10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 1

10 Movies People Don’t Want You To Watch

 Hollywood has given us numerous great movies that they proudly show and we see. But at times even celebrities make mistakes and involved themselves in projects that leave them with nothing but mistakes. Some of these movies are so bad that they can give headaches and some are documentaries that can reveal shocking secrets. So it’s not a surprise that the makers and the actors don’t want you to watch them. Such as Matthew McConaughey would never want you to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994) or Johny Depp would never want you to watch The Brave (1997). Here are 10 Movies People Don’t Want You To Watch:

10 Movies People Don’t Want You To Watch

1. The Day the Clown Cried (1972):

10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 2

    The movie by Jerry Lewis is about a circus clown who delivers children to the Nazis. The unreleased movies had Jerry Lewis Helmut Doork who is an unemployed German clown arrested for drunkenly mocking Hitler and gets sent to a Nazi camp. Lewis entertains Jewish children and gets some children into a Nazi train. And in the end, he and the children all just die. The Day the Clown Cried was never released because of many legal and financial complications.

2. Can I Do It … ‘Til I Need Glasses? (1977):

10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 3

    “Can I Do It … ‘Til I Need Glasses?” was follow up to the 1975 sexploitation classic If You Don’t Stop It … You’ll Go Blind. The movie was simply bad. The movie with a vaguely sexual nature had Robin Williams who obviously regretted it. Williams had a very short role in the movie yet the makers had his name on top of all the posters when the movie was re-released. Williams later sued the makers and they had to cut off his scenes.

3.  Let It Be: The Film (1970):

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    The only Beatles movie that wasn’t released. Let It Be: The Film was supposed to release in 2008 on DVD but the stars didn’t want people to watch it. The documentary shows the group working on their last album with the same name. The movie is said to be just awkward.  

4.  Cocksucker Blues (1972):

10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 5

    The Rolling Stones Cocksucker Blues was supposed to be a documentary. It was supposed to show the backstage show or drama that used to go on at the tour in the ’70s. But when the group watched the movie they sued the director to stop it from being released. Sex scenes, using drugs, the movie had lots of scenes than reasonably made the group mad. According to reports, the movie can’t be shown unless the director is standing in the same room and also he can only screen the film once in a year.

5.  Don’s Plum (1995):

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    Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire have probably never regretted any projects in their whole career than this movie. The star themselves put a lawsuit against the release of the movie. So allegedly the movie is about a young boy exploring all kinds of sexuality and human emotion and it sars Leo as bisexual. But when the movie was released in Europe it was revealed that the movie was nothing like the rumours. The black and white movie was just about DiCaprio doing stupid stuff. It was friends talking about sex and drugs. 

6.  The Fantastic Four (1994):

10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 7

      This 1994 movie was never intended to be good or even released. Bernd Eichinger just wanted to keep the rights to himself to he and director Roger Corman made a movie together as cheap as possible. The movie is now can be found on YouTube.  

7.  Star Wars Holiday Special  (1978):

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     In order to keep the characters relevant and keep the money coming from the merchandise, George Lucas decided to make a Christmas movie about Star Wars. After Lucas realized how terrible the movie was he decided to ban LucasFilm from distributing it. 

8. The Censored Eleven Warner Bros. Cartoons:

10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 9

     The Censored Eleven are basically a bunch of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. They were withdrawn from syndication in 1968 and never aired again on TV or released on home video. The 11 animated shorts were apparently full of racism. And even if the makers tried to edit the racial jokes, there won’t be anything left to watch. 

9.  Conspiracy of Silence (1994):

10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 10

     Sometimes when someone makes a movie on true stories or a documentary involving big names, it can attract a lot of controversies or even harm to the makers. Conspiracy of Silence was a documentary paid for by the Discovery Channel. The movie was about powerful people who were involved in sex orgies with children. There were well-known politicians who were accused of being involved in child trafficking and paedophiles. Discovery Channel eventually decided not to display the movie.

10.  Unlawful Killing (2011):

10 Movies People Don't Want You To Watch 11

       Another documentary directed by Keith Allen, Unlawful Killing was about conspiracy theories that accused the royal family of conspiring to kill Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. Al Fayed, Dodi Fayed’s father, paid Allen to make the film so people will know the truth. Though the movie was shown at the Cannes Film Festival it was never released in theaters.

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