10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 1

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk

If you are bored with regular games and want to play something thrilling and new, here are some paranormal games that you can play but on your own risk. Even if you are sceptical about the other world, these games can be very dangerous. Here are 10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk.

Paranormal Games

1. The Three Kings:

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To play this game two players are needed with one large dark empty room (basement), 1 pack of candles, a lighter, an electric fan, 2 large mirrors, 3 chairs, an alarm clock, and a small object of emotional value. At 11 pm, set the items in the darkroom and leave with the door open. Go to your bedroom and set the alarm clock for precisely 3:30 AM. If the alarm goes off at 3:30 AM and the things that you left inside the basement remained as they are, then you can proceed with the game.
Be seated on one of the chairs by 3.33 am with your lighted candle in hand and the fan turned on behind you. Do not let the candle go out, Do not look into the mirrors and also at the candle. You should keep your eyes focused only on the darkest part of the room, and be seated till 4.34 am. During this period you’ll start to feel a presence. You can ask questions, it will talk to you about your past and your unresolved issues. At the end of your game, your partner will call out your name.

2. The Closet Game:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 3
It is said that this game is played to summon a demon. So this is how it goes, you are going to need a matchbox and a closet, then you need to enter the pitch-black closet, hold up an unlighted match, and say “Show me the light or leave me in darkness.” If you begin to hear any whispers, light the match immediately and do not look behind you. It is said that if you fail to light the match immediately after hearing the murmur, something will grab you from behind and drag you to eternal darkness. And if you were successful, open the closet door with your lit match in hand and slowly step outside. From then you must always make sure to have the lights on whenever you look inside your closet and never leave the closet door open since it will become permanently haunted by a demon.

3. Dry Bones:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 4
For this game, you are going to need a mirror, some matchsticks, a bathroom and a watch. Begin the game at exactly 12:01 AM, make sure you are alone and all the doors and windows of your home are closed. Now go to the bathroom and stare at your reflection and think of something that you wish to have. Now if you heard any noise, get out of the house and if you don’t, you can proceed. Next, light the matchstick and let it burn out on its own then lie down on the floor and state, ‘I am aware of your presence and I welcome you into my home. Come now.’
Now go to the largest room in your house and wait for a moaning sound, which is the indication for the presence. Now the game starts and you have to manage to hide from this presence till 3:00 am, you can expect the precious thing you’d thought of the next morning. If you win, you must say “Thank you for playing, but please leave now. You are no longer welcome.”

4. The Hooded Man:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 5
It is said that this game takes you to a world different from ours. Before starting this game, you have to perform a cleansing ritual, burn sage, and spread some salt before the front door. Make sure to turn off all the lights and shut all the doors and windows of your house. Next, sit down near the phone, count till 13 and while the phone is on the hook dial 20496888. Then lift the handset, dial 25515823, and call a cab. You’ll see a black cab parked outside, get into the cab and go to sleep.
When you wake up, your watch will read exactly 3:30 AM, and you’ll find yourself falling asleep for the second time. The next time you wake up, the cab will be on an unfamiliar highway and you’ll notice a Hooded Man behind the wheels. You might see other passengers get inside the cab and sit with you, but you should never pay attention. Lean closer towards the Hooded Man’s ear and whisper “I have reached my destination,” when you want your ride to end. And you’ll wake up at your house.

5. The Bathtub Game:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 6
When you follow this Japanese game, you will summon a ghost. The game goes like this, turn off the lights, enter the bathroom, fill the bathtub with water, and get into it stripped and sit at the opposite end of the tap so you’re facing the tap. Now close your eyes and chant the words ‘Daruma-san fell down’ continuously while washing your hair. You’ll see a mental image of a Japanese woman appear and fall head first on the tap.
Continue the chant until you finish washing your hair and when you feel a presence near you, ask out loud “Why did you fall in the bathtub?”. Now without waiting for an answer, get out of the bathtub, go to your bedroom and fall asleep. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll constantly feel someone’s presence behind you. Keep your distance and don’t let it catch you. If it gets too close, pretend to slap or kick and shout ‘Kitta’. You have to catch it before midnight unless it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

6. The Midnight Game:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 7
For this game, you are going to need a candle, a piece of paper, a pen, matchbox or a lighter, salt, one pin, a wooden door, and salt. You can play this game all by yourself or invite a friend. Begin this game before midnight, write your full name on a piece of paper, then add a drop of your blood on the paper and let it soak fully. Remember to turn off all the lights and place the paper in front of the door. Then light the candle and place it on top. Knock on the door 22 times, the final knock has to occur exactly at 12.00 am.
Then open the door and invite the Midnight Man. Next, blow out the candle, and close the door again. Then relight the candle and start moving around in the house till 3.33 am. If the candle goes out, the Midnight Man is near and you need to relight it within the next 10 seconds as you can’t let him catch you. If you are unable to do so enclose yourself in a circle of salt, else you’ll get caught. The game will over at 3.33 am and you can turn the lights on.

7. Ouija Board:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 8
We have all heard about this one. Sit in a quiet and dark room with two or more people. Light a candle and use the Ouija board, follow its instructions, and a planchette to connect with the spirits. Once the spirit has made contact you can ask them any questions for which the answers vary from ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to alphabets and numbers. The spirit will answer all your questions. Make sure not to blow off the candles, or leave in the middle of the game or doubt the spirit.

8. One-Man Hide and Seek:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 9
For this game, you’ll need a stuffed doll, rice, nail clippers, knife, needle, some red thread, bathroom with bathtub, salt water, TV, perfume. First, replace the stuffing of the doll with uncooked rice and place your fingernail inside the doll and sew it up using the red thread. Name the doll but don’t name it after you or someone you know. Now fill the bathtub with water and submerge the doll into it, turn off all the lights in your house, fill your mouth with salt water, but do not swallow it and hide in the room. Then at precisely 3:00 am, go to the bathroom and look for the doll, you may or may not find the doll there but keep looking till you find it. When you find it pour the salt water on the doll and burn it completely. And from the next day, you will feel a presence in the house.

9. The Elevator Game:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 10
For this game, you are going to need to be in a building with at least 10 floors and an elevator. Step in the elevator on the first floor and press the following buttons in the same series- 4, 2, 6, 2, 10, 5 but don’t get off at any of the floors. At the 5th floor, a woman will enter, don’t talk or look at her and press the button for the first floor. If the lift climbs to the tenth, you are doing it right and you’ve reached the other world but if it drops to the first floor, it means you are in trouble and you need to exit. Follow the same sequence as before and you can return to your original world. At the tenth floor, you will enter a new world which will be completely dark, and the only thing you will be able to see from the windows is a red cross in the distance.

10. The Fortune Game:

10 Paranormal Games You Should Play At Your Own Risk 11
Another Japanese game is the Fortune Game and to play this, you’ll need a veil to cover your face and a comb. At 12 AM, head towards a crossroads carrying the veil and the comb. Speak out the following phrase three times, “Tsuji-ura, Tsuji-ura, show me a true sign of your existence.” Before that move the comb over your teeth three times. If you notice someone coming towards you, cover your face with the veil, when they stand before you ask them to tell your fortune. No matter what do not look at the face of Tsuji-ura or do not uncover your face.

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