10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 1

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World

Laws are created to protect a country and its citizens but there are some laws that are just straight-up strange. And almost every country has some. Just like in Florida, it’s illegal for a married woman to go skydiving on a Sunday and in another American state Ohio has a law that makes sure that you must get a Hunting License before catching mice, without the license, it would be illegal. Here are 10 Strangest Laws From Around The World that will leave you scratching your head.

1. Don’t Hold A Salmon In England:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 2
The UK has some really weird laws one of them is the Salmon Act which implies that it is illegal to handle salmon under suspicious circumstances in England and Wales. If they believe or could reasonably believe that the held salmon has been illegally fished, the person holding it can get a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment. England also has a law where it is illegal to die in Parliament.
Scotland also has some really strange laws such as if someone knocks on your door in Scotland and requires the use of your toilet, you must let them enter even if its a stranger.

2. You Can’t Own More Than 110 lbs Potatoes In Australia:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 3

Changing a light bulb without a valid license was against the law in Australia. Though, a revision to the 1998 Electricity Safety Act updated this law. It was one of the strangest laws of Australia. But there are still many weird laws in Australia like in West Australia it is to own more than 50 kg (110 lbs) of potatoes at one time. The reason is said to, limiting imports. Also in West Australia, it is illegal to crush a can of beer between your boobs and you could be charged a fine of $1000 for this offense.

3. Flying a UFO over Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 4
This one is for extraterrestrial visitors. According to the anti-UFO legislation that originated in 1954, after a local saw “deep sea divers” coming from a “cigar-shaped” space ship, “Any aircraft, known as flying saucer or flying cigar, which should land on the territory of the community will be immediately held in custody.” So if you are an alien, don’t bring your fancy saucer over Châteauneuf-du-Pape. France also has some other strange laws. Like in Granville, bringing an elephant to the beach is illegal and if you are planning to die in Sarpourenx make sure to buy a burial plot before dying or you will be committing a crime.

4. Never Bring A Sleeping Donkey In Your Bathtub In Arizona, USA:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 5
So in the state of Arizona, it is considered against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 pm. Seems like almost all the US states has some weird laws like in Chicago, you cannot fish while sitting on a giraffe’s neck. Do you have a lion you want to take to the movies with you, well do not as in Baltimore, Maryland, taking a lion to the cinema is illegal. Another weird law is that in Oklahoma Whaling is banned and Oklahoma is a landlocked state.

5. Don’t Frown In Public In Italy:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 6
In Milan, it’s an offense to frown in public, you are required to smile at all times except at funerals and hospitals. This is not the only strange law in the country though, as, in Turin, its against the law not to walk your dog at least three times a day in. And in Rome, keeping a fish hostage in a container purely for your own enjoyment is considered animal cruelty and is banned.

6. Don’t Flash After 10 p.m., Switzerland:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 7
If you live in Switzerland, make sure you respond to all your nature’s call before 10 p.m. because after that you’re not allowed to flush the toilet. It is because of noise pollution. Also, if hiking naked in Switzerland is in your bucket list, cross it off, as you would be committing a crime. Hiking naked in Switzerland is a crime. If this makes you scratch your head, in Sweden, it’s illegal to repaint a house without the government’s permission. But do you know what’s not illegal, escaping the prison in Denmark, only if, you don’t get caught.

7. Don’t Forget Your Wife’s Birthday In Samoa:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 8
In Samoa, if you forget your wife’s birthday, you would be committing a crime, also, don’t forget to bring a gift.

8. Can’t Chew Gum In Singapore:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 9
Singapore banned gum in 1992. You can’t get gum in Singapore, forget about chewing. And if somehow you do get gum and get caught, you will be fined a $1000. Another thing that is illegal in Singapore is to connect to someone else’s wi-fi without permission.

9. Don’t Pee In The Ocean In Portugal:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 10
Not sure about how are they going to know as there’s no such way to reveal it. But Portugal has outlawed peeing in the ocean.

10. Buddhist Monks Are Banned From Reincarnating Without Permission, China:

10 Strangest Laws From Around The World 11
You have probably heard about the law in Japan which says that being fat is illegal. But China has taken the strange law bar a little higher with a law that banned Buddhist monks from reincarnating without the government’s express permission.


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