10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 1

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously

It is never easy to lose our loved ones but when a person mysteriously disappears without a trace, it becomes way lot harder as none of us is prepared to cope with that kind of unfortunate events. The one thing the family of a missing person wants most is closure but when even after many years you don’t get any closure at all, nothing can be more devastating than that. Here are  10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously and was never seen again.

1. Bobby Dunbar:

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 2

Bobby Dunbar, you might recognize this name from This American Life. Bobby Dunbar was only 4 years old when he wandered off from his family on a group outing and was never seen again. There are many theories, some say, he could’ve fallen from a railroad trestle and drowned and some believe he was abducted by a “strange man” who was seen lurking in the area. But since his disappearance from Louisiana, 1912, Bobby Dunbar was never found. And even in a weirder turn, authorities thought they found Bobby Dunbar but later realized it was another child who simply stepped into Bobby’s life until 2004. Bobby Dunbar’s disappearance remains one of the biggest mysterious disappearances.

2. The Mysterious Disappearance of the Sodder Children:

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 3

In 1945, a tragic fire broke out in the house of the Sodder family and lead to one of the strangest disappearances in American history. Five children, ageing between 5 to 14, disappeared from their home in Fayetteville, West Virginia, and were never found again. A series of unfortunate events took place that night with the family. While the upper floor was burning with the children trapped there, the father found his ladder missing, his truck was not running, and no one could get a hold of the fire department. No remains of the children were found, sightings were reported years later but nothing concrete. Police and private investigations, no one could found anything about the children. Tragically both parents died without ever finding out what had happened to their children.

3. Marjorie West:

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 4

In 1938, the West family went out after church for an outing in the country with their kids Marjorie, 4, and her 11-year-old sister. Both of the sisters went to talk to their parents, and Marjorie disappeared from the middle of a wide-open field. There is a theory that Marjorie might have crossed path with Georgia Tann. Tann ran the Tennessee Children’s Home Society was guilty of abducting more than 1,200 children and then placed them with rich families in far-off states like California for a big amount of money. Marjorie West disappeared without a trace and was never seen again.

4. Bruce Kremen:

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In 1960, California, Bruce Kremen disappeared while attending a camp in the San Gabriel Mountains. Bruce was playing with some other boys just a short distance from his group and got separated for a few moments, he was never seen again. A massive search was authorised in the mountains but nothing was found. Initially, authorities suggested that Bruce Kremen could’ve come in contact with the serial killer Mack Ray Edwards. Edwards worked on highway construction and possibly buried the remains of his victims under the pavement. But this was just an assumption, till to date no one knows what happened to Bruce Kremen.

5. Evelyn Hartley:

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In 1953, Wisconsin, on one evening teenager, Evelyn Hartley was babysitting when she didn’t call to check in with her parents at the appointed time. When her worried father went to check on her, he found a completely locked house with the lights and radio still on but not a single trace of Evelyn. There were signs of a struggle and forced entry. A search was immediately authorised but Evelyn was never found. But they did found pools of blood that may have belonged to Evelyn and there was eyewitness who claimed to have seen her. But even today the disappearance of Evelyn Hartley remains a mystery.

6. Mary Moroney:

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 7

During the Great Depression, many families looked for cheap childcare and handed their kids to the wrong hands. 2 years old Mary Moroney was one of those children. Moroney’s parents allowed her to spend a day with a woman named Julia Otis. Moroney went missing that day and was never seen again. A woman implying to be Otis’s cousin later wrote to the family that Otis was “love-hungry” after she lost both, her husband and her child, she would care for Mary. Mary Moroney disappeared from Illinois in 1930 and was never seen again.

7. Billy Gaffney:

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In the year of 1927 in New York, 4-year-old Billy Gaffney was playing with a 3-year-old friend in the hallway of his Brooklyn apartment building. In a few moments, both of the kids disappeared. The 3-year-old was eventually found on the roof of the apartment building but Billy Gaffney was never found again. The 3-year-old had said that an elderly gentleman with a grey moustache, had spirited Billy away, calling him “boogeyman”. Albert Fish the notorious serial killer years later confessed to Billy’s murder but his remains were never found.

8. Lauren Spierer:

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 9

In 2011, Indiana University student, Lauren Spierer mysteriously disappeared after spending the early morning party at a downtown bar in Bloomington, Indiana. To this day, Lauren Spierer has not been found. Allegedly, there was a lack of participation from the local police department and the group of young men who Spierer spent most of her time with the day she disappeared. 20-year old Lauren Spierer was last seen walking alone outside a classmate’s off-campus apartment around 4:30 a.m. on June 3, 2011.

9. The Mass Disappearance of People From National Parks:

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The National parks of the US are the crowns of its tourist attraction. But something much darker has been going behind those beautiful landscapes for many years now. Over the past 100 years, more than 1100 people including many children have disappeared without a trace from national parks across the US. Sometimes much later after disappearing remains or clothes were found and in many cases, people just seemed to disappear into thin air without any traces and remains missing. This is more strange because these are federal lands and closely watched by law enforcement. And the scary part is that most of the people are still unaware of these situations.
Getting accurate statistics are nearly impossible and people like author David Paulides who wrote books on these cases and soon releasing a documentary called Missing 411, asked for a record of missing persons from different national parks. First, he was told that they don’t keep those records, later they said it would cost him over $1 million. Each year 800,000 children are reported missing in the US that’s about 2,000 per day. Among all the parks, Yosemite have the highest number of reported missing persons with 40 per year.

10. Teresa Butler:

10 People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 11

Teresa Butler was another person among the many who shockingly disappeared and never came back. On the morning of January 25, 2006, when Teresa Butler’s husband came home from working the night shift, he found their two children home alone and no sign of his wife. Teresa Butler’s purse, cell phone, and several other valuables were gone but her Jeep remained at the house. There was no sign of struggle or forced entry and the kids were clueless about what happened. Even more strangely, Teresa made two calls before she went missing and none of those two people knew who Teresa Butler was. The first person didn’t pick up her call and the second claimed she didn’t hear anything when she picked up the call.

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