10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 1

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques

The definition of a healthy body has changed a lot in the past couple of years. But the controversy remains when talking about the ideal measurements of the male or female body. Since the Victorian time, the image of the perfect female body has seen many changes in various decades. And women have been trying to fit in these measurements for ages. These days even men get drawn by the perfect body image given by their societies. From wearing corsets to starving themselves, here are the 10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques that are basically trapped to minus years from your lives.

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques

1. Tapeworm Diet :

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 2

The Victorian era is known for its particular and peculiar beauty standards. Rich women wore extravagant, tight, multi-layered skirts which had a beehive shape bringing out their curves in an unhealthy way. But those fastening corsets which badly affects your organs is nothing in front of this weight loss techniques , the Tapeworm Diet. This disgusting way is still in practice in some places. Basically, parasites will be put inside a person. Where it will grow by eating part of whatever that person eats. These organisms attach themselves to the intestinal walls of humans and they can grow up to 15 feet in length.

2. Tongue Patch Diet:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 3

In this really scary techniques , someone will have a patch of plastic mesh sewed onto their tongues. Which will make it extremely difficult to eat or swallow anything for that person. It will even cause pain if while trying to eat. There will be an 800-calorie per day liquid diet of shakes and drinks until the patch comes off. A cosmetic surgeon began it in the US after seeing it in Latin America. And apparently, he charged  $2,000 and promised that it will lead to 18 to 20 pounds of weight loss in 30 days.

3. Breatharian and Other Unhealthy Diets:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 4
There are tons of other healthy diets you can follow to lose weight. But for some reason, some people just choose to follow the terrible ones. Breatharian diet is one of them. According to this diet, human beings only need sunlight, water and the life force to survive. People who follow this diet try to survive on a cup of tea or some sort of liquid and sunlight. The Last Chance Diet which was a special drink which caused the death of several people. It was made from slaughterhouse leftovers including crushed animal horns, hooves, hides, tendons and bones. Artificial colours and flavours were added to it. The HCG diet required people to get injections of a drug called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a fertility drug. Some other Dangerous diet techniques include the Feeding Tube Diet, The Master Cleanse and the Protein-Only Diet.

4. Rubber Corsets:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 5
Alike Corsets rubber corsets didn’t help to any weights but it became quite popular. The corset not only hurt but also crush rib cages. This wasn’t the only terrible way to lose way though. There were reducing salons where people would be treated with everything from electric shocks to air blasters to help them to lose weight. There was even a tech called spot reducer then of course vibrators. Another funny thing was the Sauna Pants in the ’70s which was apparently supposed to make you lose weight not to look funny.

5. Arsenic:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 6
In the 19th century, there were pills that were advertised as Wonder Pills that will make you lose weight in no time. And those pills included many dangerous ingredients even arsenic. Arsenic can be deadly and also cause diseases like cancer, diabetes, and liver disease.

6. Chew And Spit Out Food And Punging:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 7
Many people still believe that starving themselves can be helpful in losing weight. But it is totally wrong as starving yourselves only mean damaging your metabolism. Horace Fletcher in the early 20th century came out this chewing and spitting techniques. So you just have to chew your food until all the goodness was extracted, then spit out the remaining material that was left. Of course, this didn’t end well for many people. Purging can cause severe dehydration and bodily weakness, from potential hair loss to kidney failure, and slowing of the heart rate to gross looking teeth. Because of the constant vomiting death and organ damage is also a possibility.

7. The Soap:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 8
The soap that didn’t do anything. A 1920 newspaper advertisement said the “La-Mar Reducing Soap” will wash away fat and also years of age. The soap claimed not to be outrageous like other dieting techniques and it will show the result in a quick and amazing way.

8. Dinitrophenol (DNP):

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 9
Weight loss supplements are dangerous, in fact, 62 deaths were directly linked to the use of this weight-loss supplement in the medical literature. Appetite suppression increased internal body heat and increased heart rate are common unhealthy symptoms of supplyments. DNP has been labelled as Unhealthy for Humans in many countries. Stuff like Laxatives and Ephedra can be very dangerous for our health.

9. Excessive Exercise:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 10
Compulsive exercise or excessive workouts can be dangerous. And if you paired it with starvation or purging, it can be deadly. Excessive workouts can cause injury, insomnia, and decreased immune system functioning, making you sick more frequently.

10. The Cigarette and Narcotic Use:

10 Terrible Weight Loss Techniques 11
Some people for some kind of reason think that smoking can be a good way to lose weight. Cigarette can cause cancer and several heart diseases. Because of interacting with the brain’s neurotransmitters Nicotine stimulates receptors that decrease hunger. But appetite suppression is never a good way to lose weight. Narcotic, needless to say, is a terribly unhealthy option for anything. The long-term effects of drugs can be severe on the body or mind.

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