10 Safest Cities In The World 2019

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Before travelling to some new place we always try to gather as much information as possible about that place. Safety is one fact that always should be on top of our list. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s report on the safest cities in the world ranked 60 cities across 57 indicators. They covered many aspects including digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security. The Safe Cities Index 2019 report ranked cities based on everything from air pollution levels, road deaths and gun regulation to crime rates. They also looked at the emergency help available in the city, transport facilities, casualty insurance, disaster-risk development and cyber-security preparedness. The report also stated that cities don’t have to be rich to be safe. Although, it also says that cities in developing countries tend to appear lower down the list. The least safe city on the list is Lagos (60), which was following Caracas (59), Yangon, Karachi, Dhaka and Cairo. Now, here are the top 10 Safest Cities In The World 2019 according to the Economist Intelligence Unit-

10 Safest Cities In The World 2019

1. Tokyo, Japan:

For the past three years, Tokyo has been ranked as the safest city in the world. The city’s low crime levels, infrastructure designed to resist natural shocks, health security, and low risk of computer malware have all contributed to it becoming the safest city in the world in 2019.

2. Singapore:

The second safest city in the world in Singapore. Infrastructure security, good lighting in public places, surveillance, and the use of apps to alert people of possibly dangerous situations and personal security have helped Singapore to achieve the second spot.

3. Osaka, Japan:

Home to over 19 million people, Osaka is another vibrant Japanese city that has been ranked as the third safest city in the world. Osaka tops the list of health security and came in number 2 in infrastructure security.

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Covered in 17th-century canals, Amsterdam ranked high on the list of health security as well as infrastructure. Its national development strategy for urban planning has also been praised.

5. Sydney, Australia:

The fifth safest city in the world is the lively Australian city, Sydney. Scoring good in digital, health, and infrastructure, Sydney is not only the safest but also one of the most livable cities in the world.

6. Toronto, Canada:

The exciting and diverse Canadian city, Toronto ranked highly in digital security. It is also one of only 2 North American cities that made the list.

7. Washington DC, US:

The capital of the United States has been named the seventh safest city in the world. DC ranked highly in digital security as well as infrastructure. Its emergency services and air transport facilities also helped it to book a place in the top 10.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark & Seoul, South Korea:

Copenhagen and Seoul tied the score for the place of 8 respectively. Established by the Vikings as a fishing village, Copenhagen exudes Scandi cool from every curve, with delicious food, chic design and an ever hip atmosphere. Copenhagen ranked highly or personal security. Seoul with a vast transit system and rich history and heritage has an amazingly high quality of life. The city ranked highly in health security.

9. Melbourne, Australia:

One of the most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne is home to over 5 million citizens. The city is full of cultural institutions. The city’s dedication to fastening in forward-thinking planning and development is praised.

10. Chicago, US:

Another American city that made the list is Chicago. The city earned an overall score of 86.7 out of 100. Chicago ranked well in infrastructure security.


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