10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 1

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings

We have seen many great shows made on T.V. for years. Some show endings make us nostalgic even years after ending. But some shows made fans more mad than sad. Some endings just didn’t fit the plot while some seemed completely rushed. Shows like The X-Files struggled to keep up at the end seasons, Gossip Girl with revealing the identity of the namesake just didn’t make any sense. Seinfeld put the whole cast behind the bars, leaving a bad taste in our mouths while Scrubs simply lost its charm in the last season. On this list, we’re re-visiting 10 Shows Popular With Terrible Endings that fans still hate.

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings

1. Dexter:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 2
Dexter made everyone made mad “Dexter”, after all the things he did, sailed into a hurricane and survived. Nothing really added up, his boat was a total wreck and he still made it to the Pacific Northwest. There he changed his identity and became a lumberjack. As Dexter was a serial killer it was expected of him to either die or being caught, which he should have. No one expected the flat ending which is gonna haunt Dexter fans forever.

2. True Blood:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 3
Bill and Sookie’s romance, how Sookie got into the mess, these are what True Blood was all about. Bill’s death at the end didn’t make the fans as mad as Bill’s insistence that Sookie kills him. Bill’s excuse was this is how Sookie would live happily. On the show, Sookie was fighting to make her own choices for so long, and in the end, the love of her life forces her to kill him. In the end, Sookie is pregnant with the child of some man viewers don’t even get to see.

3. Two and a Half Men:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 4
The main complaint about the season finale of Two and a Half Men was rushed and anti-climactic ending. After Sheen’s character death, the series kind of fell flat anyway. But in the final episode, there were two-piano falls. First, a person who is supposed to be Charlie Sheen’s character approaches the house when a piano falls on him. Then it shows Lorre sitting in a chair and the second piano falls on him. It was supposed to build up for Charlie’s return which didn’t happen.

4 .How I Met Your Mother:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 5
How I Met Your Mother ran from 2005 to 2014 for nine seasons and it was considered one of the best sit-coms of that time. But the finale ruined it all. The plot was lead Ted Mosby telling his kids the story of how they met their mother and all the adventures that went along with it. Every episode was supposedly led up to that big meeting. But after waiting for 8 seasons that Ted’s wife actually died putting a hole in everyone’s heart. But what was more frustrating that Ted and ex/friend Robin re-links and continues their on-again, off-again relationship. The person who was at the center of the story actually played second to Aunt Robin.

5. Game of Thrones:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 6
Game of Thrones season finale left fans so mad that they were signing petitions to re-shot season 8. Game of Thrones is one of those series that have fans worldwide and has been praised critically and commercially from the very first season. Its character development, story and the beautiful cinematography couldn’t hide the fact how rushed the finale of GoT was. Fans had to see Daenerys, one of the most adored characters, lean into the “Mad Queen” theory and slaughter thousands of innocent and then die. And killed by none other than Jon Snow. Drogon just left with her body to be never seen again. And the most frustrating, Bran became the King.

6. Quantum Leap:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 7
Quantum Leap’s finale wasn’t really a finale. The last episode wasn’t filmed to be the last. Sam Beckett is able to leap through time and he spends the series trying to return home. But the end of the series just left people dry. As Sam learns that he can return home, at the end a black screen pops up and says “Dr. Sam Becket never returned home.”

7. Lost:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 8
The Lost finale left its fans so divided but most frustrated. It seemed rushed as it didn’t really answer all the questions from previous seasons. The flash-sideways plot, the revelation that it was all a form of purgatory just came out of nowhere. The series just lost its mystery and felt flat at the end.

8. Roseanne:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 9
Roseanne was about an average working-class family struggling to get by. And weirdly, Roseanne Barr the title character just wins the lottery in the end. But that’s not the end. The series reveals it was all a story created by Roseanne. Her husband Dan didn’t recover from the heart attack and all the other things in previous seasons were just made up by her. The ending was just sad and it just took away all the memories of the previous seasons.

9. Pretty Little Liars:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 10
Pretty Little Liars became a pretty little mess after the first couple of seasons. the fans of the show, as well as the lead characters, tried to figure out the identity of “A” from the very first season. In the end, it was just too much to understand. On the finale, the show reveals it was Spencer’s surprise twin sister, Alex Drake. Who has never been heard before and she has a British accent. It felt it like the surprising too many twists were added to hide the plot holes of the show.

10. St. Elsewhere:

10 Popular Shows With Terrible Endings 11
The medical drama following the lives of teaching doctors at a Boston Hospital was a good show. Until the show revealed that the characters and their lives the fans have been following and learning about were all just an imagination of an autistic child. Fans were torn, some likes the twist some hated it. Even some of the cast members were just disappointed with the shows ending.

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