10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland

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Poland is one of those places that you can travel to any time of the year. Poland has many wonderful places to tour in. From its national parks to its castles to its elegant preserved towns to its historical cities. The country is also home to some of the most unique places like the Crooked forest or the chapel of skulls. Continue reading our list of 10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland to know more about Poland’s amazing places. 

Popular Places To Visit In Poland

1. Warsaw:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 1

     The capital and the largest city of the country, Warsaw is located in east-central Poland on the Vistula River. It is the most famous city in the country dotted with several interesting monuments. The historic Old Town, the Royal Castle, the Royal Wilanów, the Royal Baths Park, The Museum Of The History Of Polish Jews, Palace Of Culture And Science, and The Vistula River Beach are some of the most attraction of the city. From shopping to clubbing to its exciting events, Warsaw has a lot to offer. After exploring Warsaw you should also visit the city Lodz in central Poland and the small town Kazimierz Dolny in central-eastern Poland.  

2. Tatra Mountains:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 2

     Creating a natural border between Slovakia and Poland, the Tatra Mountains are protected as national parkland. These mountains are a part of the Carpathian mountain chain in eastern Europe. A popular among tourists especially those who look for scenic beauty. The Tatra mountains offer great hikes and popular in both winters and summer. The highest Polish peak is Mount Rysy located eastern part of the Tatra Mountains. The lakes Morskie Oko and Wielki Staw are popular points in the park. The town of Zakopane located at the base of the Tatras offers great ski resorts in the winter. You can also visit the Bieszczady Mountains at the extreme south-east of Poland.

3.  Bialowieza Forest:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 3

     One of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primaeval forest, the Bialowieza Forest is one of the best places to visit in Poland. The lush forest is home to more than 800 European bison, deer, wolf, lynx, and golden eagles and also 500-year-old oaks. The Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The park offers many hiking and cycling trails. If you want to visit more natural gems in Poland, you should visit the Valley of Five Polish Ponds, Słowiński National Park and Kamienczyk Waterfall. 

4. Wroclaw:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 4

     The city on the Oder River in western Poland is known for its Market Square, the Gothic Old Town Hall, Panorama of Racławice, The Centennial Hall and the Royal Palace. One should explore the oldest part of the city known as Ostrów Tumski. The capital of Lower Silsea is well known for its unique culture and architecture. Hydropolis and Afrykarium are two other must-visit places in the city. In western Poland, you will also find the city Poznan and the city Karpacz in southwestern Poland, both of these cities are worth exploring.   

5. Torun:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 5

    Located in northern-central Poland, the city of Torun sits on the Vistula River. The birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus who was a renowned astronomer and mathematician in the 15th-century, Torun is a UNESCO World Heritage site now. Often referred to as the Krakow of the North, Torun is a medieval cultural heritage centre. Torun’s popular attraction includes the Old City Town Hall, Teutonic Castle, Leaning Tower, its Gothic cathedrals, Nicolaus Copernicus Museum and the Teutonic Knights’ Castle.

6. Krakow:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 6

     Among the most popular destination in Poland, Krakow is best known for its well-preserved medieval core and iconic landmarks. The Jewish quarter, its old town, the market square, and the St. Mary’s Basilica are some of the top attractions of the city. Within Krakow, you will find two of the most popular tourist attraction of Poland, the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Ojców National Park. Nearby cities like Rzeszow, Zamość and Wisla are among the best cities to visit in Poland.  

7. Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 7

     In Poland, Tricity consists the three cities Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot a few minor towns. These cities are situated in a row on the coast of Gdańsk Bay and Baltic Sea. Each of these cities has different things to offer. You can find lovely beaches and exciting events in summer in these cities.

8. Masurian Lake District:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 8

    The famous lake district in Poland, Masurian Lakeland is one of the best places to visit in the country. There are over 2,000 lakes here connected by tiny rivers and canals. One can find various water activities to do here and also horse riding.

9. Malbork & Bydgoszcz:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 9

   Both of these cities are located in northern Poland. The city Malbork is best known for the Malbork Castle. It is the world’s largest brick castle which took 230 years to build. Bydgoszcz city, on the other hand, is known for being the biggest Polish inland navigation centre and its universities. If you want to explore more polish cities, you should visit the cities Swinoujscie, Szczecin, Lublin, Bialystok, Mikolajki, Leba, Hel and Olsztyn. 

10. Other Places Of Interests In Poland:

10 Popular Places To Visit In Poland 10

      Of course, these are not all the places to visit in Poland. Poland is also known for its castles. The most popular castle is probably the Malbork Castle. The Wawel Royal Castle, Książ Castle and Czocha castle are the other best castles to visit here. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial And Museum in Oświęcim and the Biskupin Settlement are great places for history lovers. The Isle of Usedom and The Churches of Peace are other great places to explore in Poland. Along with the pretty polish villages like Magical Zalipie and Chochołów, interesting places such as the Upside-down house in Szymbark, The Crooked Forest and the Chapel of Skulls should be on your Poland bucket list. 


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