge rows of teeth spanning a total of 300 individual teeth across 25 rows. They can grow up to six feet in length and are said to constrict their prey like snakes.

2. Sarcastic Fringehead:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 2
The Sarcastic Fringeheads are harmless unless provoked. These deep-sea creatures live off the west coast of North America. These creatures grow to an average of a foot in length and known for their terrible tempers. If provoked, they will open their huge mouth which is quite frightening.

3. Goblin Shark:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 3
This creature really stands up to its name, looking pretty ghastly. Goblin Sharks uses their snout to sense their prey and stab its catch with its thin, sharp teeth. They are pretty rare to find and can grow up to 4 metres in length.

4. Anglerfish:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 4
The female Anglerfish are mostly the ones that come across terrifying looking. The most creepy thing about this fish is how it mates with the males. The male Anglerfish fuses to the female Anglerfish dies and dissolves until there is only extra gonads are left nothing else, for the female to impregnate itself with.

5. Fangtooth:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 5
This is another deep-sea fish that stands up to its name. With larger teeth comparing to its size, Fangtooth is one of the most terrifying-looking deep-sea creatures. This small fish uses its needle-like teeth to catch its prey. They grow up to an average of 16 centimetres in length and prefers warm waters.

6. Dragonfish:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 6
Like the female Anglerfish, only the female Black Dragonfish has a terrifying appearance. The alien-like Dragonfish has razor-sharp teeth and can produce its own light and they live deep under the sea.

7. Stargazer:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 7
Stargazer or the Northern Stargazer burrows itself in the sand to camouflage. These creatures are found in the eastern United States and they catch their prey by giving them electrically shocks. These fish have their eyes on top of their heads making them even more terrifying looking.

8. Gulper Eel:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 8
Just an Eel with a massive mouth. This terrifying-looking sea creature can swallow their prey as a whole because of their giant mouth. They are used to eating large things as their mouth and stomach expand to contain food.

9. Pacific viperfish:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 9
The Viper Fish can grow only to about 30 centimetres in size but still among the terrifying creatures of the deep-sea. They have razor-sharp teeth and can swim at high speeds becoming a nightmare for their preys.

10. Grenadier:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 10
Living in depths of up to 1,000 meters, Grenadier emits a strong odour due to high levels of Trimethylamine oxide. Grenadiers are overall harmless apart from their terrifying-looking appearance and smell.


Blue-Ringed Octopus:

10 Terrifying Looking Deep-Sea Creatures 11
The little Blue-ringed Octopus doesn’t have a terrifying appearance at all, in fact, those vibrant blue rings are quite beautiful. What makes Blue-Ringed Octopus terrifying is the fact that it’s one of the most dangerous animals in the ocean. This highly venomous creature releases deadly toxins when provoked. Tetrodotoxin is a toxin that can damage the nervous system and cause death in a mere 4-6 hours.


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