10 Optical Illusions And Phenomenon Created By Nature

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10 Optical Illusions And Phenomenon Created By Nature

An Illusion arguably appears to differ from reality. We have seen many man-made illusions like that dress that went viral on the internet for its colour that didn’t appear to be the same as everyone. Mother nature isn’t far behind when it comes to creating some mind-boggling creations of its own. Down below we have listed 10 Optical Illusions And Phenomenon Created By Nature that are simply mind-blowing.

10 Optical Illusions And Phenomenon

1. Illusions Created By Cloud:

In recent times, we have seen many magnificent illusions created by clouds such as Undulatus Asperatus, Arcus clouds, and Lenticular Clouds. Undulatus Asperatus clouds are new to meteorology forming when rising air forms create a widespread cloud cover appearing like ocean waves.
Lenticular Clouds form on the downwind side of a mountain range when the temperature is low enough. Under the right conditions, these clouds are formed by the moisture in the air condenses and looks like UFOs.
Arcus clouds are low, horizontal cloud formation. There are two main kinds of Arcus clouds- Roll clouds and shelf clouds. They are seen along the coast looking quite foreboding.

2. Brocken Spectre:

Brocken Spectre or Mountain Spectre happens when someone’s magnified shadow is cast on clouds or fog under them. When an observer’s shadow is cast onto the surface of clouds or thick mist, it appears like a figure in the clouds. The rainbow-colored rings around the are created when sunlight hits tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere and is scattered back toward the person.

3. Horsetail Falls:

Each year in February, hit by the setting sun the Horsetail Falls, in Yosemite National Park, looks like burning by fire. Under the right conditions and from a particular angle, the illuminated water can be seen glowing bright orange and red like its on fire.
Deadvlei in Namibia has also become a hotspot for photographers because of its appearance. The claypan dotted with many long-dead camel thorn trees looks more like a painting than a real place.

4. Rakotzbrücke bridge & The Wave:

Located in Kromlau, Germany, the Rakotzbrücke bridge is also known as the Devil’s Bridge. The bridge was intentionally built as half a circle so that when the waters are still and the light is just right, it will form a perfect circle with its reflection, which it does and creates a sight to behold.
The Wave located on the border of Arizona and Utah is another place that has become popular because of its appearance.

5. Anticrepuscular Rays:

Anticrepuscular Rays are the opposite of Crepuscular rays. These rays appear like they originated from a point on the horizon and spread upwards. Red Sprites is another phenomenon that has become a mystery. Caused by electrical discharges from the storm, red sprites are quite rare and lasts for just a few milliseconds. Red sprites look like they red jellyfish floating in the air.

6. Magnetic Hill:

Magnetic hills have become quite popular among travelers. These hills are actually sloped downwards but due to its surroundings, the hill appears to slope upwards. You can often see people putting their car in neutral and drifting “uphill”.

7. Salt Flats:

Slat flats around the world can cause some interesting depth and perception illusions due to not having a point of reference anywhere. But Bolivia‘s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, transforms into a giant reflective surface when it’s covered in a thin layer of water, making it the world’s largest mirror. The completely flat surface with an endless horizon attracts tourists from across the world.
The Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius is another phenomenon created by mother nature. Here it appears that a river is flowing underneath the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean. But in reality, it’s sand getting pushed off an underwater shelf called the Mascarene Plateau.

8. Halo:

Halo is often seen around the sun or the moon. The “22-degree halo” is the most common one appearing often around the sun. When a halo appears around the moon, it’s called a “mood ring”.

9. Circumzenithal Arc:

Circumzenithal Arc is similar to a rainbow but with much purer colors appearing in a circular shape. And instead of causing by raindrops it is usually caused by ice crystals. Light Pillar is another phenomenon caused by ice crystals. They appear like a vertical beam you sometimes in the sky.

10. Sun Dogs:

Sun Dogs or Phantom Suns are also created by ice crystals. They create an appearance in the atmosphere that looks like having two extra suns on either side of the real sun.


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