10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 1

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World

 Humans have been fascinated with stories about murder ever since the first murder took place. Almost all the country in the world are struggling with some kind of criminal activities. There have been movies, books and television shows made based on real-life murders. Down below we’ve listed 10 Mysterious Murders From Around The World that deserves to be known. 

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World

10. The Family Murders- Australia:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 2

 In the late 80s, in Adelaide, Australia, several young men went missing without a trace. Five bodies have been recovered, all of them killed the same way. The men were tortured, sexually assaulted, and mutilated before their bodies were dumped. After investigations, there was talk about a group named The Family. It was said that “The Family” was a group of paedophiles which involved powerful high-profile members from Adelaide’s elite. Only one man was arrested for the murders, named Bevan Spencer von Einem. He was also suspected for the disappearance of the Beaumont children. But Einem never opened his mouth about The Family out of fear.

9. The Botanist Killing- Indonesia:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 3

    Dr. Charles Budd Robinson was a Canadian botanist who enjoyed travelling to exotic locations in search of new species of plants. He was visiting Indonesia during the 1910s, in hope to find new plant species in the Maluku Islands. He left in December 1913, and he was never heard from again. His body was found executed on the island. According to Mr. van Dissel, Assistant Resident of Ambon, the locals of the region mistook Robinson for a headhunter and killed him out of fear.

8. The Linkoping Double Murder- Sweden:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 4

    Two people were murdered in the daylight in Linkoping with many people witnessing the crime, and it still remained unsolved. 56-year-old Anna-Lena Svensson and 8-year-old Mohammed Ammouri were walking through the streets of Linkoping in 2004. They were suddenly attacked by an assailant and though they tried to fight him off, they failed after getting stabbed. A butterfly knife and a scrap of clothing were found at the crime scene and the police were confident they’ll find the killer. But they couldn’t.

7. The Crewe Killings- New Zealand:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 5

   The murders of Husband and wife Harvey and Jeanette Crewe still remains unsolved. They were last seen alive on June 17, 1970. When Jeanette’s father, Lenard Demler went to visit their farmhouse in Pukekawathem, he found their infant daughter Rochelle crying and bloodstains all over the house. Harvey’s body was found three months later and Jeanette’s one month before him. They both had been shot and dumped in the Waikato River.

        First, the investigators suspected Demler because of his strange behaviour and a financial issue he had with Janett. But there was no solid evidence so he was dismissed. The second suspect was neighbour Arthur Allan Thomas. He was even convicted but later it was found that he had been framed by two detectives who had planted evidence. And after that Thomas was released but neither the detectives were charged not the murderer was caught.

6. The Setagaya Family Murder- Japan:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 6

    Japan has been a host of many wild stories and cases. The unsolved murder of the Setagaya Family happened in 2000. When the family was found dead in their plush Setagaya home, everyone was shocked. Mikio, Yasuko, Niina all were stabbed while Rei was strangled to death. The murders gained attention from all over the world and one of the biggest investigations took place in Japan. It was reported that there was a taxi driver who picked up three men at the scene of the crime and one of them left a bloodstain in the backseat. The murders remain unsolved and many Japanese officers pay their respects once a year on the site.

5. The Trofimov Family Murders- Ukraine:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 7

     In 2012, the beheaded bodies of Judge Vladimir Trofimov, his wife, his son, and his son’s girlfriend were found in their home. Trofimov was known for being an avid art and coin collector and some of his works were stolen. They were murdered on December 15, Judge’s Day in Ukraine. Till today, no one has been caught for the mass murder.

4. The Death of Suzy Lamplugh- Britain:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 8

    An up-and-coming real estate agent in West London, Suzy Lamplugh, in July of 1986 was supposed to show a new client known as “Mr. Kipper” a nearby home. She was arguing with a man outside a property and that was the last time anyone saw her. Lamplugh has been presumed dead as her body was never found. And London police couldn’t track who was the mysterious “Mr. Kipper” was.

3. The Murder of Barbara Jean Maclean- Canada:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 9

    Though you don’t really expect mysterious murders happening in Canada, it does and murder of Barbara Jean Maclean is a proof for that. On February 25, 1977, Barbara had a heated argument with her boyfriend. As her boyfriend left without her, she claimed to be willing to hitchhike home in Alberta. Her body was found the next day by a dog walker. Her boyfriend was accused and he has also been connected with the disappearance of Melissa Rehorek. But there was no proof. The second suspect was a sex offender who committed suicide upon hearing that the police was coming to investigate him.

2. Murder In The Woods- Wales:

10 Mysterious Murder Cases From Around The World 10

    In Swansea on June 27, 1946, Muriel Drinkwater, a 12-year-old was passing through the woods of Penllergaer. She was going home from school but she never made out of the woods. Next day, her body was found beaten, raped, and shot twice in the chest. A few days later, a murder weapon, World War I–era Colt .45, American army issue pistol with a modern Perspex grip, was also found. A 30-year-old man was also suspected for the murder but he wasn’t identified. In 2008, a DNA profile was made from a DNA sample from a semen stain. But still, the murderer wasn’t found as the DNA didn’t match to any suspects of that time.

1. The Maltese Organ Theft- Malta:

     To celebrate his birthday, 17 years old, Mike Mansholt decided to take a trip to Malta, all by himself. The German boy disappeared without a trace during his trip. After his parents alerted authorities, Mike’s body was found dead without organs inside at the base of a cliff. His body was shipped back to Germany. There were no signs of blunt trauma or broken bones but several incision marks where his organs were removed. The investigators reached the conclusion that it was organ theft and no one has been arrested since.

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