10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Slovenia

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10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Slovenia

Located in central Europe, Slovenia is a beautiful country famous for its mountains, ski resorts, lakes, waterfalls, charming villages, and beautiful cities. Surrounded by the Eastern Alps, the Adriatic Sea, and the Balkans, Slovenia is rich in natural beauty. The country has a lot of attractions from its cities like Laško to Idrija to Piran, charming villages like Lipica, natural games like the Triglav National Park and the Goričko Landscape Park. Places like White Carniola region, Kamnik, Strunjan are slowly gaining fame. While it is hard to put all of those places in a single list, here are the 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Slovenia.

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Slovenia

1. Bled:

Bled is arguably the most famous destination in Slovenia. The resort town in the foothills of the Julian Alps looks straight out of a fairytale. The town is set along the glacial Lake Bled. And at the center of the beautiful lake is an island with the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria on its top with its steep staircase and bell tower. The scenic Lake Bled adjoins the town of Bled. And the popular Bled castle which is said to be the oldest Slovenian castle is set on a precipice above the city of Bled overlooking the Lake Bled. About four kilometers from Bled you will find the beautiful the gorgeous Vintgar Gorge. The 1.6-kilometer gorge carved by the Radovna River is one of the scenic areas in the country.

2. Predjama Castle & Postojna Cave:

The Renaissance castle built within a cave mouth, Predjama Castle is among the most beautiful castles in Slovenia. The castle is located in the village of Predjama and the architecture will leave you in awe. And 9 kilometers from the castle you will find Europe’s most famous and Slovenia’s second-longest cave system, Postojna Cave. Created by the Pivka River the cave is 24,340 m long and the most visited site in the country.
And if you like this cave exploring experience also visit the Škocjan Caves. Considered as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth, the Škocjan Caves system is a UNESCO natural and cultural world heritage site and a must visit in the country.

3. Triglav National Park:

Triglav National Park is the only national park in Slovenia situated in the southeastern part of the Alpine massif. The park is home some of the most beautiful attraction of the country. The highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps, Triglav is the centerpiece of the park. The park is also home to the scenic Lake Bohinj and Savica waterfall. Lake Bohinj is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia lying within the Bohinj Valley of the Julian Alps. From the crystal clear lake visit the lovely Savica waterfall. In the Voje Valley near the Stara Fuzina village, you will see the Mostnica gorge carved by the Mostnica stream. Visit the one of a kind ski resort Vogel on the Vogel mountain, the lesser known gem in Slovakia, Pokljuka Plateau and the small town of Tolmin sitting on the edge of the park.

4. Ljubljana:

Ljubljana is the country’s capital and home to a big university population, the Tivoli Park, the scenic Ljubljanica River, lined in outdoor cafes, and museums. Visit the city’s old town and the National Museum of Slovenia to learn more about the culture and history of the country. Visit the central square of the city, Preseren Square. Preseren Square is the center of many carnivals and festivals like the Ljubljana carnival.

5. Soča & Trenta Valley:

The 138-kilometer long river flowing through western Slovenia and northeastern Italy, Soča river with its turquoise water are one of the most beautiful and adventurous places to visit in Slovenia. The Alpine river has its sources in the Trenta Valley, where you will find a lot of activities to do. You can gon on hiking on the scenic Vršič Pass which runs across the Julian Alps connecting Trenta Valley in the Slovene Littoral and it’s the highest pass in Slovenia. If you’re interested in the history of World War I , visit the Kobarid Museum of World War I which has been awarded the title of the Best Museum in Europe, located in the village of Kobarid. From here you can also visit the mountain town of Bovec, take the Walk of Peace trail and visit the Ravelnik Open-Air Museum.

6. Kranjska Gora:

Near the mountains and glacial lakes of Triglav National Park, is located the beautiful alpine resort, Kranjska Gora. The region has a lot to offer including a lot of fun activities. See the 17th-century Liznjek House exhibits, the amazing nature reserve, Zelenci where you will find the Zelenci lake with its natural hot springs and bird shelters and the Nordic Center Planica for winter sports. Visit the Lake Jasna, Gozd Martuljek, the beautiful Velika Planina in the Kamnik Alps in Upper Carniola region. The nearby town of Škofja Loka is also one of the best places to enjoy your holiday in Slovenia.

7. Ptuj:

In northeastern Slovenia, on the banks of the Drava River sits the oldest recorded city in Slovenia, Ptuj. Ptuj is rich in history and has been an important part of the local culture since the Stone Age. There is much historical attraction in the city including the Orpheus Monument which dates back to Roman times, the Ptuj Grad, or castle. If you want to take a break you can go to one of the city’s thermal springs and you can also attend the annual carnival Kurentovanje.

8. Piran:

Piran is a resort city located on the Adriatic coast and best known for its long pier and Venetian architecture. The birthplace of violinist Giuseppe Tartini is rich in history and has a lot to offer. Visit the Tartini Square with its Gothic red Venetian House and the frescoed Tartini House, the 19th-century town hall, the St. George’s Cathedral and its other attractions. You can also visit the nearby town of Izola. Izola is an old and beautiful fishing town which surely worth your visit.

9. Logarska Dolina & Logar Valley:

Hiking trails, biking trails, and green valleys as far as your eyes go. Logar Valley is a beautiful place to spend your time in Slovenia. Located in the Kamnik Alps, within the valley is situated the Logarska Dolina. A small settlement which traditionally belonged to the region of Styria and is now included in the Savinja Statistical Region. Visit the small church, go on hikes, have a picnic, the Logar Valley is perfect when you want to get away from the crowd.

10. Maribor:

Situated amid wine-region hills on the Drava River, Maribor is the largest city in Slovenia. The city is situated close on the border of Austria and best known for its wine industry. The stylish city is dotted with wine industries. You can also find a range of ancient architectures in Mani Square and Castle Square.

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