10 Of The Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies

  Son of filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. and actress Elsie Downey, Robert Downey Jr. has been working in Hollywood since he was five. He made his debut with his father’s film “Pound” in 1970. He received his first Oscar nomination for his movie Chaplin in 1992. His movies Tropic Thunder, Short Cuts, and Ally McBeal also earned RDJ lot of praises. But the movie that earned him his international fame was his MCU debut, Iron Man. The Iron Man trilogy, The Avengers series and Captain America: Civil War, will remain RDJ’s best movies. His MCU movies not only made him an international star but also earn him a worldwide fandom with loads of praises, awards and whatnot. And if you are one those RDJ fans who don’t know him outside of his MCU movies then here are some suggestions. Here are 10 Of The Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies that you can watch. 

10 Of The Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies

1. Chaplin (1992):

     It’s still hard to think that we lost our favourite Iron Man. But even though RDJ is not going to play Tony Stark/Iron man, we can still hope to see him in great new movies. Many considered ‘Chaplin’ RDJ’s best performance outside of MCU. Based on the life of the legend Charles Chaplin, ‘Chaplin’ was directed by Richard Attenborough. It was the first movie to won RDJ his first Oscar nomination. RDJ didn’t only look like the legend but also captured his spirit and witty charm. The movie also touched the legend’s personal life and the hidden sadness which RDJ managed to express brilliantly.

2. Sherlock Holmes (2009):

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    Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” is another series of movies that brought out the best of RDJ. Sherlock Holmes became massively popular across the world putting RDJ among the most famous Hollywood stars. The 2009 Sherlock Holmes earned RDJ the Golden Globe as Best Comedy/Musical Actor. RDJ not only aced the role buy his expression and dialogue deliveries but also by his body language.


3. Zodiac (2007):

10 Of The Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies 2

    David Fincher again impressed movie lovers with his film Zodiac. The drama about a cartoonist and a reporter played by Jake Gyllenhaal and RDJ respectively won a lot of praises. These two grows an obsession with the serial killer named the Zodiac Killer. On the other hand, two San Francisco detectives played by Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Edwards, respectively, try to track the killer down. Zodiac is undoubtedly one of the best movies of Downey Jr.’s career.

4. Tropic Thunder (2008):

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    Directed by Ben Stiller, Tropic Thunder has RDJ playing the role of Kirk Lazarus. The movie is about a group of self-centred actors Tugg Speedman, Lazarus, Jeff Portnoy. The group gets lost in the jungle while filming an overblown Vietnam war epic and gets forced to become the soldiers they are portraying. RDJ cleverly plays the role of Lazarus who surgically darkens his skin to play the film’s African American. 

5. Wonder Boys (2000):

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    Curtis Hanson’s Wonder Boys is one of the under-appreciated movies of RDJ. The movie genuinely captures the ups and downs of campus life. Wonder Boys also stars Tobey Maguire, Michael Douglas, Frances McDormand and Katie Holmes. RDJ plays the role of a publisher in the movie. Also, Bob Dylan won an Oscar for his original song Things Have Changed, for the movie. 

 6. Natural Born Killers (1994):

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     Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers was inspired by an original screenplay by Quentin Tarantino. RDJ plays the role of a tabloid host who interviews Mickey when he was imprisoned. Mickey played Woody Harrelson and Mallory Knox played by Juliette Lewis were serial killers. This movie is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

7. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005):

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   Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is among RDJ’s popular movies. The movie keeps twisting and turning but still manages to keep you engage. Downey Jr. plays a wannabe actor Harry Lockhart who takes eye lessons from a detective Gay Perry played by Val Kilmer.  

8. Richard III (1995)

10 Of The Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies 7

    Richard Loncraine’s Richard III based on Shakespeare’s story of the same name has Downey Jr. as Lord Rivers. Lord Rivers is one of many victims of Richard III. Ian McKellen also gave a great performance as the evil and ambitious king.

9. The Judge (2014):

10 Of The Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies 8

    Maybe not the best movie of RDJ, but he gave a stellar performance in the movie. The movie is about Hank Palmer played by RDJ he returns to his hometown after years and decides to fight the case for his father played by Robert Duvall, accused of murder. Duvall gave one of his best performances in the movie which even earned him a nomination at the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, 


10. Due Date (2010):

10 Of The Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies 9

       Todd Phillips’s Due Date is not among RDJ’s highly rated movies. But this movie will surely make you laugh even though some times it doesn’t make much sense. Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. both gave awesome performances. RDJ has also played small parts in some great movies like ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ & Bowfinger. 

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