10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 1

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat

While there are some famous records that many of us wish to break. But there are also some odd and bizarre world records recorded by the Guinness Book records that we’d never wish to break. For example, professional stuntman Josef Todtling set his entire body on fire and got dragged by a horse. Todtling traveled 500 m in this bizarre position. He was protected by several ways and didn’t get harmed. But he did set the record for farthest distance pulled by a horse while on a full-body burn. If that one struck you as odd, here are 10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat

1. Farthest Distance Survived Inside a Tornado:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 2
19-year-old Matt Suter was sunken in by a tornado while inside his mobile home near Fordland, Missouri, the US on March 12th 2006. Suter was knocked unconscious and when he awoke he was 398 m (1,307 ft) away in a nearby field. This event made him the owner of the record farthest distance ever survived inside a tornado.

2. Most Bones Broken In a Lifetime:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 3
Evel Knievel, an American stunt performer who is popular in motorcycle long jumping exhibitions, holds the record for most bones broken in a lifetime. The man allegedly suffered 433 bone fractures during his lifetime. While he manages to hold the records of the most number of broken bones, an elderly South Korean woman called Grandma Cha Sa-Soon holds the record of most failed driving tests. She successfully failed 959 tests finally getting it right on 960th try.

3. Most lightning strikes survived:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 4
In the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, a former park ranger named Roy C. Sullivan was struck by lightning around seven times. The man survived each struck and now he is known as the Human Lightning Conductor.

4. Survived The Most Fatal Incidents In One Day:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 5
Not a human but a dog. Dosha, a then 10-month-old pit bull mix was living with her master in Clearlake, California in 2003. Dosha had a really painful day on April 15. She jumped a fence to escape her yard and was hit by a pickup truck. When the police arrived, Dosha was glassy-eyed and limped, the cop shot Dosha in the head to put her out of misery.
Then Animal control arrived and they thought she was a carcass and put her in a plastic bag. Dosha was then transported to the dog pound into a freezer. Dosha was finally found by a worker alive in the freezer. The bullet barely missed her brain and was stuck in Dosha’s skull. The bullet was recovered and her hypothermia was also treated. Apart from some hearing loss in her right ear, Dosha was fine she was dubbed as the luckiest dog in the world by Guinness.

5. Largest Object Removed From a Human Skull:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 6
Michael Hill holds the record for the largest object removed from a human skull. The man was stabbed in 1998 in the head with a 20 cm (8 in) long knife. He was left for dead but he miraculously survived and had the knife removed. Hill was attacked by his sister’s neighbor and he was left with several difficulties including memory loss and brain seizures. There is another odd record held by Vilas Ghuge. On February 18th 2004, he had a 13 cm kidney stone removed from his left kidney at an Institute in Mumbai, India. He made the record of largest kidney stone ever recorded.

6. Run over by most vehicles:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 7
In 2009, Tom Owen made the record of being run over by the most vehicles, on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy. The bodybuilder was run over by nine 3.3 to 4.41-ton pickup trucks. He has been named the “human speed bump”. According to doctors, Tom’s large abdominal muscles act as a pillow. However, Tom has suffered serious injuries including broken ribs and internal bleeding.

7. Farthest Car Accident Flight Survived:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 8
Matt McKnight, an American paramedic got struck by a car and thrown a distance of 35.9 m (118 ft) along the road. The accident happened in Pennsylvania. McKnight suffered multiple injuries all over his body but he survived and recovered from it in a year.

8. Longest hiccup attack:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 9
How would you feel if your hiccup attacks went on for 68 years continuously? Well, Charles Osborne started hiccuping in 1922 and finally stopped in 1990. The hiccups began when Osborne was weighing a hog, sometimes he hiccuped around 40 times per minute in the early years. In the later years, the attacks slowed down to 20 hiccups per minute. The hiccups were caused by a busted blood vessel damaging a part of the brain that inhibits the hiccup response.

9. Heaviest person:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 10
There have been a lot of people who held this record. According to reports, our world has over 2 billion obese people. Jon Brower Minnoch is one of them, the difference is he is the most obese of all. He weighed 1,400 lbs (635 Kg) at his heaviest stage. Jon managed to bring his weight down to 476 lbs at one point. But sadly, he passed away on September 10th 1983 weighing 798 lbs. Jon Brower Minnoch set another record by marrying Jeannette who was only 50 kilograms. This is the biggest weight difference between spouses.

10. Most Feet and Armpits Sniffed:

10 Odd World Records Nobody Wants To Beat 11
There are people who can barely stand their own smell, then there’s Madeline Albrecht. She is the holder of the record most feet and armpits sniffed. She sniffed about 5,600 feet and an indefinite number of armpits. This smelling session took place at the Hill Top Research Laboratories in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she worked for 15 years.

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