10 Scariest Things In The Universe 1

10 Scariest Things In The Universe

The universe is home to numerous galaxies, planets and celestial objects. Much of the universe is still a mystery to us. We have come to known many places in the universe that are mesmerizing and also several places that are equally terrifying. From planets that rain glasses like the HD 189733b to meteors that caused the extinction of dinosaurs and has the potential to kill us all in a matter of some time. There are also real shooting stars like Mira which swallows up whatever gets in its way. And there are the random rogue planets that also has the potential to crash into earth according to some people. If you want to learn more about 10 of the Scariest Things In The Known Universe, continue reading-

Scariest Things In The Universe

10. CoRoT-7b:

10 Scariest Things In The Universe 2

CoRoT-7b is an exoplanet, 489 light-years from Earth, orbiting its star COROT-7. Similar to earth, Corot-7b was made out of a rock. Its a tidally locked planet that takes about 20 hours to revolve around its host star. Due to the high temperature on its star-facing side, scientists have found evidence that all the surface of this hemisphere is covered in oceans of lava. High temperature has contributed to the vaporization of silicate rocks which have produced a tenuous atmosphere on the planet. The planet possibly has no volatile gases (carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrogen), and is instead likely made up of what could be called vaporized rock and it also might rain rocks onto the molten lava surface.


9. WASP-12b:

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WASP-12b is an extrasolar planet and known as one of the hottest planets ever discovered. It orbits its star WASP-12 closer than any other known world at a blistering pace. Comparing to earth, the planet takes only a little over a day to orbit the star at a distance of approximately 2,115,000 miles. The planet measures in about (2,200 degrees C. Which is about half the temperature of the surface of our sun and twice as hot as lava, meaning no man can survive on this planet. WASP-12b also absorbs at least 94% of the light that it gets from its star. This causes the planet to be pitch-black, often dubbed as Black as Asphalt. WASP-12b is one of the planets that are known as hot Jupiter.

8. RXJ1347:

10 Scariest Things In The Universe 4

Residing about 5 billion light-years away from the Solar System in the constellation of Virgo, RXJ1347 is among the most massive galaxy clusters discovered yet. And the cluster is known as one of the hottest places in the cosmos. This massive cluster thought to have been formed after two galaxy clusters collided with each other. RXJ1347 not only shine bright but also floating with X-rays.


7. Wandering Black Holes:

10 Scariest Things In The Universe 5

Pretty much all the major galaxies have a supermassive black hole at its heart, our Milky Way galaxy is no exception. But wandering black holes are very common and also scary. It is thought that there are around 100,000,000 black holes in our galaxy only. Scientists have found black holes as huge as Jupiter. So, if any of these wandering giants came close to us there is a possibility of a disastrous outcome. Unless they change their direction.


5. Supermassive Electric Current:

10 Scariest Things In The Universe 6

The extensive radiation coming from the bright core of a spiral galaxy can kill anyone closer than 150,000 light-years. The massive jet of glowing material creates the strongest electric field in the universe which is similar to a trillion bolts of lightning. These rays a thought be the results of supermassive black holes at the centre of galaxies. The galaxy 3C 303 has been recorded to create the strongest electric current ever detected in the known universe. Though it hasn’t been confirmed what exactly creates these powerful electric fields.


4. Hand of God:

10 Scariest Things In The Universe 7

Approximately 17,000 light-years away PSR B1509−58, a pulsar in the constellation of Circinus, sits in a nebula that spans about 150 light-years. This 1,700 years old neutron star, as said by NASA, spins 7 times per second rapidly spewing energy like intense radio waves and electromagnetic radiation out into space around it to create complex and intriguing structures, like the Hand of God. The structure resembles a large cosmic hand flashing with dangerous x rays. It is believed that if our Earth was too close in the path of the gamma rays, all the life on earth would have gone extinct.


3. The Boomerang Nebula:

10 Scariest Things In The Universe 8

Also known as the Bow Tie Nebula, The Boomerang Nebula is the coldest place in the known universe. It has a temperature measured at 1 Kelvis (−272.15 °C / -457.87 °F). It’s a protoplanetary nebula which is located in the constellation Centaurus approximately 5,000 light-years away from Earth. So if you go near this star you will freeze immediately. It is believed that the Boomerang Nebula is a star system evolving toward the planetary nebula phase as it continues to form and develop. It was found in 2017, that the star at the centre of the nebula is a dying red giant


2. Boötes Void:

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The scariest things in the universe are the ones that baffle with our mind with numerous mysteries surrounding them. Approximately 700 million light-years from Earth, located near the constellation Boötes, Boötes Void is one of the largest-known voids in the Universe with a diameter of nearly 330 million light-years. This supervoid is known to contain 60 galaxies as of now while scientists estimate that there should have been approximately 2,000 galaxies in there. Scientists also say that if the Milky Way had been in the centre of the Boötes void, we would have taken until the 1960s to discover other neighbouring galaxies. Its origin is also not clear though it is estimated that Boötes void was formed by merging with other smaller voids.



10 Scariest Things In The Universe 10

The second planet from the Sun in the Solar System, Venus is among the most unique planets in the Milky Way galaxy. It’s the second brightest object in the night sky and it also has the longest rotation period taking 243 Earth days, in the solar system. It also rotates in the opposite direction than other planets and doesn’t have any moons. But what makes Venus scary is its atmosphere. It has the densest atmosphere consisting of 96.5% carbon dioxide, 3.5% nitrogen and a few other gases mostly sulfur dioxide. The mass of its atmosphere is 93 times that of Earth’s and it’s surface temperatures stay around 735 K (462 °C/ 864 °F) making it hotter than Mercury. The Carbon die Oxide rich atmosphere creates the strongest greenhouse effect in the Solar System and above the dense CO2 layer are thick clouds consisting mainly of sulfuric acid. Venus is definitely among the scariest planets in the known universe.


IMAGE SOURCE: Wikipedia, Google, Flickr

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